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Breathing in the air, Lillian Grey spoke, stretching her hand out as she asked the question.

"Giselle, May I have a dance with you?"


Giselle looked stumped from the invite. She was on cloud-nine, overwhelmed with joy.

"Can I?" she asked hesitantly; confirming the invitation.

Lillian sighed and nodded, "Of course, I want to dance with you. That is why I'm asking."

Giselle glowed.

Lillian Grey signaled Giselle to give her hand as Lillian held it gently. She then escorted Giselle to the dance floor.

Just on time, the music got paused.

"Do you dance?" Lillian asks Giselle.

Giselle nodded.

"I do, I used to dance with my dad during holidays," she answered.

"Oh, okay, good to know," Lillian grinned.


The music began with a chord from the piano.

Both the girls took a position with one hand holding onto its partner while the other supported onto the partner's shoulder.

Giselle started to feel nervous because of the drawing glares from the others. She could feel that everyone focused on Giselle and Lillian Grey. The nearby couples refused to dance and gave up. Now, the lonely dance floor got only occupied by the two girls. Silent whispers and noises all fell on Giselle's ears.

She began to feel weak at her feet, unable to control the spreading whispers, her body started trembling with her vision getting blurred.

When she felt worse and was ready to give in to those murmurs, Giselle became deaf.

Two hands covered her ears, and it belonged to Lillian Grey.

Giselle looked up and saw Lillian relaxed. She shook her head, eyeing Giselle to not worry about the murmurs.

Releasing her hands, she leaned against Giselle, with only inches away from her ears.

"Focus here, Look at me, look at me in the eye," Lillian softly spoke like a whisper, close to Giselle.

Giselle felt the chill ran down her spine from the sudden proximity. She heard the loud thumps looping in her heart.

Listening to her words, Giselle obeyed.

Her gaze fell on Lillian and instantly got connected to it; Frankly, it was more like she got drawn into her charms.

Lillian opened her hands out, Giselle followed.

She places her hands in Lillian's grasp.

As the music ascends slowly, the two moved their feet to the sound.

At first, because of the fear, Giselle struggled to keep up with Lillian Grey. However, Lillian Grey never left her composure and guided Giselle all along. Soon, the two became comfortable with each other's embrace and started dancing.

The steps matched the music flawlessly as Lillian held Giselle's hand firmly, letting her do the spin. Every touch of Lillian Grey's felt stronger but not too harsh.

The place Lillian raided injected warmth onto Giselle.

Giselle can no longer hear the rustling noises or the murmurs. She felt that only the two were alone in the room. None's presence sensed by her as she danced to the sound.

With only one pair on the dance floor, the lighting got dimmed with a single spotlight that followed Lillian Grey and Giselle as they dominated the stage.

It was a perfect night for Giselle.

It felt perfect.

It looked perfect.

A perfect dream for Giselle.


Giselle stirred in her sleep. She tried opening her eyes, but it felt so heavy and painful from all the crying.

Still, she opened them up and looked out.

There was no ballroom, no dance floor, no single spotlight, no music, and finally, no Lillian Grey.

Giselle noticed that she as in her room, on her bed.

'When did I get here?' - She thought.

Giselle felt like she had slept for days; her body felt weak and exhausted.

The realistic dream appeared to an illusion.

She looked out at the study table and saw the clock to be pointing its direction.

Time: 8:20 PM

Startling as she woke up, Giselle limped from the numb legs.

She saw that no blanket covered her or that she slept in a proper posture.

It appeared that Giselle somehow dragged her body as she cried her eyes out.

She must have gradually drifted off to sleep. It must be the case.

Fixing her bed-hair, Giselle went to the bathroom and washed her face. Only then, she sensed the reality.

Returning from the school, Giselle went straight to her room. Thinking about today's event, Diego asking out Lillian Grey to Prom, replayed on her head. Naturally, her tears started pouring down.


Giselle remembered it all.

It was just a dream- that perfect prom night.

Giselle was shocked herself that she had such a dream.


Giselle loved Lillian Grey for a long time. Frankly, she felt getting attracted to her personality, beauty, and nature. However, not once Giselle had a wish to attend the prom with Lillian Grey or have a dance with Lillian that night.

More than anyone, Giselle knows sure that it is not possible. Everybody in school knows her long protected secret. Also, she doesn't have the green light directly to have things go in her way.

There was no possibility of Giselle going to prom with Lillian Grey in public.

It is when Giselle realized that this could stay only as a dream, a wish that she must have developed on her own because of her feeling for Lillian Grey.

A fantasy rooted deep into her heart, which can only stay as such.

Drying her face with a towel, Giselle returned to her room and rested on her bed once again.

Drowning into this strange silence, Giselle remained motionless on her bed.

She heard buzzing sound comes from her mobile. Glancing at it, she saw the name of the person sending her the text message; Lillian Grey.


Feeling like an idiot and a complete failure, Giselle did not have the guts to speak to Lillian Grey at that moment.
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And so, she avoided reading her message and only kept staring at the continuous notifications she received one after the other.

'Should I reply?' – Giselle got shaken from the nonstop text messages from Lillian Grey.

As her mind pondered about it, Giselle heard her mother call her.

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