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Logan then takes the group to Kirkwall and says, "Welcome to the birthplace of Sion and the other. This is Kirkwall home of the Champion and also mine. Now let's go and visit our family." He walks through the city with the other showing them around when he sees Aveline with the new recruits and says, "Now how is my favorite guard captain doing." "It's been long Logan are you alone here?" asks Aveline and Logan says, "No just showing my adoptive son and my future daughters-in-law around Kirkwall. Since I already found you let me invite you to Ryuu's wedding bring your husband if you come. It's in 6 months I will pick you up two days before the wedding." "Don't I have a say in this?" asks Aveline and Logan says, "Someone has to protect the Viscount while he is there don't you think so."

"So Varric is going well I will what I can do. You know once the cat isn't around the mouse dance around the kitchen," says Aveline and Logan says, "Yes I met him in the Winter Palace when I visited the Inquisitor. Now see you I need to bring Leandra her new baby. As well as meet Bethany and Carver to invite them too." They then leave and Ino asks, "Can we walk through the city?" "Fine by me Sion you know where your grandma lives right we meet there," says Logan and the group leaves him.

Logan walks through the rebuild Kirkwall until arriving at the Amell Estate and knocks on it. And an Elf woman opens the door and says, "Who could it be?" She sees Logan and says, "Ah master Logan its been a long time did you come with the mistress?" "No Orana I came with Sion and his friends this time. You are a woman now have you found someone?" asks Logan while entering the estate and Orana says, "Yes, but we still don't have a date for our wedding." "Well then don't plan it between two months since you and your fiancee are invited to a wedding. I need to inform Carver and Bethany can you bring them over," says Logan and Orana nods and leaves the estate to bring them over.

Walking through the door Logan sees a picture of himself and Abigail with the twins on each side and Leandra appears behind him and says, "This must bring you good memories right." "More then I imagined. Back then they needed protection and now they are disciplining their own children," says Logan and Leandra says, "That is life, Logan. At least I can meet them once every two months." "I know I came from there before coming. Now I have something to say to you," says Logan and Leandra guides Logan to the living room and both sit down and says, "What is it?" "We adopted two kids in the other world one is here while the other has his responsibilities as a second in command of an alliance of the ninjas over there. Now I came to invite you to the wedding of Ryuu. I know you liked him like a son that's why I came to invite you and the others," says Logan and Leandra says, "When will it be?" "Six months from now. Do you want to bring a guest with you or just you alone?" asks Logan and Leandra says, "Don't worry I will come alone. I haven't found someone like my Malcolm around here. Maybe I should try the world you have gone to and find myself a husband if I find one I like."

"Open as always," says Logan and Leandra says, "If I don't scheme sometimes then I wouldn't get you and Abigail together. Don't you think so? Also, it is lonely being alone in this big house alone with Orana. Since Bodahn and Sandal left three years ago. Bodahn had to find someone to take care of Sandal once he isn't around. And left with him. He always was a nice man I offered to look over Sandal but he said that he couldn't do that since he thought that he still owed you from his days in the blight and for saving Sandal in the Deep Roads and didn't want to leave a burden behind." "Yeah, Bodahn was a man with honor when it comes to this. But he was a peaceful man in times that didn't look good. He gave good advice too and took care of the finances. Who is taking care of it now?" asks Logan and Leandra says, "Varric he doesn't want me to do it. He invests here and there and wins more money for our family. He really is a good man."

After some time Bethany entered and says, "Logan where did you leave my sister?" "She is planning a wedding with Ryuu's fiancee. He will marry in 6 months from now so be prepared since you are invited. So two days before the wedding I will pick you up with Fenris and your kids if you have more then the one you brought with you last time," says Logan and Bethany says, "Not really. Fen is an only child since Fenris doesn't want to risk having a mage as a child." "Poor fool is still against mages even when he married one," says Logan and Bethany says, "He sees me as a special mage."

