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Logan was in Paradise training and living with Abigail there. They married a month after the expedition and Abigail gave birth to twins a boy and a girl a year after the expedition. The boy was named Malcolm like her father and the girl was named Evelyn like his mother. The twins are now 2 years old having a nice time with their mother and father when he is not training and they visit their grandmother and aunt and they didn't cry like Adaia when they see Ryuu. Logan also invested the money they found in the deep roads with Varric into a sewage plant for the city with a whole sewerage winning them much more then they invested they then began to invest into toilets and bathtubs winning more and more since Varric took charge over everything while Logan trains. Logan also gifted a book to Varric t.i.tled 'The Tale of the Champion' when Varric read that it was written by him he asked Logan many questions and Logan said if he could make a book like this when the time is right making it over Abigail making Logan as small as possible. Varric agrees to it and begins to read it finding out about what is going to happen he asked Logan why he didn't do anything about Bartrand and the Qunari. Logan explained to him everything about the timeline and what is about to happen must happen so almost nothing changes and he can intervene when he must like Carver and the taint back then. Logan also trained them except Solona, Ryuu, and Dino for a day in the hyperbolic time chamber leaving the children with Leandra and the others in the Amell Estate. The G.o.dparents of Malcolm was Ryuu and Bethany while for Evelyn it was Varric and Merrill. Abigail had to convince Logan with Merrill put he gave an ok since Merrill has convinced him in the deep roads.

Merrill and Carver are now a pair and Aveline is a pair with Donnic after helping her for almost a week until Isabella let it all out and Donnic, as well as Aveline, were embarra.s.sed about it at first they laugh now about it. Bethany is still single but Leandra is trying everything she can to find someone for Bethany and Logan is hinting at Sebastian that was shut down by Abigail. Cullen is with Solona again, Logan told Cullen that if he ever breaks her heart again it will not only be hers that will be broken.

After three years of the expedition, Aveline came to the Amell Estate asking for Abigail and Logan. Ryuu said he will pick them up in a second. Arriving in Paradise he finds Abigail outside with the children.

"Aveline is asking for you sounded important maybe you should take Logan with you." says Ryuu and Abigail says, "You should look for him he is inside the gravity room be warned you should stay in the safe zone if you don't want to be crushed to death." "I did almost died the last time I know my limits," says Ryuu and pats little Malcolm and Evelyn and goes into the house.

Entering the gravity room he sees as Logan fights against three clones and how he gets cut in multiple time on his body as his clones just dissolve after being pierced through.

"Logan it's time to return Aveline asked for Abigail to return it seems important," says Ryuu and Logan says, "The tension between the Qunari and Kirkwall must be big if Aveline has to call for Abigail." "It's pretty tense, so tense you could cut it in two," says Ryuu and continues with a question, "How high do you have it now?" "High enough to not let anyone inside with my Zenkai and my regeneration ability without using the Senzu Beans outside I can go always higher since my body always will adapt pretty fast. The only thing I don't know is why Justice can still fly around me like it's nothing. Let's go out then and take the children to Leandra. She must be wanting to see them. And we can't take them with us until they get older." "Are you trying to make them also maniacs like you?" asks Ryuu and Logan answers, "My son yes my daughter only if she wants too. They are still half Saiyan so they will want to fight even if I sealed the tails away it's still in their blood once they find out they get stronger the worse the injuries are." "I just hope my G.o.dson doesn't become like you." says Ryuu and Logan says, "Come on I'm not that bad." "Yes, you are."

Leaving the gravity room Logan takes a fast shower and takes some clean clothes and goes out of the house to meet Abigail with the twins he takes them both on his shoulder and asks, "How was the day with Mama?" "Fun," says Malcolm while Evelyn is more of a tranquil person and only nods to what Malcolm says.

"I don't know who Evelyn character comes from do you know anyone in your family like that," asks Abigail and Logan says, "My brother was like her, in the beginning, he observed everything we did and reported back at my mother after he was in school everything got only better I always had to laugh about it how the teachers came home begging my mother to find a way for him to talk." "You have a brother?" asks Abigail and Logan says, "Yeah a little brother he wasn't like Carver if you wanted to ask. He was a more tranquil type of person better said he was more brain then muscles. He calculated every move before doing it while i was more instinctively and open-minded. But both of us would go all out if someone would dare to say something about our parents."

The arrived at the Amell Estate and Logan puts both down and says, "Look there is uncle Dino over there with aunt Solona and nana Leandra go over there." Evelyn and Malcolm run over and hugs Leandra while saying, "Nana do you have candy." "You are spoiling the children I can see it," says Aveline and Logan asks, "How is it going for you and Donnic are you trying?" "Yes we are but let's change the theme the Viscount got a letter from the Arishok saying that he wants to meet Abigail because of something called Gaatlok," says Aveline and Abigail says, "And since the Qunari and the people of Kirkwall are tense they need a middle man in this case woman." "That right," says Aveline and Abigail says, "Let's go to the docks then."

Kissing the twins on the forehead and hugging them both Logan and Abigail then leave with Aveline to the docks to meet the Arishok. "Serah Hawke we meet again." says the Arishok and Abigail says, "Well I would not be here If not for your call now what happened." "Someone stole a formula from us thinking it was the Gaatlok formula when it was something more dangerous for you people." says the Arishok and Abigail says, "Don't talk in riddle and say what's going on."

