My First And Last Man 239 Vol 4 : Ch 239 - Exposed Identity

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After hearing it from her and confirmation that's Rei also known as JR all of them were very surprised and shocked because JR were widely known globally and worldwide because of the attributes of this hackers but they never expect it's Rei

Rei : Sorry guys I didn't let everyone know about that one but I need to tell it now because if I used as R then you guys will be implicated because R is only known in C Country and S Country. My ident.i.ty will be exposed for sure because R is known to protect the government security and safety and accept clients request for exposing the bad ones. After it got exposed everyone will be linked because of how come Meng Xue got exposed, of how come Vin is involved, of how did Meng Family known R, is Mentor C knows R real ident.i.ty and then most worst everyone of you who is my family members will be got exposed, so I have no other choice but to used as JR.

All : (Except Tae because he just listening to his wifey attentively) thanks Rei

Rei : Well, were family after all, so I need to protect you guys and I can't allow my self that you will become a victim of schemes of someone whose very greedy to have Money, Power and Authority. All of us been doing everything to do our best in order to achieve it all and yet just because they were jealous they will try to do everything that it never comes to their mind how we've been doing our best to achieve it all even by sacrificing to be away with our own family for our better future.

All : ...(shocked and surprised then out of no where all of them except Rei are crying silently because they know how much they sacrifice, how much they want to be with their family and to be with their love ones but because they want to have a better future they do their best. Tae also can relate this one because he is too the same, start to being a young trainee at the age of 12 and just got debuted around the age of 18 to achieved his dreams and of course to have a better future. He was too innocent when he start as a trainee but he never imagined that being an artist is a very messy one but he didn't do any underhanded methods including his other teammates and that's the reason why all of them become a trainee for 6 to 7 years.)

Rei : Neh guys I didn't said it all for you to cry

All : Geez we know

Rei : ....

After 15 minutes, all of them calm down and Mei is the one who attack Rei all questions that they want to know..

Mei : So when did you become JR? Did Uncle Chen knows you as JR? What's JR mean?

Rei : Geez one at a time Mei but well I become JR before I become student of Mentor C for 2 Months, so he doesn't know that I'm JR and for the JR mean, I think every one already know it since it's very obvious.

All : Eh?

Rei : Geez JR as in Jun Rei (then blush hard)

All : .....

Mei : Ha, ha you're really totally in love with Mr. Jun here

Rei : ....

En : Ignore her Rei, so now is it true that as a JR its widely known that JR doesn't received anything I mean you didn't accept any compensation.

Rei : Uh-uh Bro En because as JR I just want to protect for those who really in needs, for those who got blackmailed or got framed up by someone, so that's why JR known as Top Hackers Globally and Worldwide for his choices but not by request.

All : Woah, you have a big heart Rei.

Tae : That's right, I remembered that you as a JR design the safety and security of government system in every country but you didn't maintain it, why?

Rei : Well I didn't maintain it because if I did then how come I become famous in C Country and S Country as R, right?

All : (speechless)

Rei : Hey, hey I'm not greedy about money but I have to because computers and things needed as hackers is very expensive you know. And of course how come I maintain our protection, if I don't have, so that's why.

Mei : Right Sis but now let's get back to our main topic

En : Yeah that's right, so elaborate your plan

Rei : I fabricated a threatening letter from Meng Xue to the Meng Family Members well it's half lie and half truth but at least the police officers will know that it's not fake. They will read it around 11am and surrounded the event place for the Family Gathering at exactly 1pm in secret. Well they don't know that all of them are all police officers but instead treat them as an ordinary civilians because I said in the letter to be a looks civilians and private gathering. As for Meng Xue, she will receive the evidences of her father doings and crimes around 2pm to stop their changing of words between her and Meng Family

Mei : Are you sure it's a simple plan and just to mess up with Meng Xue? (everyone nodded agreeing her question)

Rei : Yes why? It's a very simple plan and just to mess up with her.

Lyn : Yeah Rei but what if Meng Xue go berserk after knowing all evidences of her father doings and then attacking us that cause the police officers to shot her on the spot?

Rei : Well it's her choices, if she's calm down and will be sorry for her doings then it would be charge as false threat but if she's going to berserk then it's her choice to die.

All : ....

Rei : At least we didn't kill her and instead she got killed by one of the police officers.

All : 'Thank goodness that Rei is our family or else we don't know what will happen to us? But wait we were all good people so we are saved from this genius'

Lyn : How about Captain Vin?

Rei : Ahh that's right I forgot to add that one, I also set a timer and around 3 pm, he can go to the event place and can meet her daughter without worry.

Mei : By the way Rei, what about Meng s.h.i.+?

Rei : Don't you know that Meng s.h.i.+ is full of hatred towards her mother?

All : Eh?

Rei : I see, so you didn't realize it.

All : What do you mean?

Rei : You will see what I mean and I.....(she didn't finished because she notice an orange blinking) oh perfect timing the little girl suddenly get berserk

All : What?

Rei : Come here and see it for yourself (then let them see what happened to the little girl)

----- In the Video ----

A young girl sleeping soundly from her room and suddenly awaken up from the nightmare she had. A nightmare but it's a reality and that's when her mother try to kill her because she got the attention of her dad to her and not to her mother. She check her room first and then go berserk. The innocent little girl transform into a demoness girl

"I will kill you for sure. How come you've become my mother when you're try to kill me just because my father loves me the most and he doesn't love you because you are a monster. Hide until I will find you but I'm going to be sure that I will kill you when I will find you. If I'm big enough to hold a knife, just like what you did to Grandma Meng, then I won't hesitate to kill you. I need to protect everyone and I need to kill you, you are a...." got stop when she heard a door bell from her room then transform back to become an innocent little girl

"Ding, dong, ding, dong"

Opening the door

"Yeah Grammy?"

"s.h.i.+, my dear are you alright?"

"Yes Grammy I'm alright"

"I see, I thought you are having a nightmare again and don't forget we will always be here for you"

"Yes Grammy and s.h.i.+ will protect everyone"

"Ha, ha, ha it's our task to protect you and not you s.h.i.+"

"...." sad and suddenly flinch

"Yes, yes you can protect us s.h.i.+ when you already big enough"


"Take a nap again and we will wake you up for this afternoon"

"Okaayy" then lock the door and back to become a demoness

"I will kill you for sure so that I can protect all of them Grandpa 1, Grandpa 2, Grandma, Auntie Feng, Uncle Lin, Auntie Meng, Kaede, Jiru, Auntie Mei, Auntie Lyn, Uncle En, Uncle El, Grandma Aya, Bro Ken, Bro Ren, Sis Ellyn, Sis Lynel, Auntie Rei and Handsome Uncle"

--- End of the video ---

All : How did you know?

Rei : It just my speculation but I never expect that I got it right. Well at first, I thought she's innocent when she had a unique call to all of you but then she p.r.o.nounce right the word Handsome when she call Tae, so I tap her head and put up my pinhole camera with a sensor. She have a trauma because of Meng Xue by trying to kill her but then never thought that she also witness how her Grandma died.

Mei : I see, how about having psychological issues?

Rei : I'm not a doctor so I can't tell but we need to find a phychiatrist experts to test her if she's alright or rather someone to guide her.

En : And the problem, how can we tell about Meng Family that one?

All : ....

All of them are thinking how they tell the Meng Family about Meng s.h.i.+ situation but suddenly a familiar voice interrupt all of them.

"Let me do it"

...(All become dumbfounded)

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