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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor summary:

After reincarnated in a world of G.o.ds, Demons, and Great Emperors, w.a.n.g Wei embarks on a journey to bear Heaven Mandate, proves the Dao and proclaims himself a Great Emperor… a Supreme Being that overlooked Myriad World and races.
However, his Dao involves despising fate and its encompa.s.sing glory. So what awaits our protagonist on his journey full of vicissitudes to defy and even control fate? While he controls the fate of countless race and world, is fate playing with him? Can he escapes the very shackles of fate that he controls?
This story has similar setting as Emperor Dominion, I am a True Villain, and Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go. If you enjoy these type of story, then you will enjoy my story.
Warnings: No Young Master and Face Slapping.

Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1181 Ripe Jun-27-2024
Chapter 1178 Loss Jun-22-2024
Chapter 1162 Solution Jun-06-2024
Chapter 1153 Farewell Jun-05-2024
Chapter 1149 Bias Jun-05-2024
Chapter 1146 Ark May-11-2024
Chapter 1144 Choice May-07-2024
Chapter 1142 Marked May-05-2024
Chapter 1141 Reward May-04-2024
Chapter 1128 Madman Apr-23-2024
Chapter 1125 Sibling Apr-22-2024
Chapter 1120 Rumors Apr-22-2024
Chapter 1113 Acquired Apr-13-2024
Chapter 1108 Sealed Apr-08-2024
Chapter 1102 Gou Dao Apr-05-2024
Chapter 1100 Relaxing Apr-02-2024
Chapter 1085 The Oath Mar-19-2024
Chapter 1046 Alliance Feb-09-2024
Chapter 1033 Return Jan-26-2024
Chapter 1031 [Hello] Jan-25-2024
Chapter 1030 Hope Jan-24-2024
Chapter 1023 Trophy Jan-18-2024
Chapter 1019 Message Jan-15-2024
Chapter 1018 Mistake Jan-15-2024
Chapter 1010 Bait Jan-08-2024
Chapter 1001 Gifts Dec-27-2023
Chapter 995 Potential Dec-24-2023
Chapter 993 Alliance Dec-19-2023
Chapter 991 Fight Dec-19-2023
Chapter 988 Leader Dec-15-2023
Chapter 985 Plan B? Dec-13-2023
Chapter 982 Revival Dec-10-2023
Chapter 969 Message Nov-26-2023
Chapter 965 Rumors Nov-23-2023
Chapter 950 Farewell Nov-06-2023
Chapter 939 Mercenary Nov-01-2023
Chapter 934 Clarity Oct-29-2023
Chapter 932 Old Debt Oct-27-2023
Chapter 903 Ruthless Sep-24-2023
Chapter 901 Attack Sep-24-2023
Chapter 886 Preaching Sep-07-2023
Chapter 883 Ripples Sep-07-2023
Chapter 875  Unhinge Sep-07-2023
Chapter 874  Choice Sep-07-2023
Chapter 863 Regret Aug-30-2023
Chapter 862 Argument Aug-29-2023
Chapter 825 You! Jul-08-2023
Chapter 824 Shock Jul-07-2023
Chapter 798 Backup Jun-13-2023
Chapter 797 Awakening Jun-05-2023
Chapter 763 Objective Apr-12-2023
Chapter 755 Fate Seed Apr-03-2023
Chapter 751 Red Dust Apr-03-2023
Chapter 749 Parting Mar-19-2023
Chapter 748 Vacation Mar-17-2023
Chapter 745 News Mar-16-2023
Chapter 742 Flaw Mar-13-2023
Chapter 735 Seclusion Mar-05-2023
Chapter 731 Aftermath Mar-05-2023
Chapter 716 Weirdness Feb-20-2023
Chapter 714 Fate One Feb-13-2023
Chapter 701 Aftermath Feb-03-2023
Chapter 696 Chaos (V) Jan-29-2023
Chapter 692 Chaos (I) Jan-25-2023
Chapter 690 Injured Jan-23-2023
Chapter 686 General Jan-20-2023
Chapter 682 Changes Jan-17-2023
