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My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires summary:

Victor was a normal 21-year-old man, he grew up in a loving family that helped him take care of himself knowing that he had a practically incurable disease, the RH null blood, he was the owner of a rare blood type…
But what Victor didn’t know, is that this blood type was a delicacy in the supernatural world, creatures that fed on blood loved his blood type…
And that blood he hated would be the factor that would make Victor the greatest vampire of all time.

My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 923: Siren? Jan-16-2024
Chapter 569 Dec-11-2022
Chapter 568 Dec-11-2022
Chapter 567 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 566 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 565 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 564 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 563 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 562 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 561 Dec-09-2022
Chapter 560 Dec-02-2022
Chapter 559 Dec-01-2022
Chapter 558 Dec-01-2022
Chapter 557 Nov-29-2022
Chapter 556 Nov-29-2022
Chapter 555 Nov-27-2022
Chapter 554 Nov-27-2022
Chapter 553 Nov-27-2022
Chapter 552 Nov-27-2022
Chapter 551 Nov-27-2022
Chapter 550 Nov-27-2022
Chapter 549 Nov-21-2022
Chapter 548 Nov-20-2022
Chapter 547 Nov-19-2022
Chapter 546 Nov-18-2022
Chapter 545 Nov-17-2022
Chapter 544 Nov-16-2022
Chapter 543 Nov-15-2022
Chapter 542 Nov-14-2022
Chapter 541 Nov-13-2022
Chapter 540 Nov-12-2022
Chapter 539 Nov-12-2022
Chapter 538 Nov-10-2022
Chapter 537 Nov-10-2022
Chapter 536 Nov-10-2022
Chapter 535 Nov-07-2022
Chapter 534 Nov-07-2022
Chapter 533 Nov-06-2022
Chapter 532 Nov-05-2022
Chapter 531 Nov-04-2022
Chapter 530 Nov-03-2022
Chapter 529 Nov-02-2022
Chapter 528 Nov-01-2022
Chapter 526 Oct-30-2022
Chapter 525 Oct-30-2022
Chapter 524 Oct-28-2022
Chapter 523 Oct-27-2022
Chapter 522 Oct-27-2022
Chapter 521 Oct-25-2022
Chapter 520 Oct-24-2022
Chapter 519 Oct-24-2022
Chapter 518 Oct-24-2022
Chapter 517 Oct-24-2022
Chapter 516 Oct-20-2022
Chapter 515 Oct-20-2022
Chapter 514 Oct-18-2022
Chapter 512 Oct-17-2022
Chapter 508 Oct-11-2022
Chapter 507 Oct-10-2022
Chapter 506 Oct-10-2022
Chapter 505 Oct-10-2022
Chapter 448: My will Aug-22-2022
Chapter 437: Respect Aug-11-2022
Chapter 432: ELEGANT! Aug-08-2022
Chapter 430: Desire Aug-05-2022
Chapter 409: Daughter Jul-15-2022
​Chapter 391: God Jul-01-2022
Chapter 368: Kurama. Jun-14-2022
Chapter 356: Hadō Jun-02-2022
Chapter 316: Witches May-14-2022
Chapter 302: Junketsu May-14-2022
Chapter 251: Demon. May-14-2022
Chapter 235: Reunion May-14-2022
Chapter 218: Cute. May-14-2022
Chapter 168: Mother. May-14-2022
Chapter 165: My Maid. May-14-2022
Chapter 160: Carnage. May-14-2022
Chapter 155: AMEN!!! May-14-2022
Chapter 153: Faith. May-14-2022
Chapter 147: Mongrel. May-14-2022
Chapter 103: Date. May-14-2022
Chapter 89: Teamwork. May-14-2022
Chapter 81: Sly Fox. May-14-2022
Chapter 65: Changes. May-14-2022
Chapter 63: Coward. May-14-2022
Chapter 61: Progress. May-14-2022
Chapter 54: Hybrids. May-14-2022
Chapter 51: Meeting. May-14-2022
Chapter 44: Together. May-14-2022
Chapter 43: Darling! May-14-2022
Chapter 39: Anomaly. May-14-2022
Chapter 16: Ambush. May-14-2022
Chapter 2: Awakening. May-14-2022
Chapter 1: Prologue May-14-2022
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