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Arriving at home Logan finds Tsunade and Sarutobi there guarded by the anbu. And Logan asks, "Did something happen while I was away?" "Don't do so innocent we know you brought Itachi over. The question is why?" says Tsunade and Logan looks at Sarutobi, who says, "So you know from the very beginning that he killed his clan for the village and left Sasuke alive because I ordered it. And you brought him back because Danzo isn't any longer. Or because you can."

"Both to tell you the truth but also he helped the village when needed and you didn't reward him just banned him don't you think he should tell the people why he killed them. He can then return and since they then know why he did it they will understand he did it for the village. Now I need to get him healed and get him new clothes before we present him at the office," says Logan and goes into the house followed by Tsunade and Logan asks, "Why are you coming into my house?" "I will be eating here tonight. After going out with Ryuu," says Tsunade.

Logan and Tsunade enter the living room finding Sion staff on Itachi's body while Gabriel and Sasuke were stopping him when Abigail says, "If you all don't stop I will show you what punishment is if you think that your father can punish you I'm harder." "But he attacked us while on a mission," says Sion and Itachi says, "I'm very sorry for that." "What is going on here?" asks Logan and Gabriel says, "Sasuke came with this man telling us that you adopted him." "That's right they are brothers so are you so Sion take the staff from his body he already has a weak body that I need to cure after that you can spar as often as you want also Abigail or Tsunade I need your help in something," says Logan and looks at both women and Abigail asks, "In what?"

"I need to transfer Sasuke's and Itachi's eyes with each other. Once I'm done with Itachi's illness. Now see you in a second," says Logan and grabs Itachi and both appear in Paradise and says, "Welcome to my home now let me take the dragonb.a.l.l.s from the bas.e.m.e.nt and we can begin with bringing Izumi back. Then I will cure you. How old are you now?" "I'm 21," says Itachi and Logan says, "Good to know Wait a second I will be right back."

He takes the dragonb.a.l.l.s out and summons Porunga and Logan begins his wis.h.i.+ng for the body of Izumi Uchiha and her soul. After waiting for a while Porunga says like once before that he needed more power to get the soul back since they aren't in his universe and after doing everything Porunga disappears again like nothing. Leaving an irritated Itachi back who says, "Are you sure this will work. For me, it looks like a swindler who was conning us." "Don't worry she will move in a moment she is pretty young don't you think almost the same age as Gabriel. Even though she should be younger since she died back in the Uchiha Ma.s.sacre. Be happy I made her body older thought her mind might be older thanks to your Tsukuyomi you used on her." says Logan and then he puts Itachi down and says, "Time for you cure just bear with the pain."

Logan activates his Great Way of the Buddha and with his medical wisdom he acquired through all those years he expels black fluids out of Itachi's body and replaces it with same cells. Doing so until there was no black fluid coming out of Itachi's body and Logan says, "Well we are done with your illness how do you feel. Better right well lets look at your sleeping princess since she is becoming my daughter-in-law soon." "What do you mean soon. She first has to learn about everything that has happened then there us also Akatsuki they will not leave us alone," says Itachi and Logan says, "Don't worry about Akatsuki Gabriel alone is enough to defeat them. Also, I'm not reviving her just so you don't feel guilty about killing her. But so you and she can be happy and have real kids."

"Do you know how hard it is to find your partner for some they never arrive some haven't tried yet and some are running behind their loved ones like puppies. Take this chance and give me some cute grandchildren like my two firstborns. They gifted me each with one grandson. Before I departed here leaving them behind. Living their lives as protector of their world. Now Izumi how about you stand up I know you are already under us since we began to talk about you becoming my daughter-in-law your breathing rhythm and pulses went high after hearing this," says Logan and Izumi stands up and says, "So am I in another h.e.l.l or heaven since Itachi is here too."

"Not really you are back under the living thanks to a friend of mine. Also, I needed to bring you back so my son doesn't feel lonely and has a reason to live again," says Logan and Izumi says, "I didn't know that someone this young could be a father." "Well, I'm older than I appear to be once you see their grandfather you will understand," says Logan and grabs the shoulder of both and all three appear in Logan's house. "You are back in the best timing to eat and who is this young lady?" asks Abigail and Izumi presents herself to everyone there. Then Logan says, "Well she is my future daughter-in-law after all Itachi and she were a couple for almost eighty years in an illusion before she died of exhaustion. I brought her back just a little older." Izumi didn't shy away and grabbed Itachi's arm while Itachi looked a bit red from embarra.s.sment and Logan says, "I will be right back let me make a little house next to ours." He goes out and uses wood release to make a little house beside him with one bedroom and a living room.

