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Finding some of Minato's chakra around. Logan looks for a cave where they could extract Kurama from Minato. Finding a cave Logan finds Minato still alive clinging to it and breathing hard, while Obito lying beside him dead. 'It seems that Madara is working faster than in the manga.' "Minato hold on a little," says Logan and Minato says, "It's too late for me. I'm feeling so cold since the Kyuubi was taken from me."

"Don't worry I'm here it will be fine trust me," says Logan heals the wound from extracting Kurama and Minato closed his eyes and Logan uses his Sunsinger sub-cla.s.s like before on Daveth now on Minato. Minato's body is on fire and suddenly stands up and asks, "What happened? I should be dead?" "Yes, you should be happy that I have many tricks to bring dead people back," says Logan and helps Minato up.

"Can you do something for him. He died after finding out that he was betrayed from the very beginning," says Minato and Logan says, "Fine but you have to convince the other to let him live in the village. They already gave me a lot of lectures for bringing Itachi, Nagato, and Konan. Don't want to hear another one." Logan stands over Obito's corpse and heals it then he uses Samsara of Heavenly Life technique and brought Obito back from the dead.

"Now welcome back to the living," says Logan and Obito says, "I must be in h.e.l.l. I know that he would never bring me back to the living." "Well I didn't want to but someone convinced me to bring you back. Say thanks to your teacher will you," says Logan and Minato says, "Thank you for bringing him back." "How about you have your reunion later with Kakas.h.i.+ who I told not think about Obito while we are at war since he was beyond help," says Logan and Minato says, "I will stay behind with Obito to explain him why Rin died. It's what tormented him long enough."

"You need to stop Madara if what Minato told me the truth about Black Zetsu," says Obito and Logan says, "I won't do such a thing as to stop him. He is playing his part if he doesn't I won't be able to complete my mission. And I have to seal Kaguya in this stone that is my goal." "So you will let him be blind like me?" asks Obito and Logan says, "Yes, because I have a plan I don't know if it's gonna work but if it does he will be saved. So don't worry about a fossil alright. Need to go now. I still have a war to win."

Logan leaves them and takes his sword out. 'I hope it works if not just one more on the death list after everything is over.' He runs to the battlefield only to find Naruto and Sasuke battling Madara. The rest were fighting the Jinchuuriki's that died. On the battlefield, Logan could find the G.o.d Tree and Madara having already in his Six Path mode. Logan at this moment summons his Tailed-Beasts over and says, "Time for you to work fight against the Jinchuuriki's I will see how to bring defeat Madara so he fuses with Black Zetsu."

They took the field over and Logan walked over to Madara only to be stopped by someone he thought would appear later. "So why appear in front of me and not of them. Hagoromo?" asks Logan and Hagoromo says, "Because you weren't part of the plan neither your family that toad can't divine the future as it seems." "Don't worry he can you just die before I arrived first. So you couldn't ask him. I arrived here the first time almost 800 years ago you were already under the ground or you were doing another thing. I don't really care I just have to seal your mother again and everything should be fine. Also, say hi to your kids over there they missed you."

"So you are taking care of them and it looks like they got stronger then they were before," says Hagoromo and Logan says, "What do you think. Of course, they got stronger if not they wouldn't survive a fight against Ronnie. They also have fun at my home. And they keep the village busy at least the anbu since they know what they are even in their mini version."

"Now tell me why stop me from interfering in the fight?" asks Logan and Hagoromo says, "Because they need it. I will give the power to Naruto and give a stronger eye power to Sasuke. So they can defeat Madara. Then you can take care of my mother." "Nothing else to say like 'Don't kill her.' or something like that." says Logan and Hagoromo says, "We sealed her away but she has found a way to return if you seal her away again she might find another way to return again that's why I know you are doing it for the best of this world. But those two need to learn that you won't be there forever."

"Yes I won't be there forever but my son will I just don't know which yet. They could stay both or one will leave with me I don't know yet. But if Sasuke really needs them they won't just stand still and do nothing," says Logan and Hagoromo says, "Really, I wonder about it. Do you think your sons would accept him that easily." "Oh, they would if not he would have been dead long ago," says Logan and looks at the battlefield in front of him seeing Sion joining the battle with Gabriel.

"You can see for yourself if don't think I told you the truth. I have a question why did you let Madara get hold of your power?" asks Logan and Hagoromo says, "To test the two but it seems I don't need to worry about Indra's reincarnation any longer since he got over his loneliness as it seems. And Asura's reincarnation I never worried about since he always finds a way with his personality. Let me see my other children before I give my power to Naruto and Sasuke. And leave to sleep forever."

Hagoromo leaves to the other battlefield where the tailed-beasts were fighting each other. While Logan watches over the kids that were fighting against Madara. Then Abigail appears beside him and asks, "Not going to fight?" "No, it's not my fight but theirs. I just look over them and intervene if things go wrong. And it seems it will be so in a moment since Madara is being pushed back and Black Zetsu can't let this happen," says Logan and seeing the situation unfold he continues saying, "When it happens and Kaguya appears-" "You want us all save understood," says Abigail interrupting Logan.

Logan sees how the Black Zetsu merges with Madara and both disappear. "Time to move," says Logan and goes to the battlefield and uses a Kamehameha against the moon pulverizing it. So Kaguya can't use it against the people. Then he joins the Naruto and his sons and says, "Your part is done now retreat I will do the rest." "But we can still fight," says Sasuke and Logan puts his hand on Sasuke's shoulder and says, "You have done well. Now protect your mother and your girlfriend from what is to come. Now go."

