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After entering the HQ Logan sees people laughing, crying out of happiness and hugging each other. After seeing the G.o.d Tree burning down. There was hold a party between the people that lived to honor the people who died to protect their future. Logan sits on the ground against a wall with Abigail by his side when Kus.h.i.+na comes to them and whispers, "Thank you," to them and Logan says, "Don't worry about that did he bring the other one too?"

"Yes, they are discussing what to do with him and Madara," says Kus.h.i.+na and Logan says, "Well if he needs help to convince them call me. If not I will close my eyes since I used to much power I would never think that my gravity seal would kick in the middle of the fight against Kaguya." "You can sleep for a while how about that," says Abigail and puts his head on her thighs and Logan begins to sleep.

While Logan slept many people came over to talk to him only to find him sleeping with a smile on his face. "Who would have thought that even the maniac sleeps once in a while," says Kurama in his mini form while the other tailed-beast surround him and also sleep beside him. Ronnie lied down beside Abigail closing his eyes while Abigail pets him to sleep.

"Ryuu look it's the first time I see him sleeping before us," says Dino and Ryuu says, "That's because he used the Oozaru transformation also didn't you notice his movement became more heavier in the middle of the fight do you really think he needed to get into SSGSS 2 Sage mode for Kaguya it was that he needs to become faster that's why he transformed higher than needed." "So the gravity seal hits again," says Dino and Ryuu says, "That's right."

"Well I will go to Paradise Shura told me that he left some mythical creatures there for Logan I need to bring them to their areas and tell them not to cause problems or I will cause them," says Ryuu and disappears leaving Dino alone there and says, "Well, time to eat and drink." And mix himself with the other people and celebrated that they won.

"So our hero is sleeping after the battle did he exhaust himself?" asks Has.h.i.+rama and Abigail says, "A little since the gravity seal kicked in the fight he needed to use more energy than he wanted to stabilize it faster. That's why he is sleeping." "At least he has nice company. I heard that the dog over here killed six clones alone without help. Have you thought of breeding the race?" says Tobirama and Abigail says, "The Inuzuka clan already tried but Ronnie isn't interested in now. Maybe because he needs an intelligent partner like himself."

"How intelligent can it be?" asks Tobirama and Abigail says, "Mabari are as intelligent as a normal person. It searches for an owner and once imprinted it protects it for the rest of its life. In legend, it is said that mages made this race. In the end, the Fereldeners used them as partners in battle and you can't even enter Ferelden without seeing at least one Mabari." "Pretty loyal that is a good breed then. Well, we will leave you then we still need to discuss what to do with Madara since Minato is taking his student back to the village without the others knowing about it," says Has.h.i.+rama and both leave Abigail and Logan alone.

"So sleeping already and we didn't even start to celebrate. I can see that he is old now," says Onoki looking at Logan's sleepy face and leaves while Mei and Gabriel stayed. And Abigail says, "Ah, you must be Mei right. I heard much from Logan and Gabriel about you, but I want to hear it from you since I want to know you. Now come here and let's talk about my family and about you. Gabriel can you bring me something to eat and drink as you see I can't move for a while."

Gabriel walks away to get something for his mother leaving Mei with Abigail. "Now what do you want to know from our family?" asks Abigail and Mei asks, "Is everyone like Logan in the family? Like transforming in a giant ape or like Ryuu in a giant dragon?" "*giggles* No, They are the only ones but they can if Logan unseals their tail what will never happen," says Abigail and Mei asks, "Why won't it happen?" "Because I told him to seal the tails away and my grandchildren didn't have tails when they were born. But with Gabriel, there is a possibility that his sons might have a tail. If that happens just call us and Logan can seal it away. Gabriel isn't that good at seals," says Abigail and Mei asks, "So you are a normal human then?"

"Define normal. In my world, you all would be labeled as Mages for your jutsus. And I'm a mage too so not really. But if you compare me with Logan then yes I'm normal," says Abigail and her hand over Logan's hair and says, "Now let me tell you our secrets since you will be family sooner or later." Abigail tells Mei everything about the family she needs to know and Mei says, "So you really aren't from this world and you will be leaving soon am I right?" "Yes, in two years we will leave for another world. He looked sad that we had to leave that soon but don't worry if Gabriel doesn't want to leave he will stay here with you since it can't the first time we leave some children behind. Maybe we can show you the whole family if we bring you to Thedas as a vacation after all we have two years together," says Abigail and takes Mei's hand and says, "If you really love my son just make him happy that is all I can tell you since he will do anything to make you happy."

Gabriel drives with something to eat and drink in his hand and hands it over to Abigail and says, "And did you have a nice chat." "Yes, your mother is really nice and she gave me some advice on how to handle you," says Mei looking at Gabriel with a smile. "You two have fun see you later," says Abigail and both leave to the celebration.

