Emperor’s Domination summary:

Emperor's Domination is an engaging and exciting novel written by Yan Ni Xiao Sheng. It is currently published in an online version on That's why you can find different interesting details about this book on the website. You can also read some chapters too, however, you have to be a registered user in order to perform that type of action. Fortunately, you can easily create an account on the site if you do not have it already. The procedure is simple and straight forward, the members.h.i.+p is free, so you do not have to pay a penny for the service. 


Emperor's Domination is a mixture of few great genres such as mystery, adventure. martial arts, action, and others. So there is a little for every genre, and the content can satisfy different reading needs and habits. The book is quite popular on the website considering several hundreds of mostly positive votes. The rating is also high thanks to this fact, and that's a good testimony of the novel's quality. It is important to be aware that this is a very long book with almost 2200 chapters, so you have an opportunity to read in the long run. The status is ongoing, and the book still receives frequent updates. It means the story is not finished yet, and that's quite exciting because no one still knows what will happen at the end. 

An imprisoned boy is at the center of the plot in this story. he is in a prison for years but now has a possibility to regain a mortal body. He becomes a disciple of a powerful patriarch who is the head of Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. They are a strong couple together, and a bright future is ahead of these two great individuals. Slowly, they will start returning a former glory the sect had in the past. In recent years the members.h.i.+p notice decline and many other problems but it is going to the end. That is the moment many awaits for quite a long time because different opportunities and positive things can be provided with the sect's growth and development. 

The boy had various problems in prison as well as many of his inmates. He remembered many nasty things, and that's the part of the prison's life. However, he does not want to forget these problems he had because he believes appropriate compensation should be granted to him due to this matter. That's why he is planning a revenge that might include different persons. On his path, the boy will also meet many of his old friends, and he will also meet many new individuals. Some of these will become his new friends while others will stay just casual acquaintances. 

He will move through nine worlds during the story, and he will also have a chance to become a new ruler of the entire Heavens. That's definitely a powerful political position that can pull him up to the sky. Will he take the chance? It is up to you to discover, so you should not miss the opportunity to read the story. 

Emperor’s Domination Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 5882: Rebirth Jun-08-2024
Chapter 5842: Peace? May-17-2024
Chapter 5838: Bastard May-16-2024
Chapter 5817: No Way May-07-2024
Chapter 5782: One Dao Apr-18-2024
Chapter 5767: Capture Apr-10-2024
Chapter 5762: A Bet? Apr-07-2024
Chapter 5751: A Star Apr-01-2024
Chapter 5742: Meru Mar-29-2024
Chapter 5729: Outcome Mar-21-2024
Chapter 5721: Broken Mar-18-2024
Chapter 5711: Fired Mar-13-2024
Chapter 5703: As One Mar-09-2024
Chapter 5682: Do It Feb-28-2024
Chapter 5679: Eat You Feb-28-2024
Chapter 5675: Reborn? Feb-24-2024
Chapter 5669: Plowing Feb-23-2024
Chapter 5659: A Heart Feb-22-2024
Chapter 5650: Forging Feb-21-2024
Side Story 6 Feb-06-2024
Side Story 5 Feb-06-2024
Side Story 4 Feb-06-2024
Side Story 3 Feb-06-2024
Side Story 2 Feb-06-2024
Side Story 1 Feb-06-2024
Chapter 5640: Bastard Feb-05-2024
Chapter 5614: A Crab Jan-24-2024
Side Story 6 Jan-19-2024
Side Story 5 Jan-19-2024
Side Story 4 Jan-19-2024
Side Story 3 Jan-19-2024
Side Story 2 Jan-19-2024
Side Story 1 Jan-19-2024
Chapter 5604: Harvest Jan-19-2024
Chapter 5598: Run Jan-16-2024
Chapter 5591: War Jan-13-2024
Chapter 5570: Stomp Jan-02-2024
