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"Well then. First, you will learn from me Jiujitsu then from Master Ma Chinese Kenpo. After that is Apachai's turn to train you in Muay Thai and s.h.i.+gure will teach you how to handle a weapon. And last will be Master Sakaki's turn teaching you Karate," says Akisame and Sakaki says, "Be happy because I lost the bet about you losing against your opponent or I wouldn't teach you. Give your thanks to Logan for that."

"Now then let's begin," says Akisame and begins to train Kenichi while Ray was looking at them seeing how Kenichi was suffering in his training while he was doing just fine by throwing the sculpture over his shoulder. Later Ciri arrived and says, "I heard you won Kenichi. Also that you quit the club is that true." "I quit the club really?" asks Kenichi not knowing anything of it and Ray says, "Yes, you did since they were only bullying you."

"I still don't remember doing it," says Kenichi and Ray says, "That was the last thing you said before collapsing." "Bulls.h.i.+t I was too exhausted to even say something it was you right," says Kenichi while pointing angrily at Ray, who says, "It was for the better and you will need time to train here. So it is better to take another club like the Gardening or the Newspaper club." "I will never enter the Newspaper club. I have enough with meeting the devil on casualties but entering his club would kill me have to endure him. Better I join the Gardening club," says Kenichi and Ray says, "Yeah we have that cute girl as President and I'm in it too."

"What did you say?" asks Ciri looking angry at Ray, who begins to sweat a bit and says, "What just baiting him in. And we aren't even a couple yet why are you jealous?" "I just don't want someone like my father-figures as a husband," says Ciri and Kenichi asks, "How were those to you?" "One is a b.a.s.t.a.r.d and Emperor I don't want to meet. And the other is a Hunter and Womanizer," says Ciri and Ray says, "Don't worry if we ever end up together I won't be able to be a womanizer since I would be killed by my mother or worse. And if my mother ever meets him, he might need to hide his womanizing before she cuts something he treasures from him."

"You think your mother would do that?" asks Ciri and Ray says, "Father always told me to never provoke her because she would do it." "I should keep that in mind if we meet Geralt then," says Ciri and Abigail appears behind her and says, "What does your mother say to his manners?" "My mother is dead I was raised by Geralt and my mother-figure Yennefer," says Ciri and the room suddenly gets colder and the trio feels Abigail's aura overcoming them and Kenichi wants to scream but fell down unconsciously and Ray picks him up but can't leave from the pressure he is feeling.

"You still haven't answered Ciri. What does she think about the behavior of that father-figure?" says Abigail and Ciri says in fear, "I don't know the last time I saw them was when I saved them from an angry mob. I only know that Yen didn't stomach it well when Geralt was with Trish that's all." Abigail wanted to say something else when she feels the hand of Logan on her shoulder and Logan says, "I think that is enough don't you think so. Poor Kenichi couldn't survive five seconds under your pressure."

Abigail retracts her aura and says, "You are right. Sorry, Ciri and don't worry I will have some words with Geralt once we are in your world. Also, don't you think that it is finally time to show her some sword arts. She survived a little portion of my aura without falling unconscious." "Aye, it might be time to train her in the way of the sword. But first, we need to awaken Kenichi before his training with Apachai begins," says Logan putting a hand on Kenichi's body and suddenly Kenichi awakens and says, "Remember me not to think of other women when I'm in a relations.h.i.+p."

"That would be good for you Kenichi or I will discipline you on the right way," says Abigail and Logan says, "Kenichi you should hurry to get to your training with Apachai he is awaiting you in the yard." Kenichi leaves with Ray while Logan says to Ciri, "Today we will see what affinity you have with the sword. Now come we will begin." "Where is my sword?" asks Ciri and Justice pops out and says, "I was keeping it save. Here it is." Justice materializes it and Ciri picks it up and says, "Thank you, Justice."

Both enter another part of the yard to not disturb Kenichi's training and even s.h.i.+gure who saw Ciri with a sword followed out of curiosity while Abigail left to prepare the dinner. Once in position Logan summons his sword and says, "Attack with everything you have. I need to see all your skills to a.s.sess them." Ciri attacks and Logan blocks it easily. She begins to swirling her sword around before attacking Logan blocks it and says, "Too fancy and less effective try again." She tries everything she ever learned from Geralt but Logan blocked everything without a problem then she began to use magic as well But without success, since Logan could see through her schemes and Logan says, "A sword strike needs to be one, not two or three just one. Every strike counts and while you are swirling your sword around the enemy can attack your openings easily. I don't know how the witchers are alive with that technique a right it's because no one learns swordsmans.h.i.+p in your world."