Logan wakes up after three hours and finds the Tailed-Beasts all over him. While Ronnie was lying next to Abigail. He then looks up and Abigail says, "Our sleepyhead has awakened." "I needed the rest. How long did I sleep?" asks Logan and Abigail says, "Almost 4 hours. At least you had company while sleeping. Also, Mei knows now about us now while you were sleeping I was talking to her." "And how did she react?" asks Logan and Abigail says, "She took it good better then Ino when you told her. *giggles* She also had some questions that I answered for her."

"How about going home I'm bored let the kids have fun," says Logan and Abigail says, "Let's go then." "Hold on Ronnie we are going home," says Logan and they disappear towards Konoha to their house. Once there Logan picks the Tailed-Beasts up and puts them down in their areas without waking them. And then he carries Ronnie to his dog house and let him sleep.

He enters the house and sits on a chair in the kitchen while Abigail is cooking something for him and Logan says, "This situation reminds me if the old times when we didn't have kids yet. Just that we didn't have the luxury we have now." "You mean Gamlen's house yes it reminds me of these days," says Abigail and Logan says, "Yes I remember when I told you I could buy the Amell Estate back but you said 'I will get the money for it don't worry.' I know you could that's why I almost never gave you money only enough to get a name in Kirkwall so you could find Varric later on." "I know after all I had time to read in the library about my actual life if I didn't meet you. I would still have no kids maybe or I would be dead," says Abigail while putting the food on the table and then she walks to Logan's side and kisses him and says, "Thank you for not playing like always and that you finished it quickly also for marrying me. Now eat up the others will return in the next days." "I hope so or I might have to bring them back myself," says Logan and Abigail laughs at what Logan said and says, "Let them celebrate they won a war and lost little numbers of people thanks to your beans and our help."

After eating Logan and Abigail enter Paradise and Ryuu was there disciplining their newcomers. "How is everything Ryuu?" asks Logan and Ryuu says, "They should behave from now on since they now know who is the boss. I don't want Ronnie to kill them just because they think that they are strong. I also warned them about the Tailed-Beasts to not provoke them. Also to respect the humans that come to this place since they are family members."

"You did good," says Logan while putting his hand on Ryuu's shoulder and says, "Too bad that you will stay with Tsunade." "You can call when you need help," says Ryuu and Logan says, "Shura told me something if you get a son you must let one of Gabriel's or Sion's son bind them like you to me or some G.o.d might do that and take your son away. I hope they have the same relations.h.i.+p as we do." "I hope so too, brother," says Ryuu and asks, "When are you leaving?"

"Two years so don't worry. If they are raised together they will be like us. Always connected I hope I find someone for Dino," says Logan and Ryuu says, "He wouldn't like it he is more like a cloud. If he wasn't bound to you he would already be roaming the world." "He already does that and returns when needed you are just to centered on Tsunade lately that you didn't notice. Dino always returns when needed the most the rest of the time he trains the Digimons or roams around the world to find new places and eat new food. That's who he is," says Logan and Abigail says, "I think that Gabriel picked things up from Dino since they are alike don't you think." Ryuu and Logan begin to laugh at the comment of Abigail and Ryuu says, "There you are right. Dino is a troublemaker when he is needed to do so. But is serious when he must. That must something Gabriel must have copied from him."

"Yeah, he also copied his training att.i.tude from Dino. He really hated to train but when he needed to train someone he took it seriously since if his trainees make a mistake they could die," says Logan and Ryuu says, "There Logan is right when it comes to training someone he took it seriously. I wanted to lecture him for training the Digimons to hard and he lectured me back telling me not to meddle in this affair since if he doesn't train them hard they could die."

"Since everything is done let's return home," says Logan and Ryuu asks, "Are you going to take Sion and Gabriel with you when you go?" "Not if they don't want. It's their life I can't be there forever holding their hands. If they want to stay fine if not then not but it's there decision," says Logan and all three return home and Logan says, "How about we get a drink together to celebrate."

"Fine by me. What do you think are they going to do with Madara?" asks Ryuu and Logan says, "Well I know Has.h.i.+rama he will try his best to get his friend out of there alive. While Obito was taken by Minato without the others knowing about and Madara thinks Obito is dead. So better for Minato, the only problem will be to give Obito a new name and appearance so no one recognizes him."

"That should be easy," says Ryuu and Logan says, "It is since they have the transformation jutsu but what if he wants to start a family and his kids awaken the Sharingan many people will become suspicious about that. That's why I'm was straight forward with Nagato and Itachi. If something happens it's my fault but we will know about that while we are here. And in two years Madara will still be the same while our Ryuu here will be stronger again."

"Yeah because someone didn't let me rest," says Ryuu and Logan says, "You rested for your whole live the only one I bothered was Dino. So man up when is the wedding." "Don't know yet since I didn't ask yet," says Ryuu and Abigail says, "Come on don't tell me Dino has more guts than you." "That's not it she has a lot to do," says Ryuu and Logan snaps his finger and says, "Not right now. Good luck Ryuu." "Wait do-" says Ryuu and is send by Logan back to Gabriel's side and Abigail says, "You think he will make it." "Hope so we will find out in some days," says Logan and continues drinking with Abigail the whole night.

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