Then Carver enters and Logan informs him about the wedding and then explains to Bethany and Carver that Abigail and he has two new kids under them. And that one is here with Sion. And Carver says, "You mean the boy with black hair right. I meet the group while walking here I didn't stop since it looked like a double date." "It might be since the girls are their girlfriends. Ino wanted to see the city and I send them away to look around," says Logan and Carver says, "You should have brought them some clothes before coming here since they stand out from the crowd. You aren't afraid that someone might mug them?" "Not really they have chakra and in their world, they begin to take mission when they graduate from the academy with 10-11 years. So trust me when I tell you that they killed their first person when they were younger than us," says Logan and Leandra says, "Isn't that cruel. Not in their world it them or you when you are on a mission. But that should now stop since the villages are all allied and are under one of my sons and a friend of the village."

Logan explains to them how the other world works and they understood now why they needed to be cold at such a young age. "Poor kids to have to fight that young to survive," says Leandra and Logan says, "At least they don't have the blight over there." They kept talking about everything until Sion and the others arrived and Leandra sees Sion and says, "Now how have you been Sion I heard that you are working really hard on you to surpa.s.s your sister." Then she looks at Sasuke and says, "You must be Sasuke Logan told me about you and your brother now come over here and give your grandmother a hug." Sasuke does as said and then Leandra looked at both young women and says, "You two must take care of my babies alright. If not I will find a way to cross and give you a lecture."

"Now now Leandra how about you leave the young ones alone," says Logan and Carver says, "Yes mother leave the younglings alone to have their fun." The both take Leandra away while Bethany goes to them and says, "Don't worry about what my mother said and have fun you four." They stayed the night there with Leandra. While Carver and Bethany returned to their homes after knowing their new family members.

In the middle of the night, Logan was still awake looking at the picture of him and Abigail and says, "Justice do you really have all armors that I can imagine in the shop?" "Yes, but you should first buy the Phoenix bloodline as Shura told you," says Justice that was floating beside Logan's head and Logan asks, "First I need to know something. If I were to buy a Warframe will I be stuck in it forever?" "No, I can make it like a Symbiont if you want or like Ironman's suit in Avengers Infinity War. You could buy the whole collection 300 times even after buying the Phoenix Bloodline," says Justice and Logan says, "Will it work also for other persons."

"Yes, if they are connected to me. Abigail, as well as your sons, could use them like this but if you want to gift it to someone else. Well, he or she will be stuck inside it forever," says Justice and Logan says, "So if I were to connect Ino to it she could use it normally too right." "Yes, that is correct," says Justice and Logan says, "Then connect with her and give her an armor with the coupon Shura gave me that fits her. Then buy me the Phoenix Bloodline as well as 4 collections of the Warframes for me, Abigail, Sion, and Ino but keep Ino's and Sion's still a secret and four Arch-Wings one four each other. Also, give a manual on how to use them to me and Abigail. I need 4 vials that can make us immune to the Reapers so we can't be indoctrinated by them."

"Wait, Justice, before you make the transaction I need to talk to Logan," says Shura that appears by Logan's side both look at the picture and Shura says, "You are already planning on your journey but don't forget it is still in this universe." "I know but can you make some changes on my s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and on the Warframes?" asks Logan and Shura says, "It will cost you some AP." "I just want it to be durable so the s.h.i.+p doesn't break even by an attack of a Reaper, some camouflage for the s.h.i.+p and some weapon for it," says Logan and Shura says, "Is that all you could have bought it for a billion AP. Now you want to make the Warframes indestructible am I right." "Yes," says Logan and Shura says, "Sorry can't do anything against that since you bought them already like it Justice haven't told you but a Warframe cost 50.000 AP a normal one an indestructible one cost 1 million AP and you brought a whole collection of them. That cost 50 million AP since there are some experimental ones around. You should also buy their weapon collection it cost also 200 million AP and 1 Billion AP with an infinite clip. Also, I came to tell you to be careful against the Reapers but since you bought some vials that should help you. Just buy some more you never know. And modify your s.h.i.+p yourself since its really cheap for you."

