After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 772 - 772 Preparing to Go to the Capital

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! -

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Chapter 772 - 772 Preparing to Go to the Capital

772 Preparing to Go to the Capital

Seeing that Xiaobei’s expression had softened, Qiao Mei smiled and said, “I hope you’re not angry with me anymore?”

“You’ve already offered delicious food to bribe me. How can I be angry?” Xiao Bei sighed and said.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Qiao Mei’s house. Qiao Mei took out the rest of the things from the storeroom and filled a bag with food for Xiaobei before letting him go back.

“Mei Mei, come and help me take a look. Is this radio broken?” Qiao Qiang frowned as he held it up.


This radio was his favorite thing and he must listen to it every day. For some reason, there were constant interference sounds, as if there was something inside it.

“Coming! Let me take a look!” Qiao Mei quickly took the radio apart. In her other life, she liked to do such hands-on work the most. It did not take long for her to discover the problem.

The wind around here was strong and there was often sand being blown around. Qiao Qiang always brought the radio out when he basked in the sun. A few small grains of sand had gotten into the radio, but it was not a big deal.

Qiao Qiang looked at Qiao Mei thoughtfully and said, “Let’s go to the capital. You’re more than seven months into your pregnancy now and it’ll be safer to be there. Old Xia can also protect you there.”

Qiao Mei had also been thinking about this matter for a long time but she did not mention it to Qiao Qiang. She was worried that Qiao Qiang would not be willing to stay in the capital and that it would be troublesome if they ran into the Liang family members. Moreover, she did not know if the progress of the renovation works in the house in the capital. She had heard from Xia Wen that it was already habitable.

Since Qiao Qiang had already decided, they could start preparing to move to the capital. They would go to the capital at the end of the month, after she settled the matter of the seeds first.

“Then aren’t you worried that the Liang family members will come looking for you?” Qiao Mei asked.

“Why should I be worried? They are the ones who should be nervous! I’m an upright person. If I keep my door closed, are they going to climb over the wall?” Qiao Qiang said disdainfully.

Liang Guo and Liang Lan probably did not have the ability to do that, nor would they cry and kick up a fuss at the door like Old Madam Li. They were people who cared about their reputation the most.

She felt excited just thinking about seeing their deflated looks!

After fixing the radio, Qiao Mei and Qiao Qiang went off to bed early. The next morning, she went to Li Gui’s place to see how much seeds they had collected.

Qiao Mei thought that she had woken up early today, but she did not expect to see a long queue at Li Gui’s house. Everyone was waiting at the door with their bags of seeds and went in one by one.

Li Gui did not have any communication facilities at home and did not know anything about the weather forecast. She had no choice but to empty out a room and the storeroom to store all the seeds.

Otherwise, if it rained, the villagers’ efforts this month would be wasted. She would not be able to compensate them!

“Everyone is so early!” Qiao Mei said in surprise.

Auntie Dong stood at the front and helped Li Gui with the collection. While Li Gui did the weighing outside, Auntie Dong wrote down the weights on the bags and placed them neatly in the room.

“Mei Mei, I have such a good harvest of seeds! Thank you for selling the seeds to us. We also have to thank you for helping us find a way to sell them,” a neighbor said.

Yesterday, when Auntie Dong went from house to house to inform them, she already told them that it was Qiao Mei who was helping them. If anyone was not satisfied with the price, they could talk to Auntie Dong and should not go and disturb Qiao Mei. Auntie Dong would then go and discuss it with Li Gui.

They were all people who knew how to repay kindness, so how could they really go and argue with Auntie Dong and Li Gui? As long as Qiao Mei named the price, they had no objections.


“You have all planted these yourselves. If everyone didn’t believe me, there wouldn’t be such a harvest. It’s all thanks to everyone.” Qiao Mei exchanged a few pleasantries and went into the house. It was the weekend and the children were all at home. Even when it was their rest day, the three children were very sensible and helped out.

Zhang Qin was in charge of taking care of Zhang Miao. The two brothers, Zhang Wei and Zhang Chao, guided everyone into the house to put down their things and helped Li Gui check the quant.i.ties. They helped out a lot.

“Xiao Qin, Miao Miao, have the two of you eaten?” Qiao Mei asked.

“Not yet. They came before dawn. They said that they couldn’t wait to earn money and couldn’t sit still at home. Mom had no choice but to start collecting the seeds,” Zhang Qin said.

Qiao Mei looked outside and had some new ideas. She would think about it after this batch of seeds was sold and when the next batch of seeds was ready.

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