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In those three years that Logan was training he reached the Super Saiyan 4 and can use his Full Body Susanoo with his Oozaru transformation combination. Logan also wanted to tap into G.o.d ki but without success for now. He can't keep his ki from leaking outside. 'Well might as well wait until we have six Saiyan around to make the ritual or train even harder. Well, we need only two more for it.'

Abigail gave birth to Gabriel their third child he is now one-year-old while the twins are five years old. Evelyn already learned how to fly while Malcolm is still trying seeing this Logan says to Abigail, "Abigail I think Evelyn is too intelligent for her age don't you think." "Women are always more intelligent then men if you didn't know," says Abigail and Logan says, "I know that women are more mature then men in this age that must be it." "*sighs* Can't we just say that she is more intelligent than normal children her age that would make more sense," says Abigail and Logan says, "Too bad we don't have a school here for gifted children."

"Well how is it looking outside?" asks Logan and Abigail says, "We might get out soon since in two weeks Meredith will hold a speech might as well be that speech you meant." "So fast three years pa.s.s as if nothing how is our little angel doing," says Logan and Abigail says, "He is eating more then Evelyn and Malcolm." "Yeah, he has more of my blood inside you know how hard it was to seal his tail I needed Varric to hold him and Fenris to cut the tail so I could seal it since it regrows almost instantly not like the twins. Poor Aveline seeing how I cut almost 10 tails from her G.o.dson and Fenris didn't have the pleasure to do it to his G.o.dson too," says Logan and Gabriel in Abigail's arms makes a fist and punches the air to show his support to the twins that were training how to fly.

"Do you wanna fly to Gabriel come to my arms then," says Logan and Abigail says, "Not gonna happen he is too young." Then she walks over to the twins and says, "Evelyn its time for your magic training we don't want you to go out of control do we." "Yes mom coming," says Evelyn and flies down while Malcolm successful in floating. "Why can sister fly already and I can't?" asks Malcolm Logan, who answers, "That has to do with talent but talent can be beaten with training trust me the more you train the better you will be in it. There is a saying from where I come from. 'Rome wasn't built over one night.' It means that no one can learn something in a day Evelyn only learned how to fly but not really fast if I bring Dino or Ryuu over they could show you really how fast you could fly even I am slower then them."

After hearing this Malcolm got motivated and began to train again his flying skills. Logan looks over him while giving tips. In the meantime, Abigail took Evelyn to Kirkwall to train with Bethany, Solona and herself magic. Evelyn showed her magic unconsciously when sleeping freezing her surrounding if not for Justice the room was not useable again. "Evelyn first we need you centered on the use of magic and the danger of it don't want my daughter becoming an abomination," says Abigail and Bethany says, "You said she froze her room she should learn some Elemental magic first then some Creation magic." "For creation magic, you have the best here," says Solona and Abigail says, "Elemental is one of my good points and Bethany is good in control."

"Mom do I really have to learn all those things?" asks Evelyn and Abigail says, "Yes later on your aunt Merrill and uncle Anders will teach you too. Why do you ask?" "Because I like close combat like Dad?" says Evelyn and Solona says, "Maybe we should call Neria over she is an Arcane Warrior she could help she is also a Master at Primal magic and good at Creation magic if Evelyn is really a gifted girl. We might have to leave her with Neria for some years at Vigil Keep are you sure you want to learn close combat like your father." "Yes," says Evelyn and all women sigh at the girl and Abigail says, "She is as stubborn as her father. I might have to talk with Logan about it, for now, Arcane magic to control magic." Evelyn goes with Bethany and Solona while Abigail takes Gabriel to Leandra.

"So Evelyn is a mage too. At least she is with us if it were another family she would have been sent to the circle the moment she shows some magic," says Leandra holding Gabriel that smiles silly always in Leandra's arms and Abigail says, "I know but I'm more worried about Gabriel here he has more power than the twins when they were so old." "Isn't that good a strong child is better than a weak one." says Leandra and Abigail says, "That's not what I mean. I mean that even Logan has some problems with Gabriel here and Logan says that it might be because Gabriel has a mutation and is a lucky child to be born with it. But I'm worried." "If your husband isn't worried why should you everyone in the family is good-hearted though about it would he really become a problem with a nice family like ours. Am I right Gabriel," says Leandra and rubs Gabriel's belly and Gabriel begins to laugh and holds Leandra's fingers in his hand.

