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""" your majesty, the girl you asked for, refused to come along with me but said she will honour your call once she is done with what is doing""""" the steward sent to called Celina came back with the speed of light to report the unusual response of Celina

"""" and what the h.e.l.l is she doing??"""" the almost driven to anger king asked

""" that my majesty, am unable to answer"""" the steward replied, hoping the king does not transfer his aggression on him

""""" go back there and ge........"""

""""""stop it Ray, he is nothing but an innocent steward, save your wrath for her when she comes....... Leaves us ( directing the order to the steward) """" the king about to bark like a castrated dog but was stopped by his brother and the steward squired away thanking his luck

""" Ray, you still haven't gotten this your anger issue in check (laughing softly as he pat his brother shoulder)......… please we are trying to fix things here with her so when she finally come, don't lose it"""""

"""" you are right bro, always right all the time"""" the king sight out heavily and sat down waiting for Celina to come

Two hours down the line, the door to the throne room, and Celina walks in majestically radiating like the morning sun, her hair long and s.h.i.+ny black, as she walks in her clothing of blue gown laced with white at the hem, her booth s.h.i.+ny black, her slender face and body fitted in the clothe made her beauty stunned both brothers but the effect did not last long, but the anger burning inside of the king have instantly fade away leaving him speechless;

"""" your majesty, your highness...... you summoned me"""" ( I think using just two hours is not enough, they aren't even mad)

""""" yes Celina, we did"""" prince Richard was the first to speak immediately Celina took her seat, the three of them sharing one table in the large throne room """""" you see, the prince brought you here because he loves you and wish you to be his wife but he did that against your wish, we all know you do not consent with it and wish to leave as soon as possible """"" taking a break to insure Celina is following

"""" yes and I hope my departure is final ly here"" Celina who understood the break in the prince replied

""""sorry my pretty face but you can't leave just yet"""""

""""" but why??""" angrily cut off the prince

"""" hmm, pretty face, it is definitely a bad habit to interrupt someone, not to mention am elder, a royal elder at that""""" the prince replied, giving out a serious face, while the king sitting down at the other of the table, just watch both of them, display an apparent daughter and father relations.h.i.+p.

"""" am sorry sir .......i mean your highness""""

""""" good, now let me finish first before you interrupt me.........….. I must confess my boy have an eye for precious jewel like you, but he went about it the wrong way; if you leave, we will lose our boy forever as my boy sanity is hooked around you, a void in his heart which he is trying to fill and I must do everything to help him fill that void, so am giving you a proposal, stick around for a while, a month will be enough, until after the bride selection have pa.s.s, then you can leave........... and in return I will help you track down the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who you have been hunting down for years, so what do you say""""

""""your highness, this proposal, I must say is dangerous, what if he finds out??""" hoping they see reason with her not to go down that line

"" that is where, you come in, you have to warm up and try to relate with him as a friend, stop giving him that killer intent look each you meet, you have to fool him until after the bride selection and I will take things from there............….. and beside the king will pay you twenty gold coin in the end""""" smiling and kicking his brother as he made his last statement

"""""" the deal is to get the prince to stay calm and choose a bride after that, am out of here right??"""

""""""yes my pretty face """""

""""" and in addition to that, you will track the leader of the red lotus and also pay me twenty gold coin""""""" thinking on how she will use the money.

""""" yes dear""""

""" yes pretty face""" both brothers answered hoping she have finally buy the idea

"""" one more thing, stop calling me pretty face my name is Celina""" no body called her a pet name and she finds it awkward being called pretty face

""""" I will try my best to stop calling you that, but I can't guaranty you that """"

""""" deal it is then""""" extending her hand for a handshake. """ if that is the case, I will have to take my leave, I have rehearsal to do

"""" I have been thinking about what you said the last time, and I think it is time to initiate some change in my administration""""" the king spoke out after his brother have finalize his own deal with her

"""""" that is good, but how does that concern me???"" Celina, who is already on her feet asked feeling puzzled

