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The next day at Paradise Shura appeared with some gifts for the children and Abigail and a shopping pa.s.s for Logan and says, "You worked hard I have pets for your children and an armor for them to once they grow up you get a free armor select pa.s.s for them to choose since I'm the original G.o.dfather for bringing you to this world I won't let something bad happen to them. But the pets will be there's to choose we will begin with Malcolm since you are always open-minded and only get serious when your family is in danger you will get this little guy here." says Shura, who snapped his fingers and a Gab.u.mon appeared out of nowhere. Then he cut a little into Malcolm's finger and blood dropped on it then Shura hands a digivice of the second generation over to Malcolm and Evelyn and says, "Evelyn since you are intelligent but shy you will get two pets." Shura snapped his finger again and a Veemon and a Wormmon appeared. Shura did the same with Evelyn and suddenly Malcolm says, "Unfair she gets two while I get only one."

"Alright I will get you another one too how about that," says Shura and a monkey baby appeared in his hand and Logan says, "It's not what I think it is." "What do you mean?" asks Abigail and Shura answers, "It's the one and only Monkey King. He died long ago to revive him for little Malcolm here it is nothing. Now for little Gabriel, we will need something special but then again he will become a troublemaker like his father so let make some angels look over him." and Shura summons a Patamon and a Salamon and does the same with like before them he walks over to Malcolm and does the same as before to the Monkey King and everyone was bounded to his or her respective partner. Malcolm and Evelyn then went outside to play with there new friends while Gabriel crawls around and plays with his new friend.

"I hope they have a better naming sense then I do if not we will be doomed," says Logan and Shura says, "Oh come on naming your children was pretty easy wasn't it." "That's because Abigail chose the names," says Logan and Shura says, "Anyway there is still one left it is a gift from my wife. She worked on it a day long to make this staff for you. It is made like the Sky Piercer Halberd on one side and with a powerful ca.n.a.lization stone on the other side so you need almost no time to cast. For your daughter, we have something similar but she will get it later when she is older. Where did you leave the mabari?"

"At home with my mother why?" says Abigail and suddenly Ronnie appears and Shura says, "I left a note saying he is here. Now let's begin." Shura then put his hand on Ronnie and suddenly Ronnie got bigger and he grows two additional heads and then Shura says, "How do you like it. I made it into a Cerberus it is harmless to you but if another G.o.d tries something here or anywhere else he might think twice now. They are not called guardian of the gate to the underworld. And that is all you aren't a child like the other so here is your armor it is like Logans only it was made for Warlocks 'Days if Iron' set for you so you can go in partner look when you go to battle and Logan don't waste your points in books this time no refunds this time." And Shura left them behind then Abigail says, "How do we get Ronnie now out." Logan then grabs Ronnie and teleports out to the children and seeing Ronnie in his new form surprised everyone present they all suddenly hide behind Dino and Logan says, "You don't need to be afraid it is only Ronnie. Now then how did you name your friends?" "This here is Sun Wukong at least that's what the book in the Library says and Gab.u.mon will be named Inu," says Malcolm and then Evelyn says, "Veemon here will be named Nathan and Wormmon will be named Miles." 'Well both have a better name sense then I have.'

"Well, then Patamon and Salamon I'm sorry you still have to wait for your names until Gabriel can talk and gives you one. But welcome to the family you six now how about a little celebration." And everyone runs into the house only Ronnie had to stay outside. Logan then put dog food outside in a giant bowl that was left behind by Shura maybe. After preparing the food everyone ate their share and then they go to their bedrooms that changed thanks to the newcomers in the house.

"Shura isn't that bad if he gifts us that many things," says Abigail and Logan says, "You mean gifted you and the children while I only got a shopping pa.s.s. That I will use to buy something useful this time." "And what would it be?" asks Abigail and Logan says, "That is a secret until I get them." You will see it once I have them." Then they go to sleep. The next day Logan goes into the Library looking in the section of Dragonball looking for G.o.d language not finding it he goes for Namekian language finding it. Then he looks into his shopping window an acc.u.mulation of 40 million AP and Logan looks for the Super Dragon b.a.l.l.s but they cost too much and they are really big he needed just 500 million AP only for one then he looked down to the Namekian Dragon ball and they were purchasable he put it on the cart and looked for other thing and found out that pets aren't that costly seeing how even the Monkey King himself only cost 15 thousand if in baby form and only a million in adult form. Logan thought, 'He really is a stingy mother******' and looks deeper seeing the tailed best costing also only some millions but a big warning sign saying, "Need to be tamed by you." Logan puts them on his list with the Monkey, Ninken, Toad Summoning scroll and buys all spending his whole storage of AP then he walks home and stores the three summoning scrolls into the Library and walks out with nine little scrolls towards the mountain and summons Kurama.

When Kurama appears it looks around seeing only a mountain and a man in front of him in strange clothe he then says, "Who are you to summon me the mighty Nine-Tailed Fox? Do I have to kill you to return back." "Wow, calm down I'm here to talk and want to make a deal with you. My name is Logan and I bought you not even an hour ago." says Logan and Kurama says, "I don't feel any chakra in this world how is this possible where did you bring me." "Now calm down we are in a different world than the ninja world you know. Now a question are you before you were trapped inside Naruto or after it?" asks Logan and Kurama says, "Who is this Naruto you are talking about?"

