• Bleeding Heart

  • Author(s): RainStorm
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 21-May-2020 03:33
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Bleeding Heart summary:

"Love makes you weak." That was the very first thing that Dawn had ever learned; the only thing her mother had taught her. Nix 'Ryl had been a tough place to grow up. You could not trust anyone. People who dared to trust someone always ended up regretting it. That was why when the young shapes.h.i.+fting king of Lumna offered her a way out she left with him. Home. It was something she longed...

Bleeding Heart Chapters

Time uploaded
141 Now And Forever May-21-2020
140 Prince Quertiz May-21-2020
139 At Las May-21-2020
138 Deal May-21-2020
137 Would It Be Okay? May-21-2020
132 A Dream Come True May-21-2020
131 Wedding Jitters May-21-2020
130 Can Hardly Wai May-21-2020
129 Snapped May-21-2020
128 A Bit Guilty May-21-2020
127 A Little Soon? May-21-2020
126 Honesty May-21-2020
125 Family Discussion May-21-2020
124 His Mother May-21-2020
123 More Happy May-21-2020
122 A New Normalcy May-21-2020
121 Impatien May-21-2020
120 Home Again May-21-2020
119 Contentmen May-21-2020
118 Quiet Moments May-21-2020
117 So Peaceful... May-21-2020
116 Back To The Woods May-21-2020
115 Making Up May-21-2020
112 Suits You May-21-2020
110 Approachable May-21-2020
108 Silly Fool May-21-2020
107 He's Besotted May-21-2020
106 Priorities May-21-2020
105 A Bit Vexed May-21-2020
102 A Woman In Love May-21-2020
100 What A Pity May-21-2020
99 Make Up Already May-21-2020
98 You're My Favorite May-21-2020
97 Just A Tad Shy May-21-2020
96 Reputations May-21-2020
94 Sneaking Ou May-21-2020
93 Contentedness May-21-2020
91 Still My Friend May-21-2020
90 A Low May-21-2020
89 Warmth May-21-2020
88 I Said Go May-21-2020
87 Muddle Of Battle May-21-2020
85 Blanked Ou May-21-2020
84 Easy Peasy May-21-2020
83 End In Sigh May-21-2020
82 Good Res May-21-2020
81 Refreshing Rain May-21-2020
80 Just How? May-21-2020
79 Probably The Genes May-21-2020
78 People Skills May-21-2020
77 Close Call May-21-2020
76 Familial Ties May-21-2020
75 Innocen May-21-2020
74 Spirit Whisperer May-21-2020
73 Shadowstar May-21-2020
71 A Good Listener May-21-2020
69 In The End... May-21-2020
67 An Offer May-21-2020
65 Relief And Tears May-21-2020
64 Avoidance May-21-2020
63 Don't Be A Baby May-21-2020
62 They're Safe May-21-2020
61 It Listened May-21-2020
60 Underground May-21-2020
58 Mem May-21-2020
56 Flutis May-21-2020
55 Giant Worm May-21-2020
52 Fractured Memories May-21-2020
51 Missing You May-21-2020
49 Another Acciden May-21-2020
47 Talks About Love May-21-2020
46 Blossoming Hope May-21-2020
44 A Stroke Of Luck May-21-2020
43 Giving It Up May-21-2020
42 Drez's Child May-21-2020
41 The Woods' Master May-21-2020
40 The Sylvan Woods May-21-2020
39 Grief And Guil May-21-2020
38 Shattering May-21-2020
37 Dragon Sighting May-21-2020
36 Just Desserts May-21-2020
35 Morale Boos May-21-2020
34 The Kids May-21-2020
29 Tales Of Trolls May-21-2020
24 The Storm May-21-2020
22 Bitterswee May-21-2020
20 Out Of Depth May-21-2020
19 Unhappy Childhood May-21-2020
17 Wait, What? May-21-2020
16 Group Dynamics May-21-2020
14 Setting Off May-21-2020
13 Scouts Scouted May-21-2020
12 The Lovebirds May-21-2020
10 A New Friendship? May-21-2020
9 Hidden Gems May-21-2020
8 Raven's Hope May-21-2020
6 New Advisor May-21-2020
4 Raven May-21-2020
3 Plans Set In Motion May-21-2020
2 Love Is Strength May-21-2020
1 Love Is Weak May-21-2020
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