"Hey, we have many good swordsmen in our world," says Ciri and Logan says, "If you had then the Wild Hunt would be no problem. Also if you compared them to some other people I meet they would most likely lose against them. Even s.h.i.+gure could defeat Geralt easily am I right s.h.i.+gure." "If he uses the same sword style then yes. Too many opening and less potential in every strike since you need to make at least three strikes to have the power to kill with that style. I would use one strike to kill. Even though it didn't work against Logan," says s.h.i.+gure and Logan says, "You will learn normal sword fighting first later you can implement your fanciness in it."

Ciri begins to swing the sword as Logan taught her and Logan asks s.h.i.+gure, "How will you train Kenichi?" "Don't know he doesn't want to touch a weapon so it will be the unorthodox way by using our hands," says s.h.i.+gure and Logan says, "Well I would recommend to give him still a crash course in disarming an enemy he will need it sooner or later." "I will do so," says s.h.i.+gure and the Sakaki says, "s.h.i.+gure it is your turn to train the brat." "Coming," says s.h.i.+gure leaving Logan and Ciri to get over to Kenichi's position.

'The poor boy will never fear weapons again after that crash course of s.h.i.+gure. *mental evil laugh*' thinks Logan as he watches Ciri swing her sword. After an hour Miu and Liona returned from school and meet Kenichi who was been trained by s.h.i.+gure at the moment. "We heard that you won your first fight. How did it feel? Great right. It always feels good when you win against a s.h.i.+thead," says Liona and Miu says, "Congrats on winning. It seems you joined the dojo. That means you will have to pay for being a member of it."

"Really now you ask about money," says Kenichi who was frightened from the crash course he got from s.h.i.+gure and Miu says, "We need money to eat and drink so yes I need you to pay your fee." "Don't worry once you paid she will be the cute and innocent Miu you know," says Liona as Kenichi keeps training under the masters.

Three days later in school did Ray notice that someone was watching Kenichi while they were in the gardening club. At first, he thought it was Niijima but when he saw Saijo he knew something fishy was going on. Nothing happened until two days later when Ray hide and Saijo walked over to Kenichi and takes him away behind the buildings. Ray follows the two and Saijo begins to talk to Kenichi about making him his underling. Kenichi who was too nice to be a bad guy declined and Saijo attacked him.

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Kenichi got hit by surprise and fell to the ground but stood up immediately when he saw a kick coming for him he evaded and says, "Why are you doing this?" "Because Daimonji was to become my underling and Ragnarok would have left me alone about my recruiting quote. Now I need someone or I will run into trouble because of you," says Saijo and keeps attacking Kenichi who evades attack after attack when he hears a voice saying, "Did you forget your training from the masters. Show him what you have learned from the master or h.e.l.l will be brought over you when they find out you lost against him."

Kenichi evades another attack and attacks with the first technique he learned from Sakaki and uses Yamazuki and Saijo blocks the fist coming for his head but not the fist that went for his body. Kenichi continues with a Kao Loi to the head making Saijo stumble a bit. But once in balance, he makes a low kick towards Kenichi, who enters and grabs the leg while headb.u.t.ting Saijo's abdomen while breaking the leg without realizing it. And then he throws him to the ground with a Kuchiki Daos.h.i.+ making Saijo fall on his head.

Before Saijo falls unconscious he says, "They will come for you." Not knowing what he meant Kenichi wanted to ask who but seeing Saijo already unconscious he stopped and Ray appears and claps his hand saying, "Well done. A nice combination there. You must have memories them into your bones if you could use them subconsciously. Now let get him to the infirmary he won't be able to walk for some month thanks to you." "What do you mean?" asks Kenichi and Ray points at the leg of Saijo and says, "You might not know this but you got stronger from all that training you got from the masters."

Ray takes Saijo over his shoulder and says, "Now guide me to the infirmary. I don't know where it is." Kenichi guides him towards it and left him there saying it happened while training in the club. They then leave and Ray says, "Let's go home. Need to tell the others of your triumph over Saijo they won't believe it if you just told them."

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