Chapter 5564: Tears Jan-02-2024
Chapter 5555: Slap Dec-26-2023
Chapter 5553: Zombie Dec-26-2023
Chapter 5527: Cute Dec-12-2023
Chapter 5512: Master? Dec-05-2023
Chapter 5510: No Dec-05-2023
Chapter 5505: Sisters Nov-30-2023
Chapter 5497: Gift Nov-28-2023
Chapter 5491: Bind Me Nov-25-2023
Chapter 5485: Fate Nov-20-2023
Chapter 5481: Ashamed Nov-20-2023
Chapter 5477: Fortune Nov-18-2023
Chapter 5383 – Bait Oct-02-2023
Chapter 5319: Eating Sep-01-2023
Chapter 5317: Slam Sep-01-2023
Chapter 5313: Anima Aug-26-2023
Chapter 5302: Paragon Aug-22-2023
Chapter 5292: I Am Me Aug-18-2023
Chapter 5287: Midbro Aug-17-2023
Chapter 5270: Eat Aug-06-2023
Chapter 5241: An Art Jul-22-2023
Chapter 5227: A Stone Jul-17-2023
Chapter 5218: Break Jul-10-2023
Chapter 5199: Eaten Jul-01-2023
Chapter 5186: Really? Jun-26-2023
Chapter 5184: Burning Jun-26-2023
Chapter 5174: Kowtow Jun-21-2023
Chapter 5155: Lost Jun-09-2023
Chapter 5130: Swift May-28-2023
Chapter 5123: A Meal May-26-2023
Chapter 5116: Despair May-23-2023
Chapter 5105: A Trap May-16-2023
Chapter 5097: Mine May-10-2023
Chapter 5095: A Sword May-10-2023
Chapter 5062: Meeting Apr-23-2023
Chapter 5061: Gift Apr-23-2023
Chapter 5019: Scram Apr-01-2023
Chapter 4999: A Boy Mar-23-2023
Chapter 4976: Smashed Mar-13-2023
Chapter 4959: Useless Mar-05-2023
Chapter 4934: Jinx Feb-19-2023
Chapter 4929: Pawning Feb-19-2023
Chapter 4878: Madman Jan-24-2023
Chapter 4875: Lesson Jan-22-2023
Chapter 4860: Loyalty Jan-19-2023
Chapter 4853: Rat God Jan-17-2023
Chapter 4828: My Turn Jan-09-2023
Chapter 4805: Trident Jan-01-2023
Chapter 4795: Gu Yin Dec-30-2022
Chapter 4793: Greed Dec-28-2022
Chapter 4790: My Dao Dec-28-2022
Chapter 4786: Truth Dec-28-2022
Chapter 4784: Tian Tu Dec-28-2022
Chapter 4781: Foolish Dec-28-2022
Chapter 4770: Leave Dec-14-2022
Chapter 4764: End Dec-14-2022
Chapter 4760 To Ashes Dec-14-2022
Chapter 4699: No Need Oct-26-2022
Chapter 4674: Fight Oct-08-2022
Chapter 4662: Old Man Oct-02-2022
Chapter 4655: Greed Sep-29-2022
Chapter 4643: Fight? Sep-22-2022
Chapter 4641: Madman Sep-22-2022
Chapter 4628: Fancy Sep-14-2022
Chapter 4626: Easy Sep-13-2022
Chapter 4616: Puppets Sep-08-2022
Chapter 4615: Chicken Sep-08-2022
Chapter 4601: Teasing Sep-01-2022
Chapter 4582: Family Aug-21-2022
Chapter 4575: Truth Aug-18-2022
Chapter 4569: Offense Aug-15-2022
Chapter 4564: Rage Aug-12-2022
Chapter 4563: Killing Aug-12-2022
Chapter 4561: Robbing Aug-11-2022
Chapter 4533: Fat Yu Jul-28-2022
Chapter 4532: The Yu Jul-28-2022
Chapter 4530: Acting Jul-26-2022
Chapter 4526: Lake Jul-24-2022
Chapter 4522: Offers Jul-22-2022
Chapter 4508: Trapped Jul-15-2022
Chapter 4507: 30,000 Jul-15-2022
Chapter 4500: Slap Jul-11-2022
Chapter 4479: Legend Jul-02-2022
Chapter 4472: The Lu Jun-27-2022
Chapter 4461: The Wu Jun-22-2022
Chapter 4456: Leaving Jun-19-2022
Chapter 4455: Seed Jun-19-2022
Chapter 4452: Nest Jun-16-2022
Chapter 4451: Crow Jun-16-2022
Chapter 4449: A Grave Jun-16-2022
Chapter 4447: Open Jun-16-2022
Chapter 4435: Beseech Jun-09-2022
Chapter 4428: Stomp Jun-06-2022
Chapter 4424: My Son Jun-03-2022
Chapter 4422: Choice Jun-02-2022
Chapter 4416: Shenfan May-30-2022
Chapter 4414: Oppose May-29-2022
Chapter 4399: A Gift May-22-2022
Chapter 4398: Again May-21-2022
Chapter 4389: Choice May-17-2022
Chapter 4386: My Turn May-15-2022
Chapter 4373: Threat May-09-2022
Chapter 4362: Malice May-03-2022
Chapter 4360: Regrets May-03-2022
Chapter 4359: A'jiao May-03-2022
Chapter 4358: Kick May-03-2022
Chapter 4349: My Turn Apr-27-2022
Chapter 4338: Spirits Apr-22-2022
Chapter 4334: Support Apr-19-2022
Chapter 4326: Plan Apr-17-2022
Chapter 4314: Legend Apr-09-2022
Chapter 4309: Plan Apr-07-2022
Chapter 4307: A Deal Apr-06-2022
Chapter 4305: Wonton Apr-05-2022
Chapter 4304: Aunt Apr-04-2022
Chapter 4296: Threat Mar-31-2022
Chapter 4295: Arrival Mar-31-2022
Chapter 4290: Poor Mar-28-2022
Chapter 4285: Wounded Mar-26-2022
Chapter 4282: A Fool? Mar-24-2022
Chapter 4268: Gifts Mar-18-2022
Chapter 4267: Goodbye Mar-18-2022
Chapter 4265: Death Mar-16-2022
Chapter 4262: Futile Mar-16-2022
Chapter 4241: Avarice Mar-04-2022
Chapter 4230: Tenth Feb-26-2022