Then Shura appears and says, "Really that is all. I awaited more than that." "I can't do more since it only wood release for a moment before starting with the real work," says Logan and Shura just snaps his finger and a better house appeared and Shura says, "My gift for my grandson and his future wife and now I need to modify his crow. Also, I got something for Sasuke I hope he will like it." "Let's go in then," says Logan and both enter the house and Abigail was already putting the plates on the table with Gabriel's and Izumi's help while Itachi was questioned by Tsunade and Sasuke with Sion were playing card. Better said Sion was teaching Sasuke to play Wicked Grace.

"I got a visitor with me," says Logan and Tsunade says, "Not another missing-nin I hope." "No, not really a missing-nin but worse if I get angry," says Shura as a joke and then continues saying, "I came to visit my grandchildren." "Oh it's Shura it's long since I haven't seen you how is Lorena doing?" asks Abigail and Shura says, "She is doing fine she was just recounting the death since someone disappeared from them and I can see her right here. I will tell her later not to worry about that soul. Since she seems fine. Also, I came with a gift for my new grandson since his father is incapable of building a house I build it for him. I want a big family do you two understand. Once in this family always in this family, there is no running away." "Don't scare them that much," says Logan and Shura says, "I visited Evelyn and Malcolm last time. Malcolm is taking it easy with having children while your daughter is taking it seriously. She is already with the second on her way. Bryce and Cyrion are developing well. They seem like brothers than cousins. And Flemeth retreated pretty far away after she tried to get Alistair's bloodline with Bryce."

"What happened?" asks Logan with a serious expression and Shura begins to laugh and says, "She underestimated your daughter and me I was there and she thought I was a normal person she even tried to put me under a spell she thought she got me but a second later she almost died. I just warned her to never try that again since I'm everywhere. Now she is waiting for Morrigan to appear and take over as the keeper of time of their world. So nothing to worry about your daughter wanted to kill her at first if I didn't stop her." "That's my girl after all. So Flemeth made her move without me being there," says Logan and Shura says, "She feared you because even Solas lost to you." "Yeah, but Solas was weak back then," says Logan and Shura says, "Not really you were just too strong."

Shura then walks to Sasuke and says, "Now let's not talk about the dead and talk about Sasuke's partner for now." Shura presents two Digimons a Hawkmon and a Biyomon and says, "Let me present you Hawkmon and Biyomon they will be your partner from now on. Just give them a drop of your blood. Also Itachi I modified the crow who has s.h.i.+sui's eye. So don't asks about a partner. Bringing them over here is harder then it looks." Sasuke does as told and bites his finger and let some blood drop on the two. Shura then says, "Well I will leave then." "Why don't you stay for dinner since I already served it," says Abigail and Shura says, "Fine but let's make it fast or she might drag me away."

Shura stays to eat with them and Logan hands him over the stones and Shura says, "Someone was really diligent in his duty." "I do what I can only one more left. And another one that has given up on it," says Logan and Shura says, "What about the one on the moon." "I leave that for Naruto and Hinata to deal with," says Logan and Shura says, "So you were a NaruxHina back in the days." "I was the poor girl followed a blind boy the whole time without been rewarded until the end when they married," says Logan.

"Well, I need to go then. Your reward will be given when you bring me the last soul," says Shura and disappears. Logan then enters again only to see Sion, Tsunade and Ryuu, and Itachi and Izumi leave the house and Logan says, "Itachi the house over there is yours and Izumi's. Shura made it for you. Sion don't impregnate her. And you two are old enough know what I want to say. See you tomorrow."

The next few days nothing really happened until a message came to Logan from Mount Myoboku with f.u.kasaku. Logan brought him to Tsunade in the office. He knew it was bad news but didn't say anything until he arrived there. Once there he leaves the room and returns home to prepares for what is to come. At home, he tells Abigail what is about to happen and that he needed her help in defending the village with a barrier spell. Once Pain attacks since he will leave with the boys and Naruto. Then he returns to the office and interrupts the conversation they were having about the numbers on f.u.kasaku's back that Jiraiya left on him and says, "For the code to the message you need to get Jiraiya's first book he wrote as an author and look for the words he by the number f.u.kasaku has on his back second Naruto will be going to Mount Myoboku with my sons and myself while I leave Abigail and the others in charge around here." "So why take Naruto over to Mount Myoboku?" asks Tsunade and Logan says, "To train him to enter sage mode as well as to train my sons it will be until we are needed here again. We need someone here to call us back when the time comes." "I will summon my wife over so she can summon us back when we are in Mount Myoboku," says f.u.kasaku and summons his wife s.h.i.+ma over and they discussed about that idea. Then she agreed and says to Logan, "I leave them in your hands." "Don't worry they will be trained hard. Until they can't keep up with it," says Logan and clones himself to bring all of them over leaving Itachi and Izumi behind.

