• My First And Last Man

  • Author(s): Jtw10
  • GENRES: Romance
  • STATUS : ongoing
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  • LAST UPDATED : 01-Jun-2020 07:47
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My First And Last Man summary:

A chic and quite type but also a pet.i.te, slim and cute lady who happened to meet her destine partner without knowing that this man will be her first and last man. Not only that, she will also be the wife of her long time pop idol since high school. From watching him only on TV and Monitor to be personally meet him personally.Din Lou Rei at the age of 27 got married to her long time pop idol...

My First And Last Man Chapters

Time uploaded
217 Gathering Of Gues Dec-13-2019
Chapter 216 Dec-01-2019
Chapter 215 Dec-01-2019
Chapter 214 Nov-26-2019
Chapter 213 Nov-26-2019
Chapter 212 Nov-26-2019
Chapter 211 Nov-26-2019
Chapter 210 Nov-26-2019
Chapter 209 Nov-26-2019
Chapter 208 Nov-26-2019
204 Twins Nov-15-2019
201 Golden Week Nov-15-2019
198 Are You Alright? Nov-10-2019
197 Rei, A Lesbian? Nov-10-2019
195 Na And Rei Nov-10-2019
192 Misunderstanding Nov-10-2019
190 Pregnan Nov-10-2019
189 Hospitalization Nov-10-2019
185 Concert Team Nov-10-2019
184 First Figh Nov-10-2019
183 Upcoming Concer Nov-10-2019
180 A Genius Indeed Oct-26-2019
178 Bowling Oct-26-2019
175 Truth Or Dare Oct-26-2019
174 Saved By A Call Oct-26-2019
170 New Manager Oct-26-2019
168 *Hon And Dear* Oct-26-2019
166 Got Married Oct-26-2019
162 Arrival Day Oct-26-2019
161 Missing Someone Oct-26-2019
155 Coaxing The Kids Oct-26-2019
152 Fired Ou Oct-26-2019
151 Rei Got Busted Oct-26-2019
150 Confrontation Oct-26-2019
148 Wrath Of Rei Oct-26-2019
147 Overwhelmed Oct-05-2019
146 A Surprise Family Oct-05-2019
143 Departure Day Oct-02-2019
136 Team Oct-02-2019
135 Eh, How? Oct-02-2019
134 My Wife Oct-02-2019
132 R Vs Yi Oct-02-2019
130 Yi Craziness Oct-02-2019
129 Explosion Oct-02-2019
128 Nan Corp Oct-02-2019
126 Yi's Evilness Oct-02-2019
122 Nan Ha And Nan Yi Oct-02-2019
118 Three Conditions Jun-28-2019
115 Drug Jun-28-2019
114 Almost Accomplish Jun-28-2019
113 Li Yun Jun-28-2019
112 Identity Revealed Jun-28-2019
111 Rei's Confession Jun-28-2019
109 Explanation Jun-28-2019
96 Tae's Mom And Dad Jun-28-2019
94 Thank You Jun-28-2019
91 Lurking Paparazzi Jun-28-2019
90 Give Me A Chance Jun-28-2019
89 Fired Ou Jun-28-2019
88 Secretary Reina Jun-28-2019
87 So Close Jun-28-2019
86 Video Call Jun-28-2019
85 Promotion Jun-28-2019
84 Friendly Talk Jun-28-2019
83 Friend Jun-28-2019
81 Busy Jun-28-2019
80 Disappointed Jun-28-2019
79 Face To Face Jun-28-2019
78 Rei And Tae Jun-28-2019
77 Day 2 : Concer Jun-28-2019
75 Ml Point Of View Jun-28-2019
72 Achievements Jun-28-2019
70 Scheme Against Rei Jun-28-2019
69 As A Trainee Jun-28-2019
66 Her Uni Jun-28-2019
55 Stalker Of Rei Jun-28-2019
54 C And R Jun-28-2019
53 Investigation Jun-28-2019
52 Acciden Jun-28-2019
51 Rei, A Kidnapper? Jun-28-2019
50 Bailed Ou Jun-28-2019
43 Booking A Venue Jun-28-2019
42 Perfect Venue Jun-28-2019
41 The Shop Jun-28-2019
40 Opening Day Jun-28-2019
35 This Weekend? Jun-28-2019
32 Amazing Jun-28-2019
31 So, Is It Nice? Jun-28-2019
27 Family Reunion Jun-28-2019
25 Family Discussion Jun-28-2019
21 Convincing Rei Jun-28-2019
12 Rei's Feelings Jun-28-2019
11 Rei And Xue Jun-28-2019
9 Caught Red Handed Jun-28-2019
6 Ceo Hwang Jun-28-2019
3 Friends Over? Jun-28-2019
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