Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor summary:

She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organisation which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing skillsets. Highly skilled in medicine and poison, executes covert, viewed as insane and demonic in the eyes of people of the world. Killed in an accident, and reborn into the body of a disfigured young girl. What? Face disfigured, ident.i.ty stolen? A return to the family dim and hopeless? Her ident.i.ty can be given up, her family can be forgone, but as for the one who harmed her predecessor who inhabited this same body, if she didn’t at least make them scream in unimaginable agony and throw them into a state of wretchedness, how could she live up to her demonic reputation? Endless turmoil ensues and it’s a battle to dominate over all! See how she shook the world dressed in a suit of red, her sword up against the dominant powers that rocked the Heavens! Her name spread across the seas, shocking the earth!

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1587 - Seen Jan-13-2021
Chapter 1578 - Wrath Jan-11-2021
Chapter 1551 - Gone Dec-12-2020
Chapter 1539 - A kick Dec-12-2020
Chapter 1523 - Awaken Dec-02-2020
Chapter 1511 - Die! Nov-19-2020
Chapter 1484 - Master Nov-06-2020
Chapter 1474 - Hope Nov-01-2020
Chapter 1472 - Awaken Oct-31-2020
Chapter 1465 - Mother Oct-30-2020
Chapter 1438 - Shock Oct-12-2020
Chapter 1413 - Task Sep-29-2020
Chapter 1412 - Follow Sep-29-2020
Chapter 1409 - Bully Sep-28-2020
Chapter 1376 - Trap Sep-10-2020
Chapter 1371 - Though Sep-10-2020
Chapter 1369 - Buy i Sep-10-2020
Chapter 1350 - Gone Sep-03-2020
Chapter 1336 - A fool Aug-23-2020
Chapter 1306 - Anger Aug-07-2020
Chapter 1294 - Stop! Aug-02-2020
Chapter 1264 - Dodge Jul-18-2020
Chapter 1109 - Dread May-17-2020
Chapter 1081 - Loot May-03-2020
Chapter 1034 - Fear Apr-11-2020
Chapter 1020 - Virgin Apr-07-2020
Chapter 1001 - Vixen Mar-30-2020
Chapter 991 - Curable Mar-23-2020
Chapter 988 - A chill Mar-23-2020
Chapter 981 - Appears Mar-23-2020
Chapter 937 - Duan Ye Feb-22-2020
Chapter 909 - Scram! Feb-19-2020
Chapter 901 - Scuffle Feb-19-2020
Chapter 864 - Robber Jan-22-2020
Chapter 759 - Quarrel Jan-22-2020
Chapter 758 - Help! Jan-22-2020
Chapter 657 - For You Jan-22-2020
Chapter 652 - Mistake Jan-22-2020
Chapter 647 - Gone Jan-22-2020
Chapter 559 - Missing Jan-22-2020
Chapter 557 - Meeting Jan-22-2020
Chapter 519 - Alarm Jan-22-2020
Chapter 494 - Leaving Jan-22-2020
Chapter 389 Hooked! Jan-22-2020
Chapter 381 News Jan-22-2020
Chapter 380 Repor Jan-22-2020
Chapter 379 I'm back! Jan-22-2020
Chapter 372 Clues! Jan-22-2020
Chapter 370 Captured! Jan-22-2020
Chapter 358 Blue Edge Jan-22-2020
Chapter 356 Dazed Jan-22-2020
Chapter 331 You Can' Jan-22-2020
Chapter 303 Rejection Jan-22-2020
Chapter 278 Plea Jan-22-2020
Chapter 266 Gifting Jan-22-2020
Chapter 210 A Newbie Jan-22-2020
Chapter 190 Get Out! Jan-22-2020
Chapter 181 Too Sly Jan-22-2020
Chapter 129 Possessed Jan-22-2020
Chapter 89 Escape Jan-22-2020
Chapter 71 Aggrieved Jan-22-2020
Chapter 2 Sold Jan-22-2020
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