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"The test begins now!" says Kakas.h.i.+ and disappears into the little forest leaving the trio in front of the three stumps. They split up to search for Kakas.h.i.+ while the other four arrived at the training ground looking over them. "Let's see how they do, who do you think will find him first," says Logan and Tsunade says, "Sakura or Sion." "I say the same," says Sarutobi and Jiraiya says, "Does no one believe in Naruto?" "I do but not for finding Kakas.h.i.+ but to battle him," says Logan and Tsunade says, "Are we going to see some wood release or the Sharingan from your son?" "No, it wouldn't be fair he already is using a staff that can break Kakas.h.i.+'s mind," says Logan and Jiraiya asks, "What is so special about the staff?"

"It's made of very special metals and it can grow, shrink, copy itself, and it weighs around 7,960kg(17,550lbs) I said to Sion to adapt to his team needs," says Logan and everyone looks at Logan and Jiraiya asks, "What do you feed your sons to carry around such a staff around?" "Nothing much just the usual it's just that he trains hard and it was a gift from his G.o.d-grandfather," says Logan and Sarutobi says, "So the staff is like Enma my summon when he transforms into a staff."

"Well let's watch the show shall we," says Logan and everyone focus and the group undertaking the test. Sion found Kakas.h.i.+ and signalizes Sakura the ground. Sakura seeing this. .h.i.ts the ground with her fist breaking the ground and find Kakas.h.i.+ reading the book. "I thought it will take you a little longer," says Kakas.h.i.+ then he jumps out of the crumbled ground and flees. The three follow and Naruto uses his shadow clone jutsu while Sion uses a ki ball that flies in between the trees directed at Kakas.h.i.+. Kakas.h.i.+ evades the attack by jumping to the side making an opening for Sakura and Naruto who take the opportunity and attack hitting Kakas.h.i.+ only to find out it was a clone.

"Where could he be?" asks Naruto and Sakura looks around while Sion points to a tree and says, "There!" Kakas.h.i.+ seeing this makes serious and uncovers his left eye. And Naruto says, "He is mine." and attacks. Kakas.h.i.+ defends easily only to find out they were only clones. "Where is the real one?" asks Kakas.h.i.+ himself only to find out that behind him Naruto comes out of the bushes and wants to attack Kakas.h.i.+ only to see Kakas.h.i.+ evade his attack while draping his arm and throwing Naruto to the ground when Sakura attacks him. He evades and Sakura breaks the tree that was behind him. Then Sion attacks Kakas.h.i.+ legs making him jump then Sion says, "Now!" and Sakura attack Kakas.h.i.+ again. Takas.h.i.+ in midair could only use the body replacement jutsu making a block of wood appear out of nowhere and Kakas.h.i.+ disappears again.

"We almost had him," says Sakura and Sion helps Naruto up. "We can get him again we just have to find him," says Sion while thinking 'Why does dad not want me to uses all my strength we could have finished it easily.' They begin to search for Kakas.h.i.+ again and the group of spectators begins to talk. "How do you see them?" asks Tsunade and Logan says the cold truth, "Weak if they had to fight the Darksp.a.w.n I had to fight before they would have been overrun." "Now now don't be too hard they are still young," says Sarutobi and Logan says, "Sorry I almost sounded like my father there but it still the same they need to get stronger not so strong that they could destroy the world but a little bit stronger so they can fight Itachi when they encounter him outside." "How do you know about Itachi Uchiha?" asks Sarutobi and Logan says, "I know what I'm told around the village also most of the clans and people think that I and my family is a danger. Not knowing that we only want to help them."

"I didn't know that they are hostile towards your family," says Tsunade and Logan says, "Young folks aren't hostile against us only the old folks that don't want to talk to us. Only you two and the Nara clan head comes over sometimes to ask me about my sons since they sometimes wander around the Nara clan forest without been attacked by the deer there." "Why don't the deer attack?" asks Tsunade and Logan says, "You have seen my belt right. What if I tell you this belt isn't a belt but a tail that is attached at my body." "I would say you are crazy," says Jiraiya and Logan shows them that it is indeed a tail and says, "How to say it simply. I'm a Saiyan from a warrior race we get stronger the harder our injuries are or better said the harder the fight is. Then we heal and while healing we get stronger than before. That tail symbolizes that I'm one I sealed the tails of my children because my wife didn't want to hide them from the full moon for their whole life."