"You and he will become good friends in the future trust me. Now here is the deal you can walk freely through this world you only have to hear my calling when I need you. Just one thing don't p.i.s.s off Ryuu or you might get problems trust me he is stronger than you. Also, there is a house where I live if you want you can come by and say h.e.l.lo just be careful of Ronnie better I show you around so nothing happens and I don't have to clean your corpse up. Now let's go to my house." says Logan and Kurama follows to see what he meant with them being stronger than him.

Once at home Ronnie who guards the house stands up and walks towards them. Seeing a dog with three heads was a first for Kurama and says, "What is that?" "That my friend is a Cerberus my wife got him as a gift from the G.o.dking if it says something to you," says Logan and Kurama tilts his head and begins to think and says, "I heard from him from my Father he told me he is the father of all G.o.ds is that true?" "Yes, if what I have seen so far it is true." says Logan then he says, "Can you get smaller to enter the house and Kurama did so to enter it once inside he felt a heavy pressure and says, "What is this pressure I'm feeling?" "That must be Ryuu he must have felt you he is simply said an Azure Dragon G.o.d mixed with a Leviathan," says Logan and both walk towards Ryuu, who says, "Something entered this world and it wasn't Shura do you know who it can be?" "It is this fellow here I summoned him here so don't make him sweat he already fears you," says Logan while showing Kurama to Ryuu then the three walk over to Abigail and present him to her and the children and their new companions.

Then Kurama says, "If you really treat us like the other ones I will accept it." "Fine but I still need your help with the other eight. Will you help me?" says Logan and Kurama says, "Yes as long as I also can stay at your house." "Only if you keep this form and don't go near to Gabriel he is a troublemaker he makes always trouble even this young," says Logan and Kurama says, "Deal." Logan then summons the rest and thanks to Kurama's and Ryuu's presence they accepted the contract put in front of them then Justice showed them suitable terrain for them and they left for it Shukaku has gone for a desert area. Isobu took a lake that was near the mountains with Saiken taking a cave near the lake and Matatabi took his place at the mountain area. Son Goku took the forest with Kokuo and Chomei. Gyuki was between the mountain and the lake. They all were warned by Ryuu if they do something that puts his G.o.dson in danger he will make it his responsibility to discipline them personally. Kurama lived with the others at home like the rest. Ronnie sometimes wanders around to play with the tailed beast. He likes to play with Matatabi and Kokuo.

After all the problem were done with Logan then puts the Namekian Dragon b.a.l.l.s on the floor while having the Namekian translator in his hands. And summons the Dragon Porunga in Namekian language and Porunga asks, "What is your first wish?" Logan then says, "I want that, my whole family be it present or future to stops aging at 25 years of age." "Done. What is your next wish?" says Porunga and Logan says, "Can you make the same wish just with immortality?" "You mean making you and your family immortal be it present or future family members," says Porunga and Logan says, "Yes also my sons-in-law or daughters-in-law." "I can make it so they will not die from heart failure or from other things but if they are killed in battle they will die and you will need to resuscitate them. Also since it needs much of my power I will count it as two wishes and you won't be able to wish something like this ever again. From now on everyone in your family will be partly Immortal nothing can kill them only war. Done. Everyone except you got it granted. The big boss said you don't need it. Since you are better than the wish you just made. Now it's time to say Goodbye."

The Dragon b.a.l.l.s became to stone and then Shura appears to talk alone with Logan. "So how was your shopping time?" asks Shura and Logan says, "It was good now a question are they the real ones or created by you with implanted memories." "Like always smart but they are the originals I created copies of them in the other worlds with the memories implanted. Now for your wish, it was good that you wanted your family to be immortal like you but have you thought about the consequences." says Shura and Logan says, "I didn't care about the consequences." "Good, if I heard something else I would have erased you now for your reward for finis.h.i.+ng chapter 2 in this world. You could count that from before as a reward but my wife likes your children like her own always watching over them. So your reward will be from us both now come over you already awakened your Mangekyou Sharingan and It became an eternal the moment you controlled both now I will give you something that will help you."

Logan walks forwards knowing it will hurt and it did like always, "You know that is the only thing I hate about you alw" "I do it so you learn something like always 'Without pain no gain.' that's why I hurt you so you remember that you have it." says Shura while having his hand inside Logan and after three minutes Shura retracted his hand and says, "Done now you got Has.h.i.+rama's cells in you but we are not over yet. That will hurt even more." Pulling Logan's eyes out and they began to s.h.i.+ne. "Well your children will not have them but your next one might be," says Shura and Logan says, "Just make it fast don't want my children to misunderstand this situation." "There you are right," says Shura and puts them back in and says, "There they are good as new ones. Now you have Has.h.i.+rama's cells and the Rinnengan you won't be able to unlock the Rinne-Sharingan until you are done here don't want you to escape this world prematurely. Now time to leave and don't have to many children now that your wife can't die because of blood loss."

'I'm going to hurt him one day since I can't kill him' thinks Logan and returns home. Once at home, everyone looked at him seeing his new eyes Logan says, "It's a gift from Shura and his wife for completing chapter 2 of this world now we have 5 years to prepare once you are six you will start the real training you will learn some jutsus and ki techniques and Evelyn will also learn magic from Abigail and Gabriel will start as last one of you all." After eating and going to bed Logan says, "Now I have a question. How about another child?" "I thought you will never ask now what do you want a boy or a girl?" says Abigail and Logan says, "How about twins again." "That will be hard since we had luck with the first two," says Abigail and Logan says, "We can try after all." And they go for it.

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