"Some stole a formula that is poison your people while for Qunari it is harmless. I think that Dwarf that contracted you before has stolen the formula thinking it was Gaatlok." says the Arishok and Logan says, "That's all really good and all but I already know that it is not that dwarf but someone else and that because of the elves that are converting to the Qun that rapidly." "That has nothing to do with this case we are here waiting for a s.h.i.+p that will never arrive until we find what is lost in this land." says the Arishok in a loud tone.

"Alright alright, I didn't say anything just what everyone is thinking you should m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e a little like your subordinates and you will be more relaxed look at me I do it on-" says Logan but gets. .h.i.t by Abigail, who says, "He doesn't need to know about it."

"So will you help or will you let it happen," says the Arishok looking grim as always and Abigail says, "We will look into it." "Panahedan Hawke"

The group leaves and Aveline then says, "I have another thing where I need your help with. It's about some Qunari emissary send by the Arishok that have gone missing after leaving the Keep can you help me there." "Abigail can you do that with the poison with Varric and the other while I go with Dino and Aveline while Ryuu will look over Leandra and the children." says Logan and Abigail kisses him and says, "See you later then."

Aveline and Logan return to the Amell Estate to take Dino with them while sending Solona and Bethany to the Hanged Man.

"Why is it that I always have to work and Ryuu can relax with the children," says Dino and Logan says, "That's because he is stronger than you and he is also the G.o.dfather of one of them and you need some movement." "I'm not a dog like Ronnie," says Dino and the group walks to the Keep to look for some evidence to where the Qunari emissary could be. They got information from a guard that was intimidated by Aveline that it was a Templar and a mother that escorted them away.

"Ah it looks like Petrice has found another fool to do her dirty work," says Logan and Aveline asks, "Who is Petrice?" "A sister that has become a mother now as it looks like Abigail and I had pleasure with here before smuggling a Saarebas out of town in human words a Qunari mage. I killed the poor fool Varnell and told her to forget everything looks like she couldn't let's take her down again," says Logan and the group leaves for the chantry.

Arriving there they meet with a brother and Aveline intimidates him saying that they need to meet with the Grand Cleric Elthina right now. "I meet you later hold her here I will be right back, Dino come with me we need to be fast," says Logan and drags Dino with him.

"Where are we going?" asks Dino and Logan says, "Dark Town to a secret corridor there they should be, try not to kill them once there." "No fun at all." "Yeah, no fun today."

Arriving there they knocked the civilians out and took the Templar as a prisoner and freed the Qunari and told them to go back to the compound he will go there later. Logan and Dino then returned back with the templar at the chantry where Aveline was with Petrice instead of the Grand Cleric Elthina.

Aveline questioned the templar but he kept his mouth shut not saying a word only that it was all planned by him. Having no evidence against Petrice they retreated with the templar that will be imprisoned until the Viscount judges over him.

"Well, the job is done let's go back home see the cute little kids," says Dino and Logan says, "I will be right behind you I will just look for something before returning."

Logan then opens a letter that was sent from Cullen asking for help for his coworker Emeric has some problem with a Bloodmage named Gascard DuPuis that is kidnapping women that are easy pickups and wants Logan to look into it. 'Puh easy I should find the real one in Lowtown near the Hanged Man and maybe save Emeric too and not only Leandra. Let's kill him now later we present his head to DuPuis and kill him afterward.'

Arriving in Lowtown Logan search for an abandoned warehouse finding it at the end of the street entering it looking for the secret entrance. Once inside that Bloodmage secret base, he finds many books about resurrection and rebirth in other bodies. 'Mate you are sicker than I thought a fast and clean death will be too merciful for him.'

Logan advances through the secret base finding the Bloodmage planning to kidnap his next victim when Logan cuts his right arm off. "Nice to meet you, Quentin. How does it feel losing your good arm?" Logan's hand go on fire and he burns the wound so Quentin doesn't die of loss of blood. And then does the same with the other arm and with the two legs too. Then he kills Quentin after suffering through all this. Logan cuts the head and takes it with him and burns the body before leaving for DuPuis Estate.

Arriving there he kills the demons that are set as a trap for Quentin easily and arrives were DuPuis hold a woman against her will Logan frees her and she runs fast.

"Who are you?" asks DuPuis and Logan only throw the head of Quentin at him he catches it while ignoring Logan and looked at what he has in his hand when he felt his world was spinning seeing his teachers head in his hands and a body without a head holding it. Logan than collects both heads and goes to the Gallows to meet with Cullen.

"Cullen I did what you wanted me to do here you have two bloodmages dead your friend Emeric was half right the serial killer was the teacher of DuPuis. DuPuis himself had some other shady thing on his agenda," says Logan and Cullen says, "I should have trusted Emeric sooner than maybe we wouldn't have this problem from the beginning." "Not your fault now were is the money I need to return fast to see my kids," says Logan and Cullen hands him a pouch with sovereigns. Logan leaves for the Amell Estate only to find Malcolm and Evelyn sleeping in bed while Abigail was hugging them.

'I should have left it for tomorrow but it was better doing it now so Leandra wouldn't be in danger' Logan then goes to the other side of the bed and sleep beside Malcolm.

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