Chapter 4229: Choice Feb-26-2022
Chapter 4223: Slash Feb-24-2022
Chapter 4220: Pierced Feb-21-2022
Chapter 4175: Perils Feb-09-2022
Chapter 4172: Suicide Feb-09-2022
Chapter 4154: Fortify Feb-09-2022
Chapter 4145: Choice Jan-16-2022
Chapter 4143: Skyless Jan-15-2022
Chapter 4142: Sever Jan-15-2022
Chapter 4134: Battle Jan-13-2022
Chapter 4133: Curious Jan-13-2022
Chapter 4120: How? Jan-05-2022
Chapter 4114: Slash Jan-03-2022
Chapter 4108: Gift Jan-01-2022
Chapter 4106: He Came Dec-29-2021
Chapter 4094: Killing Dec-23-2021
Chapter 4093: Holy Dec-23-2021
Chapter 4087: Ninth Dec-20-2021
Chapter 4083: Repel Dec-20-2021
Chapter 4080: Bound Dec-15-2021
Chapter 4071: Open Dec-12-2021
Chapter 4068: Aghast Dec-09-2021
Chapter 4066: Threat Dec-08-2021
Chapter 4056: Bidding Dec-03-2021
Chapter 4055: Bidding Dec-03-2021
Chapter 4045: Maid Nov-28-2021
Chapter 4038: Killing Nov-23-2021
Chapter 4032: Gift Nov-20-2021
Chapter 4029: Ransom Nov-18-2021
Chapter 4025: Rewards Nov-16-2021
Chapter 4021: Maid Nov-14-2021
Chapter 4017: Easy Nov-12-2021
Chapter 4003: Amber Nov-05-2021
Chapter 3998: A'jiao Nov-03-2021
Chapter 3981: Xi Yue Oct-25-2021
Chapter 3976: Woman Oct-23-2021
Chapter 3975: Tsunami Oct-22-2021
Chapter 3972: Facade Oct-21-2021
Chapter 3971: Return Oct-20-2021
Chapter 3912: Start Sep-21-2021
Chapter 3896: Assault Sep-12-2021
Chapter 3895: Bizarre Sep-12-2021
Chapter 3859: Praetor Aug-26-2021
Chapter 3853: Scram Aug-23-2021
Chapter 3826: Leaving Aug-09-2021
Chapter 3821: Idiot Aug-06-2021
Chapter 3819: Forging Aug-05-2021
Chapter 3816: Result Aug-04-2021
Chapter 3795: My Tree Jul-24-2021
Chapter 3792: Trivial Jul-24-2021
Chapter 3757: Trust Jul-04-2021
Chapter 3727: Choice Jun-21-2021
Chapter 3704: Trample Jun-09-2021
Chapter 3692: Return Jun-03-2021
Chapter 3671: Shocked Jun-02-2021
Chapter 3657: Bizarre May-16-2021
Chapter 3654: Whisk May-15-2021
Chapter 3636: Kill May-06-2021
Chapter 3623: Old Man Apr-29-2021
Chapter 3622: Toss Apr-29-2021
Chapter 3597: Baby Apr-16-2021
Chapter 3579: Refusal Apr-07-2021
Chapter 3576: Inquiry Apr-06-2021
Chapter 3570: Kneel Apr-03-2021
Chapter 3551: Fan Bai Mar-24-2021
Chapter 3549: Old Man Mar-23-2021
Chapter 3523: Defeat Mar-10-2021
Chapter 3515: Death Mar-06-2021
Chapter 3506: Army Mar-02-2021
Chapter 3504: Disdain Mar-01-2021
Chapter 3493: Scram Feb-24-2021
Chapter 3479: Threats Feb-16-2021
Chapter 3463: Useless Feb-08-2021
Chapter 3460: Hogging Feb-07-2021
Chapter 3438: Stomp Jan-27-2021
Chapter 3432: Foolish Jan-24-2021
Chapter 3421: The Shi Jan-18-2021
Chapter 3394: Kill Jan-05-2021
Chapter 3386: Defeat Jan-01-2021
Chapter 3380: Start Dec-29-2020
Chapter 3379: Battle Dec-28-2020
Chapter 3374: Crucify Dec-26-2020
Chapter 3356: My Turn Dec-17-2020
Chapter 3354: Killing Dec-16-2020
Chapter 3351: Sunrise Dec-14-2020
Chapter 3350: Battle Dec-14-2020
Chapter 3348: Fools Dec-13-2020
Chapter 3347: Scheme Dec-12-2020
Chapter 3345: For You Dec-11-2020
Chapter 3340: Partial Dec-09-2020
Chapter 3329: Stomp Dec-03-2020
Chapter 3326: Losing? Dec-02-2020
Chapter 3325: Feather Dec-02-2020
Chapter 3315: My Turn Nov-26-2020
Chapter 3309: Idiots Nov-23-2020
Chapter 3302: Bet Nov-20-2020
Chapter 3299: Idiots Nov-20-2020
Chapter 3297: Bells Nov-17-2020
Chapter 3287: Betting Nov-12-2020
Chapter 3285: Prelude Nov-12-2020
Chapter 3272: Zhan Hu Nov-05-2020
Chapter 3235: Secret Oct-17-2020
Chapter 3232: War Oct-16-2020
Chapter 3218: Defeat Oct-09-2020
Chapter 3210: Mantra Oct-05-2020
Chapter 3198: Killing Sep-29-2020
Chapter 3185: Li Qiye Sep-23-2020
Chapter 3182: Peace Sep-23-2020
Chapter 3180: Creator Sep-20-2020
Chapter 3168: Rampage Sep-14-2020
Chapter 3107: Dead? Aug-14-2020
Chapter 3095: A Rock Aug-07-2020
Chapter 3071: Pause Jul-27-2020
Chapter 3052: Warlike Jul-18-2020
Chapter 3035: Smell Jul-09-2020
Chapter 3016: Ruins Jun-30-2020
Chapter 2981: Support Jun-15-2020
Chapter 2975: Death Jun-15-2020
Chapter 2947: Auction Jun-03-2020
Chapter 2939: Riding May-22-2020
Chapter 2904: Old Man May-05-2020
Chapter 2886: Danger Apr-28-2020
Chapter 2840: Eating Apr-03-2020
Chapter 2823: Rain Mar-27-2020
Chapter 2822: Bet Mar-27-2020