"See he is just another child he might make some trouble in the future like Carver but with his father and you around to discipline him I don't think he will turn up bad," says Leandra and Abigail says, "I need to go to see Logan now take care of Gabriel I will be right back." She kisses Gabriel forehead and leaves Gabriel behind to enter Paradise. Once there she finds Logan and Malcolm in the air Logan holding Malcolm's hands so he doesn't fall while floating higher. "Logan we need to talk about Evelyn can you come down," says Abigail and Logan says, "Okay, Malcolm now try to fly down with me." Arriving safely down Malcolm to begins to get more confidence in himself and tries it again this time without Logan, while Logan walks over to Abigail and says, "What happened?"

"Evelyn wants to learn close combat magic and the only one who could teach her is Neria says Solona is that true?" asks Abigail and Logan says, "Not really there is still something in the ruins in the Brecilian Forest that Neria didn't find back then when they wandered the wrong corridor and found a demon. We could go there but you or Evelyn might have to take the memories of the Arcane Warrior since I'm not a mage and don't know how to help with the spells." "So be it when do we go," says Abigail and Logan says, "Right now if you want just let's make a clone to watch over Malcolm and we can go."

Logan makes a clone and says, "Malcolm, Mom and Dad will be back in a second so train with the clone. So who will it be you or Evelyn?" "Who do you think I will not let my daughter do something dangerous related to magic until she controls it. Now let's go," says Abigail and Logan opens a portal towards the ruins and says after arriving there, "Well it's like we left it lets go in and look for the vial of blood." Both entered finding spiders in it as well as some undead until arriving in a ruined Bibliothek with a small altar and blood vials on the ground all broken except for one.

"Well that must be the vial now you need to talk to the soul of the elf in it maybe make a deal to use it twice so if it is harmless Evelyn can use it too," says Logan and Abigail touches the vial and she falls in trance. Logan waited for her and began to look out that nothing happens after some minutes Abigail awakens from the trance and says, "It's really harmless you should bring Evelyn here so she can pa.s.s through it too. Once done we don't need to send her to Neria to train her. And I learned a thing or two from it. Can you bring her?" "Be right back," says Logan and uses Hirais.h.i.+n to get to Evelyn and says, "Eve you need to come with me for a second, Bethany I will bring her once she is ready." And Logan uses Hirais.h.i.+n again to appear next to Abigail and says, "Here she is. Are you sure about it?" "Not really put he promised not to do anything if we set him free after he has done his part," says Abigail and Logan nods and look at Abigail who gives the vial to Evelyn and she falls into a trance and after some minutes she came back and hugged Logan and Abigail after everything was over.

"She is still a child after all," says Logan and Abigail takes the vial and goes to the altar and frees the soul and they heard a small, "Thank you." After that the ruins became alive and some undead raised Logan protected Evelyn while fighting while Abigail was using her new skills against the undead. Finis.h.i.+ng the undead Evelyn runs to Abigail and give her a big hug and Logan opens a portal towards the Amell Estate and then pats Evelyn and says, "Everything is now over Eve now train hard with your aunts while I look after your brother ok." Evelyn nods and hugs Logan one time and runs towards Bethany and both retreat towards the library in the Estate and begin where they stopped before.

"Hope she recovers fast from it," says Logan and Abigail says, "She will, after all, she is our daughter." "There I hope you are right," says Logan and kisses Abigail before going back to Paradise to see Malcolm flying like Evelyn before. "Dad you are back. See I can fly now too," says Malcolm and Logan flies up towards Malcolm and pats his head and says, "How about we train a bit in the gravity room at a good gravity for you. And I teach you some movement techniques." "Yes," says Malcolm and follows Logan into the gravity room.

After 2 weeks it was time and Meredith hold her speech against mages showing her paranoia against mages. The people were against her and some were just not convinced by it. And then it was Orsino's turn and with his speech against the templars behaved against the mages makes the people sympathize with the mages when suddenly Grand Cleric Elthina stops both of them before it gets worse and sent them back to the Gallow while everyone was watching.

