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  • My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System In Doomsday

  • Author(s): ForbiddenArchive
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 25-Feb-2020 07:17
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My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System In Doomsday summary:

One cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be paid.The life saving system that Long Yu received supposedly follows this rule. Unfortunately, the price required some times can turn out to be somewhat strange. 'System, I want to exchange for something that can regrow an arm. 'Searching....Recommended option:...

My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System In Doomsday Chapters

Time uploaded
93 Chen Yu Fei Feb-25-2020
91 Strange Bead Feb-25-2020
87 The Awakened Xixi Feb-25-2020
82 Casualty Repor Feb-25-2020
81 Blockade Feb-25-2020
80 Sniper Feb-25-2020
79 Explosion Feb-25-2020
78 Malfunction Feb-25-2020
77 Safety Reasons Feb-25-2020
76 Inspection Feb-25-2020
75 Jingling City Feb-25-2020
73 The Swarm Feb-25-2020
70 Healing 2 Feb-25-2020
69 Healing Feb-25-2020
68 A New Purchase Feb-25-2020
65 The Battle 2 Feb-25-2020
64 The Battle 1 Feb-25-2020
63 Facing The Gian Feb-25-2020
60 Luo Xi's Wish Feb-25-2020
59 Vulgar Activity Feb-25-2020
58 Previous Encounter Feb-25-2020
57 Pitiful Looks Feb-25-2020
56 The Three Visitors Feb-25-2020
54 Mutant Seed Feb-25-2020
53 Giant Vampire Tree Feb-25-2020
52 Survivors Feb-25-2020
49 Entering The City Feb-25-2020
48 Changsha City Feb-25-2020
47 Test Subjec Feb-25-2020
46 Upgrade 2 Feb-25-2020
45 Upgrades 1 Feb-25-2020
44 Mutant Cores Feb-25-2020
41 Modify Function Feb-25-2020
40 Special Abilities Feb-25-2020
39 A Familiar Feeling Feb-25-2020
38 Am I A Ghost? Feb-25-2020
37 Hotpo Feb-25-2020
36 Driving Off Feb-25-2020
33 Sweeping Clean Feb-25-2020
32 Unconscious Feb-25-2020
31 Last Day Of Peace Feb-25-2020
30 Robbery Feb-25-2020
29 Side Kicks Feb-25-2020
27 Whereabouts Feb-25-2020
26 Show Me The Money Feb-25-2020
25 Serial Raider Feb-25-2020
24 Blackhole Feb-25-2020
23 Necessities Feb-25-2020
22 Questions Feb-25-2020
20 Son Of A Goat! Feb-25-2020
19 Infected Feb-25-2020
18 Battle Feb-25-2020
17 Danger Feb-25-2020
16 Xixi? Feb-25-2020
15 Shriek Feb-25-2020
11 Not A Compensation Feb-25-2020
10 Easy Money Feb-25-2020
9 Gambling Feb-25-2020
4 Earning Money Feb-25-2020
1 Prologue Feb-25-2020
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