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The war began Gabriel and Abigail were in the short-range battle division. "So it finally began its long since I walked on a battlefield," says Gabriel and Abigail says, "Every battlefield is almost the same let's show that we won't surrender." An army of White Zetsus stood on the other side of the battlefield. They run at them. Abigail and Gabriel were holding their position with the others. Then their commander Kitsuchi gives the command to engage and the battle began. Gabriel runs at the army while Abigail uses her rift magic and two giant hands appear holding a giant Sky Piercer that swings once then they disappear and Abigail begins her attack after killing more than 50 Zetsus.

Gabriel kills his enemies rapidly showing no mercy, while Abigail was swinging and firing her spells at the enemies. The other thought that she was dancing from how fluent her moves were. Ronnie was still on the chain waiting to join the war. Joe and Ryuu were fighting too, while Jax, Neko, Pete, and Neko were in different divisions.

Obito sees it but isn't that disappointed about it. He starts then leaves to look at the other fronts to see how the fight is doing. Once seeing the whole spectrum he uses Impure World Reincarnation and brings Madara back. And both separate to attack on different fronts.

"You think the others will appear soon," says Gabriel and Abigail says, "I hope so if not we might finish the war before they appear." "Don't think so we lost some people and those Zetsus remind me of the stories father told me about the Darksp.a.w.n," says Gabriel and Abigail says, "Well at least their blood isn't venomous or we might have bigger problems."

Suddenly Intel came from the headquarter that Madara and Obito were attacking the fronts were the fourth division and first division were. And Kitsuchi commands a retreat to regroup with the first division that was nearer to them than the fourth. They wanted to retreat when suddenly two Madara clones appeared and attacked from behind making a retreat now impossible. Gabriel then says to Kitsuchi, "Just keep retreating I will hold him down." "Good luck we will retreat to help the others," says Kitsuchi and keep moving forwards towards leaving Gabriel behind.

"Now it's only us three let's have some since my father isn't around I want to know why he wants to fight you. But soon I will find out," says Gabriel and runs at both clones. The Clones activated their Susanoo at least one succeeded while the other was sent flying backwards by Gabriel's punch. The other takes his chance and attacks Gabriel.

Gabriel blocks with both arms and says, "Sneaky sneaky, aren't you. Let me show you real power." Gabriel goes Super Saiyan Sage mode and pushes the hand of the Susanoo back then he grabs its finger and throws it over himself like a doll. Then he breaks with a punch inside the Susanoo and gets ahold of the clone. Then he takes the clone in a grapple and breaks its neck.

The clone dissolved and the other had enough time to summon his Susanoo and attacked Gabriel. Gabriel dodged the attack and starts flying into the air and says, "Time to show you one of my special techniques." He puts his hands in front of his body and says, "Final Flash." And a giant ki beam flies in the direction of the clone, who took the hit and disappeared from where it stood. Then Gabriel says, "Don't hold it against me if we weren't in war I would have limited my power and we could have a fair fight that you might have won but I can't take chances now."

Gabriel then leaves in the direction in which the division retreated and finds the first and second division fighting against 6 other clones of Madara. When he arrives at the battle he says sarcastic, "Do you need help. It looks like you can handle him." "When your father returns I will tell him that let's see what he will think about it," says Abigail and Gabriel says, "Alright I'm on my way. Where is Ryuu and Joe by the way?" "Ryuu was called in to help the fourth division with the other kages to help there. Joe is in the Headquarter it is under attack Jax was also called back with Pete and Neko only Ronnie isn't used yet," says Abigail and Gabriel says, "Why not let the boy have some fun."

"Not a bad idea, but you have to control him since I don't want to be stared at," says Abigail and hands over the key for Ronnie's collar to Gabriel and he walks to Ronnie and opens the collar and says, "Boy it's time to hunt. Go get these big bad b.a.s.t.a.r.ds." Ronnie barks happy at first and then he looks at the direction of the clone and growls angry and runs at the clones.

Then Kitsuchi says, "Have you gone crazy to send a dog to fight against these monsters." "Don't worry about him I would worry about these monster?" While running Ronnie transformed into his true form slowly and jumped at one of the six clones making it's Susanoo fall while ripping the neck of it apart with one head while another head used h.e.l.lfire against the clone inside the Susanoo and the last head was on the lookout. One of the clones dissolves and the two nearest attacked Ronnie. Ronnie evades one while blocked the other with one of his head biting on the arm. Then he rips one of the Susanoo's arms out with his pure strength and kicks the other with his hind legs pus.h.i.+ng away the one he dodged. One head uses h.e.l.lfire on the one who is one arm short burning it to the ground.

"What the h.e.l.l is that thing?" asks Kitsuchi and Gabriel says, "It's my mother's pet dog that she got from my grandfather. The strongest thing walking right now in this world." While the two were talking Ronnie already took care of another clone. And you could see Ronnie running into the last three clones rus.h.i.+ng head first into one biting one Susanoo's head off and killing the clone inside. Then he uses the dissolving body of the Susanoo as a stepping stone and jumps at another Susanoo bringing it down with his body making it go in flames with h.e.l.lfire.

The last Susanoo takes his shoot and jumps over Ronnie trying to hold it down. Only to find out that Ronnie didn't bow to the strength and s.h.i.+fts his weight to one side and the Susanoo loses his balance when Ronnie s.h.i.+fts his weight again and frees himself of its grip and attacks it and stomps it to death then he walks back to Gabriel and Abigail while transforming back into his normal dog form.