"Now all of you were summoned to train in a difficult art that I have mastered and Jiraiya too. He didn't perfect it but he mastered it. You will all learn how to go into sage mode once we arrive there some have other sage modes than the other so don't wonder why your all will be different from each other. And Naruto I know how it feels to lose someone so don't let it get into your way and become stronger through it," says Logan and Naruto says angry, "Who have you lost? I see all your family members around." "I have lost my best friend to an army of Darksp.a.w.n. I could have saved him I could have revived him but I didn't because he told me it was better to be what drives the others to win the war if he dies here fighting the army. He died after killing an ogre that killed the king on his injuries but not enough the Darksp.a.w.n wanted to decapitate him. I lost it and almost died that day to if I didn't retreat with the body of my friend and the king's body. I gave him the last honor with my brothers and sisters in arms and swore to finish what he started. That day only 6 members of my order survived that battle against the Darksp.a.w.n we lost many people that day because the father-in-law of the king betrayed us all. So don't come to me saying I never lost someone I lost enough in my life."

Then Logan goes over to Naruto and picks him up on his collar and says, "Do you know why I keep training even when I'm stronger than anyone else. It's so it never happens again. I lost many men and women while defending a city. We were in the minority the count was 1 of us to 1000 of them I hold the city and lost many and I would have lost more if Ryuu and Dino didn't show up because I wasn't strong enough I had to protect many men and women especially the women because the Darksp.a.w.n needs them. The monstrosity they pa.s.s through. They become Darksp.a.w.n breeding machines. That's why I always told any woman that was in the army if they are surrounded and almost dead it might better to commit suicide before becoming one of them. So don't tell me I didn't know how it feels to lose someone."

Logan then let's go and says, "We are leaving tomorrow morning go prepare your things and say goodbye to the people you care it can be that you will never meet them again. When we return there will be war awaiting us. Now leave I need to talk with Tsunade." They leave and Sasuke says, "Is it true what he said?" "Yes, my brother-in-law is named after father best friend better said his first friend when he entered the world of our mother. Alistair's General still remember that day when the Darksp.a.w.n entered Denerim as it was yesterday he retold us the battle over and over again how they would have lost if not father wasn't around," says Gabriel while walking out and Sion says, "The people that retreated from Ostagar also thanked father and bow to him lightly even the n.o.bles for saving them. The Darksp.a.w.n were overwhelming them and the battle was lost but then a light appeared in the darkness and hold the Darksp.a.w.n back so they could retreat but the light vanished as well as the Darksp.a.w.n. That how it was told to us by Carver our uncle that we visited always when we can. He has two sons the last time we meet them."

"That still doesn't gives him the right to talk like that with me," says Naruto and Gabriel says, "You ate at our home with us he already sees you as his son like Sasuke and Itachi. He just wants the best for you so don't hold it against him. You can hold other things against him but not this since he is trying to help you get over Jiraiya's death with it and get stronger through this until you reach your limit and break it completely as he has and we too only Sasuke and Itachi have to break their limit and they will be like us." "So I don't break the limit yet," says Sasuke and Gabriel says, "Not entirely you still need a bit more that's why he will train you hard you should see Sakura before we go. And Naruto should see Hinata you never know what could happen. And don't look at me like that I have eyes and ears everywhere." Naruto gets red as well as Sasuke and Sion disappears before they recover. "We will get him tomorrow don't worry," says Sasuke looking at Naruto who was looking for Sion.

POV Logan

"We will be in war once we return. Because Pain will attack. I told my wife to help you by putting a barrier around Pain so he can't destroy the village and buy time for evacuating the civilians." says Logan and Tsunade says, "Why so sure that will happen." "Because they only need the eight and nine tail to complete their mission. They will go for the right tail first then for Naruto and where could he be when not here," says Logan and Tsunade understands and says, "You heard the man prepare to be attacked in the future. Anything else?" "Use Ryuu and the others wisely Abigail can bring them out to play but not the tailed beasts. Dino will be away training the partner of Sasuke and Sion. You will have Pete, Neko, Ronnie, and Ryuu at your command better said Abigail command. Good luck and don't die. Don't want to lose my sister-in-law." says Logan and Tsunade says, "So you see Ryuu as your brother." "Yes if not I would never have made him the G.o.dfather of my son," says Logan and leaves.

The next day they met at the Hokage office and get summoned to Mount Myoboku. "We will be training here from now on. I and f.u.kasaku here will train you hard until you can control it perfectly then we will train you in the complete art," says Logan and the training began.

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