Chapter 676 Soul Path Jan-12-2023
Chapter 670 Obsession Jan-09-2023
Chapter 669 Love Jan-09-2023
Chapter 665 Traitor Jan-09-2023
Chapter 661 His Era Dec-30-2022
Chapter 655 Oddity Dec-25-2022
Chapter 649 The Game Dec-25-2022
Chapter 617 Sword One Nov-20-2022
Chapter 595 Disdain Nov-01-2022
Chapter 591 The Flaw Nov-01-2022
Chapter 588 Hypocrisy Nov-01-2022
Chapter 551 Saint Sep-29-2022
Chapter 539 Survive? Sep-17-2022
Chapter 533 The Rules Sep-15-2022
Chapter 527 Accord Sep-09-2022
Chapter 523 Gather Sep-05-2022
Chapter 522 Gu Xuan Sep-04-2022
Chapter 518 Sword One Sep-04-2022
Chapter 506 Release Aug-12-2022
Chapter 505 Resources Aug-12-2022
Chapter 504 Reveal Aug-12-2022
Chapter 503 Dusk Aug-12-2022
Chapter 469: News Jul-20-2022
Chapter 468: Paranoia Jul-20-2022
Chapter 467: Choice Jul-20-2022
Chapter 464: Cruelty Jul-20-2022
Chapter 463: What? Jul-20-2022
Chapter 469: News Jul-08-2022
Chapter 468: Paranoia Jul-07-2022
Chapter 467: Choice Jul-06-2022
Chapter 464: Cruelty Jul-03-2022
Chapter 463: What? Jul-03-2022
Chapter 446: Hint Jun-15-2022
Chapter 446: Hint Jun-14-2022
Chapter 432: Wedding Jun-11-2022
Chapter 419: Reunion Jun-11-2022
Chapter 417: Game End Jun-11-2022
Chapter 416: Healthy Jun-11-2022
Chapter 414: Fruition Jun-11-2022
Chapter 410: Love Jun-11-2022
Chapter 409: Sealed Jun-11-2022
Chapter 405: Memories May-16-2022
Chapter 404: Waiting May-16-2022
Chapter 402: Doom May-16-2022
Chapter 395: Worry May-16-2022
Chapter 394: Useless May-16-2022
Chapter 382: Destiny May-16-2022
Chapter 380: Visi May-16-2022
Chapter 379: Leaving May-16-2022
Chapter 371 - Rebirth May-16-2022
Chapter 370 - Request May-16-2022
Chapter 335: Huo Clan May-16-2022
Chapter 329: Luring May-16-2022
Chapter 325: Death May-16-2022
Chapter 314: Guardian May-16-2022
Chapter 309: Alchemy May-16-2022
Chapter 300: Landing May-16-2022
Chapter 293: Failure May-16-2022
Chapter 291: Hatred May-16-2022
Chapter 290: Seed May-16-2022
Chapter 285: Sleepers May-16-2022
Chapter 283: Heart May-16-2022
Chapter 281: Plan B May-16-2022
Chapter 278: Question May-16-2022
Chapter 271: Her? May-16-2022
Chapter 270: Dead? May-16-2022
Chapter 251: Regret May-16-2022
Chapter 248: Rematch May-16-2022
Chapter 242: Ning'er May-16-2022
Chapter 241: Anxious May-16-2022
Chapter 239: Progress May-16-2022
Chapter 210: Warning May-16-2022
Chapter 206: Feast May-16-2022
Chapter 202: Poem May-16-2022
Chapter 201: Wu Hong May-16-2022
Chapter 198: Xuan Yi May-16-2022
Chapter 195: The List May-16-2022
Chapter 176: Home May-16-2022
Chapter 156: Response May-16-2022
Chapter 154: The Tide May-16-2022
Chapter 143: Really? May-16-2022
Chapter 139: Leak May-16-2022
Chapter 136: Bond May-16-2022
Chapter 123: The Duel May-16-2022
Chapter 122: Politics May-16-2022
Chapter 116: Soul May-16-2022
Chapter 104: Betrayal May-16-2022
Chapter 88: Revenge May-16-2022
Chapter 72: Dare May-16-2022
Chapter 57: Rebirth May-16-2022
Chapter 56: Trap May-16-2022
Chapter 52: Hunting May-16-2022
Chapter 6: Dao Heart May-16-2022
Chapter 4: The Escape May-16-2022
Chapter 3: The Impact May-16-2022
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