Chapter 2801: Sinkin Mar-14-2020
Chapter 2791: Demise Mar-09-2020
Chapter 2752: Battle Feb-19-2020
Chapter 2750: Begin Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2748: Slap Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2746: Feud Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2733: Envoy Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2730: Choice Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2726: Return Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2724: Old Man Feb-18-2020
Chapter 2707: Soaring Jan-31-2020
Chapter 2697: Legend Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2682: Fusion Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2635: Stomp Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2625: Silence Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2612: Fear Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2603: Flaying Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2599: Palace Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2583: Escape Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2569: Secrets Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2565: Shocked Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2548: Leaving Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2524: Battle Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2523: Conquer Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2507: Worm Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2495: Arrival Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2493: Demand Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2486: Carnage Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2484: Spark Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2482: Party Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2479: Idiots Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2477: Qian Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2473: Scram Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2469: Menace Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2437: Crisis Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2379: Worries Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2377: Big Eye Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2375: An Eye Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2345: Death Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2343: Giant Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2328: Eggs Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2322: Retreat Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2317: Supreme Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2304: Crush Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2298: Storm Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2267: Stomp Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2254: Scram Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2211: Pouting Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2207: Denial Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2203: Ambush Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2193: Specter Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2160: Fury Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2150: Legacy Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2127: The Egg Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2124: Talks Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2123: Miracle Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2106: World Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2099: Threat Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2097: Counter Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2088: Schemes Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2057: Killing Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2049: 14 Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2020: Beating Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2012: Slap Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2010: Asura Jan-24-2020
Chapter 2000: Legend Jan-24-2020
Chapter 1952: Slap Jan-24-2020
Chapter 1924: Saint Jan-24-2020