Suddenly an ear threatening sound came from the middle of the almost quiet room resulting from someone cras.h.i.+ng on one of the tables, the unexpected noise made Celina almost jumped out of her skin, while the two brothers, although started still remain calm and wait for the white smoke to subside and reveal the caster of the spell, after the smoke have vanished finished, the person inside appears to be sir jarrett but he is not in his silver armour as usual,

"""" jarrett, you broke my table!!, who is chasing you or what are you chasing for you to use the reverse summoning ??""" the king asked finding the sudden appearance of jarrett in such attires funny, while Celina is still finding it difficult to come to the term that the person who captured her in less than a minute back then at debtor prison is actually the same person standing here looking confused

""""" tell me boy why do you have to use the reverse summoning spell, when you could just use the gate""" prince Richard asked, unable to come up with any explanation himself, he decided to hear it from the horse's mouth

""""""" the steward you asked to call me said the situation is a life threatening one, and because am outside the palace and I can detect your magic energy from such distance, I have no choice than to use the reverse summoning spell"""" jarrett who is already angry but is holding himself manage to answer

""""" I asked him, to bring you here and must not come back unless you come with him........ as you can see, we all are fine and I can sense the prince magic energy from here""""" the king replied justifying of the miss information jarrett got

"""""" if I may ask, you majesty why did you summon me??""""""

"""" to know if you have spoken with the monk about the boy and what to do to fix him up""""

""""""" am sorry my king am yet to do that sir, but will do that right way """"" jarrett replied and turn to take his leave

"""" where the h.e.l.l were you and what were you doing before the steward found you??"""" prince Richard asked just to unravel the puzzle

""""" I was having a good time with my girlfriend...….. the king is already aware that I don't come to the palace on a Thursday unless when necessary, me and my girlfriend have agree that n.o.body will leave the house today, only for the steward to call me out when am having a good time""""" the manner and way jarrett replied made every body laugh including Celina

"""" dear king, I beseech thee, that you pay a deaf ear to any complain, for heaven knows what I will do to that steward """"" everybody is still laughing, and jarrett made his last statement of dealing with

The steward

""""" carry on jarrett but don't kill him and in compensation take the rest day off and tomorrow as well, I feel sorry for orchestrated the spoiling of your lovely time with your girlfriend""" with that said jarrett took his leave and the trio continue their discussion

"""" back to our discussion ......… see, I need someone, who have been in the outside world, someone who understand who things work out there, and you are the only person I can count on, it obvious all my subject are all corrupt and I can't trust them """""

""""" am sorry, your majesty but I can't help you, I know little to nothing about kingdom management and administration """""

""" don't be quick to turn down my proposal, money will be involve, in the end of everything I will pay you twenty gold coin making it forty gold coin in the end """""" ( no sane person will reject this kind of proposal, and even if you reject it, I will have to increase it to fifty and sixty and seventy till you accept let see how this goes) the king thought to himself as he gives out a broad smile, showing his white teeth

""""""" deal it is, my king"""" on hearing the amount of money involved, Celina stretched out her hand for a hand shake ( just to play a nice girl to a dumb a.s.s prince and sit down and watch the king effect some changes will fetch me forty gold coin , not to mention him helping me to track that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, no wonder your subject are easily corrupted, that is none of my business, after one month am out of here)

"""Your majesty, the maidens contesting for the bride selection we sent as envoy to represent you in king chambray banquet are back...... I asked them to go home and freshen up, they will back to give the report........but it seem my king is currently busy, I will have to come back later to discuss it and some other interesting issue """""" the prime minister, sir auber voiced out in one breath as he came inside the court room

"""""" don't worry about that auber, we are already done, so you are free to come in"""""" the king replied while Celina stood up and take her leave

"""""your majesty, what happened????""""" pointing the damaged table still lying on the floor

""""" go make my proud my pretty face............. Ray I have to go now, we will catch up later"""""

"""""" nothing serious to concern yourself with, come my friend, we have something of much interest to discuss""""""" the king replied, diverting the prime minister attention while, Celina just smiled as she remember the look on jarrett face but frown instantly prince Richard called her pretty face

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