A week after that Orsino sent a letter saying he needed help by finding some mages that run away and doesn't need that as cannon fodder against him from Meredith. That's why he wanted Abigail's help. In the letter were the names of the mages. "So what do you think about it?" asks Abigail and Logan says, "It all comes to the same conclusion the Templar-Mage war. It has to happen, Abigail, even if we don't like it. We might hide in these times but we will prepare for what is going to happen. But first, we have to survive this. Now it's best to split up for Orsino's tasks I take care of these two and of that Emile. What do you say?" "Fine with who are you going to hunt?" asks Abigail and Logan says, "I will take Dino and leave Ryuu at home hoping nothing happens like normally."

Logan then walks to Dino and says, "Time to move your a.s.s. We are going to hunt." "Why always I?" asks Dino and Logan says, "Because you are getting a little fat don't you think so." "*sighs* Alright what are we going to do?" asks Dino and Logan tells him the plan. "So I will hunt Huon and you Evelina that should be easy. See you later then," says Dino and leaves while Logan goes to Darktown searching for Evelina finding only two kids talking about it Evelina and Logan walks over and says, "Do you know where I could find Evelina I'm here to help her if I can." "Who are you mister?" asks one of the boys and Logan inflamed his hand and says, "I'm like her a mage can I meet her." "She is in the sewers hiding from the Templar." says the boy and the other says, "Please be fast she changed since some weeks ago."

Logan then goes into the sewers to find Evelina. Walking around in the sewers he finally founds her. "Who are you?" asks Evelina that already became an Abomination and Logan with his sword in hand response, "It's time to leave that body demon don't you think so." "Not re," says the possessed Evelina when she gets interrupted by Logan's sword that pierced through her splitting the demon from the woman and then Logan kills the demon with a clean strike. Then he walks over and takes Evelina over his shoulder and walks to Anders hospital in Darktown and asks, "Can you take a look at her?" "What happened?" asks Anders and Logan says, "Demon possession that is what happened." "She looks fine and her vitals are fine too she should awaken soon," says Anders and Logan then uses a triple seal like before with Feynriel to seal Evelina's magic. "That should do the deed," says Logan and Anders asks, "What was that?" "A seal to seal the magic of a person," says Logan and Anders asks, "Is it like the tranquility seal?" "No you still have your emotions but just can't use magic any longer," says Logan and Evelina awoke from her dreams seeing she wasn't in the sewers any longer she thought she must be in the circle again when she looked around she finds herself in Darktown she looks around and wanted to escape but couldn't since she couldn't use magic anymore.

"What happened to me?" asks Evelina and Logan says, "You were possessed by a demon that's normal side-effect with been a Bloodmage after all. I needed to separate you from it and then I sealed your magic now you can take care of the kids that you have left here without fear of the templars." "Thank you very much for helping me and not killing me when I became an Abomination," says Evelina with tears falling from her face.

Logan the leave for the estate when he meets Dino on his way there he says, "Already done?" "Yeah easy target the poor wife was scared of him I needed to put him down. And you?" says Dini and Logan says, "Just a little demon problem I took care of it." Arriving at home Malcolm and Evelyn walk over and say, "Look what we can do." And both created a ki sphere in their hands and Logan says, "Not in the house what have I told you about ki." "To never uses it in a house," says Evelyn and then both say, "Sorry Dad." "Now I can see that you are developing well. But don't let it go to your head both of you maybe Gabriel will overtake you both," says Logan as a joke and both say, "Never."

At night Abigail returned and told him what happened and Logan told her what happened on his end. "So one that runs away and another one without magic and one dead. Tomorrow we report to Orsino and take our money," says Abigail while Logan says, "I will come with you. Did you already help Anders with his problem?" "I didn't it was Solona, Varric, and Isabella that helped him thought Solona and Varric did it unwillingly I had to convince them about the future we will have," says Abigail and Logan says, "No wonder he didn't asks me for help when I run into him today. And the others?" "Almost taken care if how is your work with Varric in creating electricity?" asks Abigail and Logan says, "We have a long way before we can even think about it. Trust me in this. Well, then time to sleep if we gonna Orsino tomorrow good night."

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