"What could happen at the full moon?" asks Tsunade and Logan says, "We turn into a giant ape that normally takes time to control. That's also why the deer aren't attacking the can feel the predator in them." "Do you turn into a giant ape?" asks Sarutobi and Logan says, "Only when I want I have mastered it I can even transform without a full moon if needed."

"I also heard what happened at the Yamanaka Flower shop today was everything alright?" asks Tsunade and Logan says, "Yes it was a misunderstanding Inoichi thought I was putting his daughter under an illusion to find out some secret while I was just showing her the wood release and the Sharingan. Nothing major and I could understand his feelings since I also have a daughter and once Gabriel was kidnapped and I have gone crazy my wife had to bring me back to my sane side again. After torturing them all in front of my family."

"Pretty dark don't you think?" says Jiraiya and Logan says, "Not dark enough my wife stopped me before going completely rogue and making it worse. It seems they found him."

Sion engages first followed by Sakura and then Naruto at Kakas.h.i.+. Kakas.h.i.+ not knowing how much the staff's weight tries to block it only to find out he should have dodged it. He flies through the air only for Sakura to punch him and Naruto then kicks him down then Sion drops his staff on Kakas.h.i.+ and everything was over. "See he thought the staff was like a normal one and paid the price for it," says Sion and then he picks up the bells handing them over to Sakura and Naruto after that he picks his staff up and shrinks it down putting it behind his left ear and takes out a Senzu Bean and gives it to Kakas.h.i.+ who is on the ground trying to survive the onslaught from a moment ago.

Sakura and Naruto were looking like they wanted to rip the mouth mask from Kakas.h.i.+ and Sion asks, "Why do you look like you want to r***, someone, right now?" "What did you say did we look like it's a once in a lifetime that we can see Kakas.h.i.+'s whole face," says Naruto while Sakura nods and says, "We know Kakas.h.i.+ now for almost 4 and a half years and never have we seen his whole face." "Now I'm curious too let's unmask him," says Sion and takes Kakas.h.i.+'s mask off so he can give him the bean to eat. Once done Sion says, "Looks like a normal face to me and you?" "*sighs* We should have known better," says Sakura and Naruto says, "No giant teeth or giant lips." "Nop nothing like said normal person," says Sion and inserts the bean inside Kakas.h.i.+ and moves Kakas.h.i.+'s jaw to eat the bean once down the throat Kakas.h.i.+ opens his eyes and says, "Did you wanted to kill me with that combination or what. Now I have to stay in the hospital for some month before I can go on a mission again."

"You should be fine after eating one of the beans so don't worry," says Sion and Kakas.h.i.+ looks at them confused when the other group arrived and Tsunade looked over Kakas.h.i.+ and says, "Your beans are really can do miracles if we only had them earlier." "Don't worry over the dead and look forward that what I always tell my friends when we lost a battle back then we also didn't have the beans. The Wardens an Orden of warriors and mages fighting against pure evil. We lost our first battle against it back in Ostagar and I lost my friend there even when I could bring him back he told me 'It is an honor to die beside my brother and sister while fighting for the right thing than to survive and die to the calling.'. He was my first friend and my commander but he chose to die for the right thing."

"So even you lose people," says Jiraiya and Logan says, "Yes but I bury them and grieve for them and then its time to continue to protect the rest if I had given up right there I would never meet Abigail again and maybe the whole world would have been overrun by Darksp.a.w.n." "What is a Darksp.a.w.n?" asks Naruto hearing this and Sion answers, "They are a punishment from the Maker the G.o.d of my mother's world for the people living there. They look like undead but they don't feel anything only hunger and once their blood enters your wound you are doomed to die a painful death. Then there is their commander the Archdemons the are old G.o.ds buried under the earth and the Darksp.a.w.n search for them and corrupts one at the time to led them." "That sounds," says Sakura been interrupted by Logan, who says, "Horrible we know but for that, I left my other children there if something happens they can help since they should be immune to the taint like I."