They leave and Logan is the only one left. then a portal opens and Kaguya comes out of it. "So you finally show yourself. The last of the Otsutsuki clan. Kaguya Otsutsuki," says Logan and Kaguya says, "And you are?" "Logan Wyrm. So you are finally back but not for long let's make it fast I need your soul that's why I allowed Black Zetsu to take over Madara's body now that it was done how about letting him go," says Logan and flies at Kaguya and stabs her with his sword and hopes that something happens.

Suddenly two bodies appeared. One was Madara the other was Kaguya. "It seems it worked you must have really fallen to become a demon from being a deity," says Logan looking at Kaguya. Then he sends Madara's body flying towards Gabriel's direction and says, "Now let the fight begin."

Logan tries to attack but Kaguya evades the attack by jumping into a portal and appears behind Logan and tries to attack only to attack an afterimage of Logan and pa.s.s through it. Then Logan swings his sword at her but she escapes again through a portal and appears some distance away from Logan. "You are faster than I imagined you to be," says Kaguya and Logan says, "That speed is child play for me let turn it a level higher."

Logan appears behind Kaguya and tries to swing his sword at her but she evades and shots an All-Killing Ash Bone at Logan who evades it. And he continues with his attack on Kaguya. "Is this all I haven't even used my full power yet," says Logan and Kaguya says, "There is more from where this comes from." She gears up and Logan does the same. Now in his SSGSS Sage mode, he attacks Kaguya making her sweat. Then she shots more Ash bones and Logan evades them easily.

"He is overconfident like always he will make a mistake," says Abigail watching Logan fight against Kaguya and Sion asks, "You think so?" "Yes, your father loves to fight his enemy when it is on its peak. Why do you think he didn't seal Corypheus when he could the first time we met him. He knew there will be a stronger version later so he just killed him and let him take over another body," says Abigail and Sion says, "So you think dad will make a mistake, why?" "He never fought someone who could create portals in a fight before like himself and with her instant kill techniques she could kill him easily," says Abigail looking seriously at the fight between Logan and Kaguya.

Logan was having fun in this battle that he has gone into his SSGSS 2 while in Sage mode and opened the first gate of the Evil G.o.d's Secret Arts and keeps attacking Kaguya nonstop. Kaguya has no time to attack since she is evading the whole time since any strike could wound her critical. She opens a portal and enters it and appears some distance behind Logan and attacks using her Ash Bones. Logan evades them while flying towards Kaguya. Then Kaguya opens four portals and sends her Ash Bones through them to attack Logan from four different sides Logan then opens a portal and disappears from his position and appears behind Kaguya and strikes her down with the blunt side of his sword and says, "You aren't the only one who can open portals." He follows her down and stabs through her body and says, "Now let's finish this fight with a big bang." Logan releases all his power and throws Kaguya into the air and uses the Big Bang attack on her.

Nothing of Kaguya is left behind and Logan takes the soul stone out and Kaguya soul that was still in the air gets absorbed by it. Then Hagoromo appears and says, "Did you really have to destroy the moon." "Ah, I forgot that there was still someone living there. Well, now he must be dead. He would have died anyway if not now then later by my son's hand. Anyway, it's good that there is no moon if my son has a son and he is born with a tail it would be better to have no moon," says Logan and Hagoromo says, "*sighs* What are you going to do with that?"

He points at the stone and Logan wants to say something when Shura appears and says, "That is something you don't have to worry about how about you tell my wife how you still room around the world as a ghost she might want to question you about that since the dead should stay dead if they don't have a body even a deity." "I'm sorry but I still had worries that's why I didn't leave this world my lord but now I'm ready. After giving my powers to Naruto and Sasuke I will return to my families side," says Hagoromo and leaves the two alone.

"Now you get stronger and stronger I like that and you don't lose yourself and do what you want even when consequences could follow but let that be for later. Now the stone," says Shura while stretching his hand to Logan. Logan hands it over and Shura says, "Good job since you have done your end of the bargain I will give you something special."

Shura puts his hand on Logan's abdomen and says, "This won't be painful so don't worry. Just 10 drops of blood of the White Tiger, Azure Dragon, Black Turtle, and the Vermilion Bird. Your skin will be as tough as that of the Black Turtle and your organs as well. So if you get penetrated by something in the stomach you won't die in 30 seconds since they are tougher then they look. I will exchange the bone marrow for that of the Azure Dragon and I would have changed your eyes for that of the White Tiger but you already have good eyes and you won't need wings either since you can fly already my other gifts awaits you at Paradise have fun with them. I'm happy that you evaded a possible future where someone you care for would have died. You might not need them in the next world but maybe the next one. Also with your AP, you should buy yourself the Phoenix bloodline too. And some armor for your daughter-in-law if you think of taking her with you. Since it's going into s.p.a.ce now. You have two years before it's time to go. Have fun in the meantime."

Logan goes over to Abigail's side and Abigail says, "I thought something bad might happen with your playfulness but it seems I was wrong." "Not really I wanted to stretch the fight longer but a voice told me to finish quickly if not something bad would have happened. Say your thanks to Lorena when you see her. It was her voice telling me you would die if I keep playing," says Logan looking at Abigail.

"So time to go home what do you say," says Logan and Abigail says, "Well, we still need to destroy this tree and see how they deal with Madara. Also, where is Minato? And we need to find Obito too. He needs to be put through justice." "Well, we will see two persons that were blinded and manipulated by someone. They have done wrong but are they really guilty. I don't know," says Logan and Abigail says, "Wrong is wrong don't you think so." "Not if that wrong is right in their eyes they didn't know that it would lead to Kaguya's rebirth. So they weren't wrong for me," says Logan and continues, "But that isn't my decision but Gaara's and Itachi's. Let's go to the HQ."

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