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Ellie was giggling and was talking about her boyfriend suddenly as we had gone upstairs.

I and Lacy were shocked.

Lacy almost yelled, "B.. oy.. Friend! When on Earth did you have one? "

"Yeah when did you have? "

Ellie became shy. She was blus.h.i.+ng hard. And Lacy on the other hand started teasing her.

"When did you two meet? "

"Um..... last week. "

"And you are telling now! Such a hot topic and you had already made it stale by telling us late. Right Sonnet!"

"Ah, Yeah I agree with you. You should have told us earlier. "

"Um... Actually I didn't have that much confidence but now I have it. "

Curious Lacy was pestering her to answer rapid fire questions.

"Is he from our college? "


"Is he from our year? "

She was blus.h.i.+ng hard. Even if she didn't reply. But her reply was very obvious.

"He is a first year right! "


"Do you we know him? "

"I don't know about you but I think Sonnet knows him well. "

My heart beat sprang up. There are many boys in our cla.s.s. But those I really know are Gray, Paul, Allen, Alex, Stephen and not to mention Sky.

"Quit your puzzles and give a proper answer already d.a.m.n it! "

"Cool down Lacy. Don't be so excited. "

Ellie continued slowly

"He is Sky... "

And suddenly a hand patted my shoulder. I turned back to see .It was his. Ellie was blus.h.i.+ng as I glanced at her.

The moment I didn't want to see him the most was the moment he came and touched me softly.

"Ellie did you catch cold? "

A familiar voice came behind Sky.

"No Stephen. May be it's due to weather change. "

The instance I saw them a heavy boulder left my heart. I was instantly relieved. It was an unexplainable sensation. One moment at the door of h.e.l.l next moment at the door of heaven.

"I like your change of expressions Sunny. You are really funny. "

I looked at him and smiled out of natural response of the present situation but soon got back to my senses.

"When did I change my expression? I'm completely normal. "

He t.i.ttered "When did I say that you are abnormal? "

I couldn't refute at all.

"Lacy and Sonnet meet him. He is the one I was talking about. Sky's partner. "

"What! When did you have a girlfriend? "

"Sorry Sky actually we thought to keep our relations.h.i.+p a secret but this blabbermouth loves to blabber. "

"Yeah, one in front of me is another example of that. I feel you partner. "

I and Ellie shouted, "Who the h.e.l.l is the blabbermouth! "

Sky and Stephen shouted together, "Those who had already responded just by our reference without mentioning of their names. "


Lacy was watching and finally sighed, "PDA is injurious to health. "

We all four together yelled, "We are clearly quarrelling! "

We all laughed.

"Sigh, I'm entering the lab you all continue with your quarrel. "

"Oh, we have a lab right! Um.. Sonnet can you give me the readings for the last day experiment. "

"Yeah, Sure. "

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