"Now to Kakas.h.i.+, you should feel alright you got a senzu bean to eat from my son. Those beans heal you almost instantly so don't worry about being injured. You should already be able to fight again." says Logan and Sarutobi says, "You should have dodged it. Now we have to finish the test faster than thought." "How long did you think would we have taken?" asks Naruto and Jiraiya says, "If you and Sakura alone you would have taken almost half a day. But Sion looks like the brain in your operation trying to make a whole for you to use. Like when he used that yellow ball that Kakas.h.i.+ needed to dodge or the kick to make Kakas.h.i.+ jump not too high for him to get to a tree but not to low to be on the ground fast enough so Sakura could attack him. And last he attacked first knowing that Kakas.h.i.+ thought it would only weight lightly if he knew that the staff weights over 7 thousand kg he wouldn't try to block it."

"Kakas.h.i.+ I need a favor from you can you open your Mangekyou Sharingan for me I want to see if I'm right about something," says Logan and Activates his own ones while Kakas.h.i.+ shows his own. "Thank you that will be enough let me try something," says Logan and twist reality a bit and then stops. "That can't be what did you do?" asks Kakas.h.i.+ and Logan says, "Just confirming if it was really true and it is I can copy the abilities of every Mangekyou Sharingan user by just looking in their eyes. I was always wondering why my eyes didn't have some powers and I began to think and then it hit me what if I can copy other abilities and it works."

"So what are you going to do now?" asks Tsunade and Logan says, "Maybe search for Danzo and copy his eyes power too." "What do you mean his eyes power?" "You really didn't suspect him after I told you about him back then," says Logan and then Logan continues, "His left arm and eye are full of Sharingans and his left eye too. His arm is made of Tsunade's grandfather's cells who Orochimaru made for him before he escaped Konoha. They still are in contact with each other. Should I take care of this? I can make it fast. without killing only Danzo maybe but the rest will be alive." "Do it but make it fast," says Tsunade, and Logan disappears.

"How fast is your father?" asks Naruto and Sion answers, "That was still slow if he is really serious he can go faster and even fight at this speed." "Wait he can even fight at a higher speed than that?" asks Sakura and Sion says, "Yes I can too but I was said not to use it here in the test or it was only a one-man show and not a group a.s.signment and team building even though I liked it not to need to go all out." "You are monsters that's all," says Jiraiya and Sion says, "Better a monster or like the G.o.dfather of my sister says Maniacs then a pervert."

"How long will he need?" asks Tsunade and Sion says, "It would be best to go to the office if he wants to have fun it will take half an hour if he makes fast 5 minutes will be enough." "Alright let's go back to the Office then," says Tsunade and everyone follows.

POV Logan

'Easy enough to find this now then let's take everyone out.' Logan runs and takes everyone out before they can alert anyone. Logan with his speed and power advanced fast leaving a trail of bodies behind him. Arriving at a room where he can feel Danzo's presence with other people. Logan advance as nothing and when he finally arrives he takes everyone out. Then he rips Danzo's arm from his body and that awakens Danzo again. He begins to scream but n.o.body can hear him because they are knocked out on the floor.

"What do you want from me?" asks Danzo feeling a pressure he never felt before Logan activates his Mangekyou Sharingan and says, "Your eye powers show me your eyes." Ripping the bandages away from Danzo's left eyes seeing the Mangekyou Sharingan and copies its ability then he takes the eye out of the eyehole and takes the arm and Danzo with him to the Hokage office.

"You already here I thought you will take your time," says Tsunade and Logan says, "It wasn't really fun since they fall like flies. I would have taken more time if they were a challenge but they weren't here is your present for you." Logan drops Danzo on the floor and the artificial arm made of Has.h.i.+rama's cells. "I should have known you were involved in it Hiruzen." "You have to pay the price for betraying Konoha Danzo I know that you and Orochimaru work together and that you for some reason even helped when the village was in danger some years ago when Orochimaru attacked and almost killed me," says Sarutobi and Logan says, "What are you going to do now with him." "We will take him to the intelligence department and interrogate him with the help of the Yamanaka clan we will be able to find information about everything he has done behind our backs," says Tsunade and Logan then burns the arm leaving only ashes behind then he says, "It's the best for all that it should never leave the room."

