My Secret Lovelife summary:

First deep Crush in our life is something unforgettable indeed. Especially when that special person is very close to you yet difficult for you to reach. Here, this novel revolves around a College girl,Sonnet whose first crush is her lab partner, Sky. Sonnet is a shy girl who doesn 't know how to express herself clearly and has never been, not even thought about being in love.She had only one motto in...

My Secret Lovelife Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 94: Gif May-22-2020
Chapter 91: Meeting May-22-2020
Chapter 68: Patience May-22-2020
Chapter 45: Time Bomb May-22-2020
138 Embrace The Wind May-21-2020
137 Triggered May-21-2020
135 The Fest: Part2 May-21-2020
134 The Fest: Part1 May-21-2020
132 Balance May-21-2020
130 Selecting Costume May-21-2020
129 Tortured Within May-21-2020
128 Preparations May-21-2020
126 Tears May-21-2020
124 Trap May-21-2020
123 Audition May-21-2020
122 The Play May-21-2020
121 Gaze May-21-2020
120 Sensation May-21-2020
119 Sideways May-21-2020
118 Flaw May-21-2020
117 Online Classes May-21-2020
116 Long Cha May-21-2020
114 Semester Results! May-21-2020
112 Gesture May-21-2020
111 Exam:Day 2 May-21-2020
110 Exam:Day 1:Part 2 May-21-2020
109 Exam:Day1:Part 1 May-21-2020
108 Heart's Desire May-21-2020
105 Avoiding Mess May-21-2020
104 Magazine Sorted May-21-2020
101 Pizza Trea May-21-2020
97 Next Half May-21-2020
96 Valentine's Day May-21-2020
95 The Quarrel May-21-2020
93 Truth May-21-2020
90 Intuition May-21-2020
89 Poisoning:Case 3 May-21-2020
85 Short Tes May-21-2020
84 Two Hands May-21-2020
83 Chocolates May-21-2020
82 Old Thorns May-21-2020
81 Lingering Touch May-21-2020
76 Mom's Headache May-21-2020
75 Unexpected Trea May-21-2020
74 Registration May-21-2020
72 The Interrogation May-21-2020
70 I Trust You May-21-2020
69 Secured By You May-21-2020
67 Cuddle Girl May-21-2020
66 Long Pause May-21-2020
64 Problem Connects May-21-2020
63 Silly Lacy May-21-2020
62 Silent Nights May-21-2020
61 Winter Fair May-21-2020
60 Unraveling Pas May-21-2020
59 State Competition May-21-2020
58 Flashback May-21-2020
57 Merry Christmas May-21-2020
56 Cake Preparation May-21-2020
54 Sonnet's Desire May-21-2020
53 Crossed Paths May-21-2020
52 My Wish May-21-2020
51 Exam Postponed May-21-2020
50 Math Is Fun May-21-2020
49 Lucky Aura May-21-2020
47 Chilly Day May-21-2020
44 Mobile Ban! May-21-2020
41 Anime Club May-21-2020
40 My Sis Nikki May-21-2020
38 Exam Date May-21-2020
36 Broken Bonds May-21-2020
35 Quality Time May-21-2020
34 Ultimate Suspense May-21-2020
33 Ruckus On Way Back May-21-2020
32 Freshers Party May-21-2020
29 You And Me May-21-2020
28 Voice Of Spring May-21-2020
27 Anticipated Quiz May-21-2020
23 Irritating Guy May-21-2020
22 Exam Trouble! May-21-2020
20 Awkward Day May-21-2020
18 Just A Realisation May-21-2020
17 Sudden Intro May-21-2020
12 Feelings Vs Mind May-21-2020
11 Tease Prologue May-21-2020
8 Longing To See May-21-2020
5 My Bestie-Lacy May-21-2020
3 Then And Now May-21-2020
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