After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 771 Hitting It Off Immediately

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Chapter 771 Hitting It Off Immediately

Qiao Mei did not know what to say. Most importantly, she came in a hurry and did not bring anything with her. She did not have any time to prepare before Chen Hu brought her home.

"Mei Mei, why are you standing there! Come into the house to wash your hands and come eat! These are all my signature dishes! It just so happens that your uncle has already intended to come home for lunch today. When I heard that you're coming along, I added a few dishes! I don't know if it's to your taste, come and try!" said Chen Hu's wife, Sheng Fei.

"Aunt, you're too polite. It's a lot of food!" Qiao Mei said with her mouth agape.

After was.h.i.+ng her hands, Qiao Mei sat down obediently and ate. For the first time, she even ate two bowls of rice. It was not that Sheng Fei's cooking was delicious, but it was very difficult to reject her hospitality.

She had wanted to go home after having dinner and exchanging a few pleasantries, but she did not expect Sheng Fei to insist that she stay for a good chat. Sheng Fei liked Qiao Mei very much the moment she saw her.

"Can I call you Mei Mei? I only have a son and I dream of having a daughter. It's just that I'm not in good health, otherwise I would want to have another child," Sheng Fei said regretfully.

"Auntie, just treat me like family. I'll visit you often when I'm free!" Qiao Mei said.


Her voice was so sweet! The way she addressed Sheng Fei as auntie made Sheng Fei very happy.

Sheng Fei took out a package from the cabinet. When Qiao Mei opened it, she saw that it was filled with things for children. There were tiger-head shoes, tiger-head hats and undergarments!

"I don't know what kind of clothes you like, so I made clothes for the children. I heard that you're having twins, so I made two sets. My skills are not very good, so just take it as a token from me." Sheng Fei handed the package to Qiao Mei.

The workmans.h.i.+p was exquisite and there were even pearls and other decorative items on the items! It was obvious that Sheng Fei had put in a lot of effort. It seemed that she really liked Qiao Mei.

She was even willing to give Qiao Mei such nice stuff. The fabric was also the best type which she had asked someone to bring back from the provincial city because nothing in the county city caught her eye.

The things she made for Qiao Mei must be the best things that she could make within her capabilities!

"I like them very much! Auntie, you have such skillful hands. No wonder Uncle Hu dotes on you so much!" Qiao Mei teased with a smile.

"I say! It's already good enough if he doesn't make me angry! You don't know how careless he is. He Guang told me about how one day, Chen Hu was supposed to go and present a report to his superiors, but when he reached his destination, he realized that his presentation materials were still in the bedroom!" Sheng Fei said.

"I didn't expect Uncle Hu to do something like this!" Qiao Mei had thought that Chen Hu was a meticulous person, and she did not expect to hear about something so contrasting.

Since Sheng Fei had given her such nice things, Qiao Mei was also thinking about what to do for Sheng Fei. Before she went home later, she would go to the shop to buy some cotton and make a long cotton jacket that could withstand the cold winter.

Chen Hu had always said that Sheng Fei's health was not very good. Qiao Mei decided to give her ginseng as well! What she did not lack the most was ginseng! She could have as many as she wanted!

The two of them chatted happily until dusk. Chen Hu called to urge Sheng Fei to let Qiao Mei go home quickly. Otherwise, it would be difficult for her to walk back at night.

Only then did Sheng Fei bid farewell to Qiao Mei reluctantly. Before Qiao Mei left, she made Qiao Mei promise to come back to her house for dinner again.

It was still Xiaobei who was in charge of sending Qiao Mei back. As soon as Qiao Mei opened the car door, she could feel a sense of resentment coming from Xiaobei. It looked like he was tired after the punishment and was angry with Qiao Mei.

"Brother Xiaobei… are you angry with me?" Qiao Mei whispered.

Xiaobei remained silent and did not answer. He did not know what he was feeling. He was angry, but he did not feel very angry. Perhaps the reason why he was angry was because Chen Hu punished him, and the reason why he was not angry was because Qiao Mei had always been very nice to him.

"I'll bring you delicious food next time! I'll compensate you! What do you think! I'll get it for you once I get home later! I still have a lot of seeds at home! There's also a new batch of pickled vegetables. Take them all back to try!" Qiao Mei said.

"Hmph, I haven't done anything to deserve a reward. Don't try to bribe me. I won't fall for your tricks! If I get caught when I go back, Section Head Chen will punish me again," Xiaobei said helplessly.

Qiao Mei waved her hand and said casually, "What's so difficult about that? I'll get you a black cloth bag! No one will know what's inside! Don't tell anyone, just lock it in the cabinet!"

What she said was completely doable and Xiaobei's expression gradually softened.

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