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  • Demon Guardian In The Multiverse

  • Author(s): D3aths33k3r
  • GENRES: Fantasy
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 14-Nov-2019 10:53
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Demon Guardian In The Multiverse summary:

The first novel so don 't be too hard on me. Will read the critics.Just writing this novel for myself. If you enjoy it ??. if not criticism so I can become better.Our unlucky MC dies accidentally was put to two options.Option 1 Realm of WarriorsOption 2 Reincarnation in a World the G.o.dking wants him to be with the power the G.o.dking bestows to him. So no free beans for someone interfering...

Demon Guardian In The Multiverse Chapters

Time uploaded
161 Final Exam Nov-14-2019
159 Voldemort's Death Nov-14-2019
155 Killing Cromwell Nov-14-2019
152 Not Worthy Nov-04-2019
151 Logan In The Mcu Nov-04-2019
149 Lagdorian Lake Nov-04-2019
148 Cyrion Wyrm Nov-04-2019
Chapter 147 Oct-28-2019
139 Exam Failure Oct-27-2019
137 Draco Vs Harry Oct-27-2019
136 First Lesson Oct-27-2019
Chapter 135 Oct-27-2019
Chapter 134 Oct-27-2019
Chapter 133 Oct-27-2019
Chapter 132 Oct-27-2019
130 Killing Goku Oct-04-2019
129 Meeting Zeno Oct-04-2019
128 Wyrms Vs Yami Oct-04-2019
123 Training Kenichi Oct-04-2019
122 Abigail's Rage Oct-04-2019
117 Amazon Lily Oct-04-2019
115 Saijo Vs Kenichi Sep-13-2019
110 Logan Breaks In Sep-13-2019
106 Satellites Aug-28-2019
104 Rannoch Aug-28-2019
103 The Dawn Arrived Aug-28-2019
Chapter 102 Aug-28-2019
Chapter 101 Aug-28-2019
Chapter 100 Aug-28-2019
Chapter 99 Aug-28-2019
97 Shroud Tower Aug-20-2019
96 Bahamuts Aug-20-2019
Chapter 95 Aug-18-2019
Chapter 94 Aug-18-2019
Chapter 93 Aug-18-2019
92 Citadel's Council Aug-18-2019
91 Mars Aug-18-2019
90 Family Time Aug-18-2019
88 Collector Base Aug-18-2019
87 Omega-4 Relay Aug-18-2019
86 Helping Kasumi Aug-18-2019
84 The Derelic Aug-18-2019
83 Tuchanka Part 2 Aug-18-2019
82 Tuchanka Part 1 Aug-18-2019
81 Family Time Aug-18-2019
77 Helping Liara Jul-29-2019
75 Horizon Jul-29-2019
74 Meeting The Crew Jul-29-2019
73 Being Recruited Jul-29-2019
63 End Of The War Jul-11-2019
58 Kage Summi Jul-11-2019
55 Pain Jul-11-2019
54 Shura Visits Jul-11-2019
52 Fighting A God Jul-11-2019
51 Training Time Jul-11-2019
47 Rescue Mission Jul-11-2019
46 Kakashi's Tes Jul-11-2019
45 Naruto's Return Jul-11-2019
41 Fortress Adaman Jul-11-2019
39 Winter Palace Jul-11-2019
38 Emerald Graves Jul-11-2019
31 Visiting Ferelden Jul-11-2019
30 Qunari Invasion Jul-11-2019
24 Sundermoun Jul-11-2019
21 Kirkwall Jul-11-2019
18 Landsmee Jul-11-2019
15 Caridin Or Branka Jul-11-2019
10 Lothering Again Jul-11-2019
9 Ostagar Jul-11-2019
-3 Character Mc Infos Jul-11-2019
1 Prolog Jul-11-2019
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