After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 770 Waiting For A Reply

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Chapter 770 Waiting For A Reply

"Don't say such useless things! I know you have connections!" Chen Hu said.

"I'm not saying that I can't do it! It's just very hard to achieve! But… since we're all family, then tell me the bottom line. How much do you plan to sell it to me?" He Guang asked as she looked at Qiao Mei.

"One dollar a pound," Qiao Mei said firmly.

He Guang looked at Qiao Mei in shock. This young girl had a big appet.i.te. However, if he packaged it into a gift box, this cost was not considered that high. It was just that it would eat into his profits.

"Can it be cheaper? My labor and other costs are very high." He Guang put on the att.i.tude of a businessman and wanted to bargain with Qiao Mei.

"No, but I can guarantee that the supply chain will last for a long time. Moreover, the price of my one dollar a pound will not increase in the next few years. If there are any changes in the market price, you can change it later. You will have to solve the packaging problem. When you're ready, just show me the design. I just want this one dollar a pound and the rest is yours," Qiao Mei said.

This was a sure-win deal. As soon as everyone knew that Qiao Mei's Foshan Seeds were delicious and the brand became famous enough, there would be an endless stream of customers.

He had sold many types of imported products. For milk candy, the cost was a few cents and he could make a profit of more than 10 times. He could definitely do the same with these seeds.

"Alright! I'll try! I can't guarantee that I'll definitely be able to sell it well. Just pa.s.s me this bag of seeds and give me two weeks. I'll give you an answer later," He Guang said.

"Alright, I'll wait for news from you," Qiao Mei said with a smile.

He Guang knew the factory director of the plastic factory in the provincial city. That was his wife's uncle. Not long ago, he had been told that there was a batch of goods that had been returned but no one wanted them. Now, he could just take over. Then, he would find a few printers to print the trademarks and this matter would be settled!

"Alright, I'm going off with the things. I'll call you later." After saying that, He Guang wanted to pick up the bag and leave. He pulled it many times, but the bag did not bulge at all.

Qiao Mei and Chen Hu just stared at He Guang without saying a word. He Guang laughed awkwardly and said, "Hahaha… this… is quite heavy…"

"Heavy? Qiao Mei carried it over from the village herself. Is it very heavy? I'm not aware!" Chen Hu pretended not to know and looked at He Guang as if in confusion.

​ He Guang's expression became even more unhappy. He gritted his teeth and tried his best to lift it up before leaving Chen Hu's office with great difficulty. How could he be weaker than a pregnant woman!

"Hahahaha, Uncle Hu, you're too naughty. What if Uncle He hurts his waist?" Qiao Mei said as she held back her laughter.

"Hmph, it's his fault for always finding trouble with me when we were in the army and going against me. There's no need to feel sorry for him!" Chen Hu said with a smile.

Qiao Mei looked at the time and felt that it was time to go home. She took out a bag of seeds from her pocket and said, "Uncle, these are spiced seeds. I just fried some to try out. You can keep them for yourself."

"You're still the one who cares about me! I didn't dote on you for nothing! I'll call your auntie now to cook some good food. Don't leave. I'll let your grandfather know later and get someone to drive you back later!" Chen Hu said as he picked up the phone.


Qiao Mei quickly tried to reject the gesture. "I still have work to do at home! Don't trouble Auntie!"

"No! Your auntie scolded me the last time because I didn't ask you to stay for a meal. Just treat it as doing me a favor. Your auntie has prepared a lot of things for you and she's looking forward to meeting you," Chen Hu said pleadingly.

He did not lie to make Qiao Mei stay. This was true. The last time, his wife really gave him a good scolding and was so angry that she ignored him for two days. If Qiao Mei had not asked Xiaobei to send food over, the cold war would have lasted for a long time!

"Then… I'll stay!" Qiao Mei said.

Chen Hu asked Xiaobei to help take over his s.h.i.+ft and he brought Qiao Mei home for lunch. The table was filled with so much food that looked like they were celebrating the new year. It was even more sumptuous than the new year meal.

Chen Hu's child was not at home and was in school. There was a canteen in school and his child ate lunch there. It was just the three of them at lunch and there were 12 dishes on the table. There was soup, fish, meat and a lot of other stuff.

There was even a can of canned yellow peaches. Canned food was very expensive these days and usually no one could bear to buy them. This was something that one would only have if they received it as a gift from relatives. This was enough to show how highly she thought of Qiao Mei.

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