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  • The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together

  • Author(s): Anya_Nesh
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 28-Jun-2020 17:22
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The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together summary:

Flames devoured the remnants of a fallen plane. The pilot 's voice was no longer audible. Slowly falling white snow reinforced the feeling of complete hopelessness."Lena, run!""But…""I said, RUN!"Taking his words as an order, Elena 's legs, not listening to the desires of her heart, carried her away from this place as quickly as possible. Out of breath, but finding the strength to run farther...

The Numbers That Brought Our Fates Together Chapters

Time uploaded
326 Too Late. Jun-06-2020
325 Grow Up First. Jun-06-2020
323 Missed Me? Jun-06-2020
322 I Promise. Jun-06-2020
316 Wake Up Soon. May-19-2020
315 Do You Know Him? May-19-2020
311 She Needs You. May-19-2020
310 Hidden Secrets. May-19-2020
309 Letter 'A'. May-04-2020
308 A Secret Gift. Apr-28-2020
304 His Real Name. Apr-26-2020
302 We Need To Hurry. Apr-18-2020
301 I Am Your Death. Apr-16-2020
299 Interwined Fates. Apr-14-2020
296 Obey Your Master. Apr-14-2020
293 Mind Games. Apr-14-2020
290 Don't Do This. Apr-14-2020
289 To Stop All This. Apr-14-2020
288 His True Face. Mar-24-2020
285 Such A Person. Mar-24-2020
283 To Do One Thing. Mar-24-2020
Chapter 244: Your Bf. Jan-02-2020
238 The Threat. Dec-28-2019
235 Extra. Dec-19-2019
Chapter 225: A Vow. Dec-07-2019
215 The New Path. Dec-07-2019
211 That Only One. Dec-07-2019
210 The Choice. Dec-07-2019
208 "Traitors." Dec-07-2019
205 A Present. Dec-07-2019
204 Bloody Eyes. Dec-07-2019
203 The Test. Dec-07-2019
201 Count To Three. Dec-07-2019
199 Absorption. Dec-07-2019
197 To Win The Game. Dec-07-2019
195 I'm Yours. Dec-07-2019
194 To See Perfectly. Dec-07-2019
193 The Pain. Dec-07-2019
192 Broken Promise. Dec-07-2019
191 Rick Stein. Dec-07-2019
188 Be My Friend. Dec-07-2019
187 Rick Lawrence. Dec-07-2019
185 Welcome Back. Dec-07-2019
184 The Crime. Dec-07-2019
183 A Rabid Beast. Dec-07-2019
182 Unwelcomed Guest. Dec-07-2019
181 Who Are You? Dec-07-2019
180 Time To Move On. Dec-07-2019
177 R&C. Dec-07-2019
176 The Sound. Dec-07-2019
175 That's It For Me. Dec-07-2019
174 Abandoned Dream. Dec-07-2019
172 His Property. Dec-07-2019
171 The Birthmark. Dec-07-2019
170 Hello. Dec-07-2019
168 I'm Here. Dec-07-2019
166 Chasing Thoughts. Dec-07-2019
160 The Picture. Dec-07-2019
158 Comrades In Arms. Dec-07-2019
156 The Secret. Dec-07-2019
155 Friend Or Foe? Dec-07-2019
154 Strict Dad Mode. Dec-07-2019
152 Little Prince. Dec-07-2019
150 Book 2. Prologue. Dec-07-2019
149 Book 1. Epilogue. Dec-07-2019
148 Thank You Page. Dec-07-2019
144 Forever Yours. Dec-07-2019
137 The Guide. Dec-07-2019
134 A Tempting Offer. Dec-07-2019
133 Small Hope. Dec-07-2019
131 A Dead End. Dec-07-2019
128 This Woman. Dec-07-2019
126 Before I Met You. Dec-07-2019
116 Hidden Truth. Nov-07-2019
114 Let Me Introduce. Nov-07-2019
104 I Will Find You. Nov-07-2019
100 Promise Me. Nov-07-2019
99 First And Last. Nov-07-2019
89 The End. Nov-07-2019
86 Master. Nov-07-2019
71 Q&A Section. Nov-07-2019
67 Never In My Life! Nov-07-2019
62 What Is Your Name? Nov-07-2019
56 Who Is This? Nov-07-2019
49 Are You With Me? Nov-07-2019
45 Look Only At Me. Nov-07-2019
43 Global Heroes. Nov-07-2019
36 Long Time No See. Nov-07-2019
35 How About A Bet? Nov-07-2019
23 Never Tell Anyone. Nov-07-2019
21 Will You ... Me? Nov-07-2019
4 Shall We Dance? Nov-07-2019
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