Gabriel puts the collar on Ronnie and then Ronnie goes to Abigail's side and barks happily and Abigail says, "You have done well boy now rest for a while." Ronnie jumps in a circle and barks happily then he sits down near Abigail and Gabriel says, "He really is loyal only to you." "That's what makes Mabari's special it's their imprinting they only serve one person until their death," says Abigail and Kitsuchi asks, "What would happen if someone else commands it?"

"If you were on its bad side then you could lose your hand if on its good side just some angry growling. The only other to command Ronnie here is my husband. He dominated Ronnie when he was still normal and can deal with him even now after some bargaining," says Abigail and Ronnie barks giving her the reason.

Then the HQ send new commands to regroup with the third and fifth division to help the fourth division that is surrounded by ten Susanoo's. Kitsuchi send the wounded of the second division back to th HQ so the medical department can do their job.

POV Logan and his group

Logan and the other six appeared on the battlefield near Abigail and Logan feels tries to feel everyone only to find a problem. "I think we f.u.c.ked up," says Logan and Sion asks, "Why?" "Obito might be easy to fool but not Madara go into sage mode and try to feel Minato and you will know what I mean," says Logan.

Sion tries it out and doesn't find Minato's chakra and says, "Yes he isn't around. Does that mean that he was kidnapped by Madara?" "I hope he was kidnapped and not already killed by extracting the Yin part of Kurama," says Logan then he looks at the group and says, "I will be leaving, for now, you six will go to the Division over there and help them. Good luck to you and don't die."

Logan leaves and tries to find Minato on the battlefield by looking for the others Kage chakra and finding them fighting against 10 clones of Madara that had Susanoo activated. Arriving at their side he asks, "Where is Minato?" "He was taken by Obito and the real Madara. My question is why did they take him?" asks Tobirama and Logan says, "f.u.c.k they almost complete the plan. Minato has the Yin part of the Kurama inside." "What do we do now? We have to take care of these clones first," says Has.h.i.+rama.

Logan walks forwards and says, "It would be best not being around for a moment since I will use a hidden card that I have." Then he runs at the clones while transforming into his Oozaru form and begins to fight the clones. "Come at me I want to have some fun," says Logan while pus.h.i.+ng a Susanoo to the ground and rips the clone out of its ribcage and crushes it in his hand. Two of the Susanoo attack and Logan blocks one and evades the other.

He takes the arm of the one he blocked and throws him over himself and uses a Ki beam that comes out of his mouth on the clone and its Susanoo making them disappear. Then Logan uses his tail to bring the one to fall that he evaded before and crushes the ribcage with clone under his feet. "Three gone seven to go," says Logan and attacks.

"So that will be my brother-in-law a giant ape," says Tsunade and Ryuu says, "Not really he uses this form rarely he might have thought of having some fun since he never uses this form." "Can the other also transform?" asks Tsunade and Mei says, "I hope not."

"They can but for that, they need a tail like Logan and he sealed them away when Abigail told him she doesn't want giant apes running around in full moon. Logan is special he can transform when he wants he just have to think of the moon and lure the Oozaru out. You had to see Gabriel it was almost torture to get his tail sealed since it regrow to fast almost instantly we needed three people for him while Logan sealed the tail," says Ryuu and Mei says, "Will my kids also have a tail?" "Don't think so since they will be only 1/8 Saiyan. But it could happen," says Ryuu.

"Hey, Ryuu when are you coming to help?" asks Logan that was holding a Susanoo in a neck lock. "Coming," says Ryuu and then he looks at Tsunade and says, "I will be right back." He walks towards Logan and transforms into his Dragon form and attacked two of the Susanoo's that wanted to attack Logan from behind. Crus.h.i.+ng the one with his body while setting the other in flames with his breath. Logan breaks the neck of the Susanoo and punches through it to get the clone in his hand. Once in his hand, he crushed it.

"Three more to go. It would be equal numbers if Dino were here too," says Logan and Ryuu says, "Like in the old days but he won't come he is right now helping the third and fifth division or helping the HQ that was under attack." "More for me then," says Logan and runs at the two Susanoo's on the right while Ryuu goes for the one on the left.

Ryuu wraps himself around the Susanoo crus.h.i.+ng it and then he uses his breath to set the clone on flame. He then transforms back while returning to Tsunade's side. In the meantime, Logan grabbed both Susanoo's head and smashed them against each other and says, "Time to show you something funny." His eyes changed and a Susanoo surrounded Logan and used the power up to kill the last two with his ki beam. Then he turned back into his human form. The people walked towards him only Tsunade and Mei didn't because Ryuu held them back.

Then a sudden scream from one of the fourth division woman could be heard. Only Tsunade asks, "Why would someone scream?" "Because Logan doesn't have any clothes on when he transforms back," says Ryuu and Mei goes red and says, "Thank you for stopping me." "Don't worry we will be family sooner or later," says Ryuu. Logan was again in clothes and asks, "In which direction did the flee with Minato." "It was in this direction," says A and Tsunade says, "What are you going to do?" "I brought him back so he can enjoy his life not to die after being a month alive. I'm going to bring him back. See you later folks." says Logan and leaves in the direction A pointed.

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