"I will now remove the seals he implanted on the roots anbu and remove the false memories too," says Logan and Tsunade says, "Thank you will you come tomorrow to report back." "I will send my son," says Logan and leaves again. In the room, Sion says, "I will leave then look after my mother she wanted to c.o.c.k something want to come with me since my dad and brother will not be at home almost all the food will be left on the table." "I would like to meet your mom if she is like your dad or different," says Naruto and Sakura says, "I only talked to her once before she can be really interesting to talk to. But I need to inform my parents before. I will see you there." "Are you coming to Kakas.h.i.+ my mother would like to know who will be in charge of me," says Sion and Kakas.h.i.+ says, "I will look if I make it." "I will be there too with s.h.i.+zune after working your mother is very fun to be with," says Tsunade and Jiraiya says, "I will come to I need to keep an eye on Naruto." while looking at Tsunade. "I will go home my wife awaits me," says Sarutobi and leaves.

The group of three leaves and walk towards Sakura's house were she asked for permission for eating with the other. Then they walk while sharing stories about there live while Sion didn't really have much to tell them. They arrived at the Wyrm compound were Abigail was already finis.h.i.+ng c.o.c.king. When they entered they say, "Sorry for intruding." while Sion says, "Don't worry she is still in the kitchen I need to warn her that dad will be late before it is too late." Sion goes in and Naruto and Sakura take their shoes off and enter seeing Sion on the kitchen door and they see what Sion was warning them about. And Sakura asks, "Why is there so much food prepared?" "Ah welcome Sakura it's been long had I know Sion would bring you and your friend over there I would have cooked more," says Abigail and Naruto says, "More really?" "Yes, that much is needed to satisfy the boys," says Abigail and Sion says, "Gabriel will not eat with us tonight and father also has a job to do and might come back late."

Then they hear from Abigail, "Then I made to much what should we do?" "Don't worry with Jax, Joe, Ryuu, and Dino as well as the other guest that might come we could finish Gabriel's portion while dad might eat his portion later when he finished his job," says Sion and Naruto asks, "Who are the ones named before?" "Their partners like Kiba has Akamaru they have their own partner," says Sakura and then Jax appears and says, "Hey Sakura how is it going?" "I'm fine. Thank you for asking," replies Sakura and Joe and the rest appear to help to get the food from the kitchen to the living room.

"Aren't they weak?" asks Naruto seeing them and Sion says, "You don't need to be big to be strong. Look at Ryuu if he changes to his dragon form he would be the biggest thing in this universe." Then someone knocked on the door and Sion goes over and opens it. Seeing Kakas.h.i.+ reading his new book when Sion says, "Welcome Kakas.h.i.+ come in." Kakas.h.i.+ goes inside and Sion says, "I would hide that book for now or you might never need it ever again." "Why?" asks Kakas.h.i.+ and Sion answers, "Because my mother is very very good in intimidation and even my father doesn't try to overrule her since she is the one in command in the house." "Understood," says Kakas.h.i.+ hiding the book away. Walking into the living room only to fall backward saying, "Who is gonna eat all this." "Don't worry it won't be there once we have finished," says Sion and the someone again knocked on the door. Sion opens it seeing Jiraiya with Tsunade, s.h.i.+zune, and Tonton. After entering they also got shocked by a large amount of food on the table and Tsunade asks, "How much do you normally eat? I know that you are half human but?"

"Ah father told you that we are Saiyans and demons." says Sion and Tsunade says, "Demons?" "He didn't tell you that we are also demons right?" says Sion and Tsunade says, "No." "We have a high metabolism we need to eat much so we can keep training and fighting all in our family except my mother and our partners. And the demon part isn't that tragic really we can just transform like this," says Sion showing his Devil Trigger and then returns to normal and continues, "It's one of our transformations and only to use in a high-risk situation. So let's go to eat before the food gets cold."

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