My Secret Lovelife Chapter 21: A Juicy Game

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@@I came back home early. In the streets I secretly laughed remembering Sky's funny expressions during the mechanical cla.s.s. I hid my expressions perfectly with the help of the umbrella on the way thanks to the rain.

At home Elsa proposed a girls game. The game is a bit stupid. But eventually everyone played...

The Game: It said what kind of relations.h.i.+p you have or want right now. Send the reply to the status. Only the name of fruits.


Cherry- Relations.h.i.+p.

Pineapple- It's complicated

Raspberry- I don't want to commit.

Banan Married.

Lemon- I want to be single.

Avocado- I'm the better half.

Strawberry- Can't find Mr Right.

Apple- Engaged.

Raisin- I want to get married to my partner. ..

Everyone got excited. But to me it was a stupid one. At first I thought I won't give it a status. But somewhere in my heart wanted. So finally I gave the name of the fruit.

Also I added another game in my heart.

I have seen Sky not opening the weibo account for almost 6 days. So I thought if he opens the weibo account within 24 hours stay of status and views it . Also he asks me regarding it - I would declare to myself he is interested in me and likes me a bit...

Really funny one. But better than tearing off the petals of some flowers and sitting in astray and mumble- He loves me; He loves me not...

Ha ha, it's really a hilarious thought that I have heard from many places ,even read in some mangas.

But mine was quite unique.And the chances are really 1-10.Still I couldn't help it. Because he had never asked me regarding my status before and most of them he didn't even see....

The time I gave that status was around 5:30 p. m.

But I'm not sure what would happen next. I'm really eager to know the answer. ..

I wonder Will this game ever change my life..


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