• Get Back To You

  • Author(s): ljack_ace
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 18-Nov-2019 23:16
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Get Back To You summary:

"Mrs... I 'm sorry. You 're not married now, are you? Ms. Giselle.""I don 't care if you were married, had a kid and got divorced.""You can say that you lost your will to fall in love again. It just doesn 't matter to me. Because we declared our love since way back then at high school."" I 've lived my life as what most people call as a "player". I don 't care about that too. You are here now...

Get Back To You Chapters

Time uploaded
216 Rushing Ou Nov-11-2019
214 While Waiting... Nov-11-2019
213 The Lady In Red! Nov-11-2019
212 A Second Chance! Nov-11-2019
210 Reconciled Nov-11-2019
206 In Awe Nov-11-2019
205 Follow Your Hear Nov-11-2019
204 Get That Dress! Nov-11-2019
203 A Friend In Need Nov-11-2019
198 Summoned Abruptly Oct-16-2019
193 Star-Struck Oct-07-2019
192 Melancholy Oct-07-2019
191 Strange Silence Oct-07-2019
190 Brave Attemp Oct-07-2019
189 Final Battle Oct-07-2019
187 The D- Day Oct-07-2019
185 Fitting Gif Oct-07-2019
184 The Sister Bond Oct-07-2019
182 On A Court Trial Sep-18-2019
181 'Who Are You?' Sep-18-2019
180 The Lavender Scen Sep-18-2019
179 Instant Regre Sep-18-2019
177 Facing My Guil Sep-18-2019
174 Shopping Sep-18-2019
171 Let It Flow Sep-18-2019
168 Left Alone Sep-18-2019
167 Getting Caught? Sep-18-2019
165 Reveal It All Aug-21-2019
164 Follow Me, Aug-21-2019
163 Bleeding Love Aug-21-2019
162 Robby Sings! Aug-21-2019
160 Anna's Memo Aug-14-2019
158 Let Her Sleep! Aug-09-2019
155 Mike's Story Aug-09-2019
154 Forced Silence Aug-09-2019
153 Needed Answers Aug-09-2019
152 Intruding Force Aug-09-2019
151 Unforgivable Jul-30-2019
150 No More Escape Jul-30-2019
148 Fishing - Day 3 Jul-26-2019
146 Risking I Jul-24-2019
144 Another Chance? Jul-24-2019
137 Figuring It Out! Jul-16-2019
135 Anna's Rage Jul-16-2019
132 I Mean It! Jul-16-2019
131 New Resolve Jul-16-2019
130 Becoming Distan Jul-16-2019
129 A New Day Jul-16-2019
Chapter 26 Jul-16-2019
127 Planned Visi Jun-17-2019
125 Stay With Me Jun-17-2019
124 Exploding Inside Jun-17-2019
123 The Suffering Jun-17-2019
122 Desperate Efforts Jun-17-2019
121 Outcome Jun-17-2019
120 Goodbye Giselle! Jun-17-2019
119 Crestfallen Jun-17-2019
117 Consequences Jun-17-2019
116 Escape Jun-17-2019
115 A Caged Bird Jun-17-2019
113 "Welcoming You" Jun-17-2019
111 An Angel Arrives Jun-17-2019
109 Mike Confesses Jun-17-2019
108 Crossed The Line Jun-17-2019
104 Mike? Jun-17-2019
102 Trump Card Jun-17-2019
101 Unspoken Silence Jun-17-2019
100 Threatened Jun-17-2019
98 Lost My Way Jun-17-2019
97 Silence And Angry Jun-17-2019
96 Encounter Jun-17-2019
95 Let's Hangou Jun-17-2019
92 Faded Feelings Jun-17-2019
91 Goodbyes Jun-17-2019
90 'Lucky Girl' Jun-17-2019
88 Moving On... Jun-17-2019
87 Father's Words Jun-17-2019
85 Is It Giselle? Jun-17-2019
84 Diego- The Friend Jun-17-2019
81 Abnormal Behaviour Jun-17-2019
79 Lillian's Reply Jun-17-2019
78 First Confession Jun-17-2019
77 "I Love You" Jun-17-2019
76 Broken Down Jun-17-2019
75 Leaving Jun-17-2019
74 The Aftermath Jun-17-2019
73 "Giselle" Jun-17-2019
72 Chasing Jun-17-2019
71 Unstable Jun-17-2019
70 Unsteady Jun-17-2019
69 Who Is It? Jun-17-2019
68 Surprise! Shane! Jun-17-2019
65 Meeting Jayce Jun-17-2019
64 Don't Come... Jun-17-2019
63 Lazy Morning Jun-17-2019
62 The Meeting Is Se Jun-17-2019
61 Dazed And Confused Jun-17-2019
59 Oh, A New Editor? Jun-17-2019
58 Session Begins Jun-17-2019
57 First Day Work Jun-17-2019
55 Dramatic Play Jun-17-2019
53 Lia Goes To School Jun-17-2019
52 Wake Up Mom!!! Jun-17-2019
48 Deal!!! Jun-17-2019
46 Lia's Father! Jun-17-2019
41 In Their Own World Jun-17-2019
38 Jenna's Surprise Jun-17-2019
36 End Of The Party Jun-17-2019
33 Tension Lasts... Jun-17-2019
28 Return Back Jun-17-2019
22 A Message To 'Her' Jun-17-2019
19 Plan To Return Jun-17-2019
18 Panicked Jun-17-2019
11 Back To Work Jun-17-2019
10 Back To Home Jun-17-2019
9 Midnight Call Jun-17-2019
7 Deep In Trouble Jun-17-2019
6 Negotiation Jun-17-2019
5 The Meeting Jun-17-2019
4 The Preparation Jun-17-2019
3 Dinner Invite Jun-17-2019
2 The New Beginning Jun-17-2019
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