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After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! summary:

Qiao Mei transmigrated into a novel as a supporting character with the same name as her who lacked presence. This supporting character was a country b.u.mpkin who couldn’t get married due to her obesity. According to the original script, this country girl Qiao Mei was a fatty spoiled by her grandfather. However, their relatives were all vicious and cruel people. Her grandfather had poor health, so once he died, the relatives would divide and swallow up his a.s.sets. Hence, her grandfather’s greatest wish was to marry Qiao Mei off. For this, even sacrificed and betrayed his good friend’s grandson, Xia Zhe. Grandpa got Xia Zhe drunk and had Qiao Mei forcibly take the strong and handsome Xia Zhe with her body which weighed more than two hundred pounds. Then, grandpa would catch them the next day and force Xia Zhe to marry Qiao Mei. However, that eventually caused the start of Qiao Mei’s unfortunate life.
Also, in the original story, Qiao Mei took possession of Xia Zhe’s mysterious jade. But due to Qiao Mei’s stupidity, her cousin’s sister had tricked Qiao Mei into giving her the jade, which resulted in the cousin’s family becoming rich. When Qiao Mei transmigrated here, it was during the awkward moment when she was making love to the man after making him drunk. She woke up groggily the next day and grandpa’s team had already appeared at the door. Qiao Mei was frightened. She didn’t want to proceed on the original path and marry a man who didn’t love her. And so, she lied and chased grandpa away. She also pushed the man out before forcing herself to look at her tanned and chubby reflection in the mirror! Alas, she cried at her ugly appearance…
Like a sumo wrestler in large cloth underwear, even the plus-sized apparel shops didn’t have clothes in her size. And her face was the size of a pizza, a scorched pizza! Qiao Mei decided to reform her life! The first step, lose weight! The second step, clean up her room! She used to be particular about cleanliness, and although her current house had a huge courtyard, she could only describe it as messy! The third step was to hold onto the jade tightly so her greedy cousin wouldn’t stand a chance! Only, wasn’t the tall and handsome Xia Zhe supposed to hate her according to the original story? Why was he being nicer and nicer to her?

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1345 Test Sep-19-2023
Chapter 1338 A Ring Sep-17-2023
Chapter 1331 Leaving Sep-15-2023
Chapter 1326 Greed Sep-13-2023
Chapter 1317 Farewell Sep-10-2023
Chapter 1313 Partner Sep-09-2023
Chapter 1303 Sideline Sep-06-2023
Chapter 1285 Sold Out Aug-30-2023
Chapter 1267 Go Back Aug-24-2023
Chapter 803 Change Mar-31-2023
Chapter 769 Troubling Mar-17-2023
Chapter 677 Helpful Feb-14-2023
Chapter 674 Different Feb-14-2023
Chapter 659 Farewell Feb-08-2023
Chapter 658 Crazy Feb-08-2023
Chapter 644 No Way Feb-03-2023
Chapter 636 Bleeding Jan-31-2023
Chapter 635 Scoundrel Jan-31-2023
Chapter 483 - Secret Jan-05-2023
Chapter 482 - Late Jan-05-2023
Chapter 438 - Biased Jan-05-2023
Chapter 426 - Framed Jan-05-2023
Chapter 374 - Lying Jan-05-2023
Chapter 359 - Unmoved Jan-05-2023
Chapter 351 - Repairs Jan-05-2023
Chapter 256 - Lost Jan-05-2023
Chapter 240 - Exposed Jan-05-2023
Chapter 221 - Enraged Jan-05-2023
Chapter 187 - Framed Jan-05-2023
Chapter 177 - Rescued Jan-05-2023
Chapter 169 - Rescued Jan-05-2023
Chapter 163 - Vines Jan-05-2023
Chapter 132 - Freedom Jan-05-2023
Chapter 113 - Failure Jan-05-2023
Chapter 91 - Oh I See Jan-05-2023
Chapter 83 - Two Eggs Jan-05-2023
Chapter 73 - Win-win! Jan-05-2023
Chapter 14 - Wicked Jan-05-2023
Chapter 7 - No Wonder Jan-05-2023
Chapter 1 Jan-05-2023
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