Both looks at the picture and Shura says, "They were cute back then. But don't forget they grow up after all since time doesn't stand still." "Can you tell me the world that is awaiting me after finis.h.i.+ng the Reapers," asks Logan and Shura says, "Three Universes come later one that is pretty easy for you and two that are normal. I can't tell you more since you would already plan ahead. But it will be awesome once you get there. See you at the wedding then Logan and mourn the dead and live under the living I know the feeling of burying someone important. Don't lose yourself now."

Shura then disappears and Logan says, "Justice you know what to do but buy some ten extra vials. How much is my balance after buying everything?" "You still have a little over 10 billion AP left and two shop tickets. Also, you still have the coupon for Evelyn's and Malcolm's armor. Since you used Gabriel's coupon to buy Ino's armor. The updates for the s.h.i.+p will be finished in 4 months anything else before I finish and buy it?" asks Justice and Logan asks, "Are they also primes or just normal ones?" "All primes sir anything else?" asks Justice and Logan says, "Buy two of each Kubrow and Kavat and let's breed them. They might be useful later on. And Ronnie might like to pair up with one of the Kubrow." "That makes fourteen new pets if I'm correct," says Justice and Logan says, "That's right. Imprint them for me with my blood and give them a place where they don't disturb someone. That should be everything let's go to sleep."

The next morning Logan awakes surrounded by two Raksa Kubrow around him and Logan says, "Why are you two outside?" "They didn't want to stay inside since their master wasn't around and I had to bring them here so they don't disturb the others," says Justice and Logan says while petting them, "Now you two need to learn how to stay alone I need more of you for later on. If I keep you with me the other would be jealous of it. Now return and make your lair alright." Logan wants to send them back when Sion opens the door and says, "Father breakfast i- From where come those dogs?"

"I bought them yesterday night. With other ones don't worry they are tamed and was about to send them back. They are just too loyal that's all," says Logan and both look at Logan waiting to be petted for staying quiet. Logan pets them and sends them to Paradise and says, "Justice let them have their lair around the house the others as well. Now let's eat breakfast. I hope the other three aren't that picky since breakfast here is different than in their world." "We always skipped breakfast so it's their first time," says Sion and both walk towards the table an sit on their chair and you could see Ino and Sakura trying to eat the soup from yesterday. While Sasuke was eating it just fine. And Leandra says, "It seems at home you still it Abigail soup as breakfast." "Yes, if something is left from the day before," says Sasuke while eating his food fast and Leandra asks, "Why are you eating so fast it isn't going to run away." Sasuke looks at Logan and Sion. Leandra not knowing what that means asks, "What did they do?" "Its because you don't know about our real appet.i.te Leandra since we always eat one of the beans before eating something. Normally at home, Abigail puts the food on the table and a war begins between us all for the food. That's why Sasuke is eating this fast since normally we would be pits without ground while eating," says Logan and Leandra says, "That must be why the girls were surprised by the quant.i.ty of the food. It wasn't enough for a normal breakfast at their house." "Yes mam," says Ino and Sakura at the same time.

"Just it normally we already ate a bean you don't need to hold back. But Leandra could I have one plate of the soup my wife isn't as good as you when it comes to soups," says Logan and Leandra gives him a full plate of soup and Logan began to eat it with bread. After eating Logan says, "We have one more stop before returning home so hold tight and don't show to much respect to them. Even though they are kings. Now let's go. Leandra, see you two days before the wedding."

And they disappear from there and appear in Ferelden in Malcolm's house and Logan says, "Do you want to come with me or stay with your nephews and sisters?" "We are going to stay here," say Ino and Sakura while Sion says, "I will stay too." "I will come with you. I want to see that friend of yours," says Sasuke and Logan says, "Let's go then."

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