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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:25:46 PM Chapter 201

Nan Zhi's slender waist was carried by the person and in the next second, a force pushed her upwards towards the surface of the sea .

Breaking through the surface of the water, Nan Zhi started to cough rigorously the moment she breathed in fresh air . Her ears were still ringing as the man's growling voice trailed over . But… . what was he saying? She couldn't hear him over the lapping of the waves and the strong whipping of the wind .

She could only feel him swimming forward while pulling her tired body along .

A loud explosion could be heard not too long after .

It was a sharp sound, before a thunderous explosion rocked the water with a powerful force like a volcano had exploded in her face .

In that moment, a strong wave of blistering heat blasted through the air, the temperature blazing like a nuclear bomb . Despite this, its effects were was quickly dampened as the man protected her, covering her with his body almost immediately .

If Mu Sihan had been alone, he definitely had the ability to avoid it . However, he could not just disregard Nan Zhi .

She was a woman and he would not let her get injured .


As the black mushroom cloud rose to the sky . Mu Sihan continued to use his body to block the fire that was rus.h.i.+ng towards them . He used all of his strength to defend Nan Zhi, pus.h.i.+ng her behind him to prevent her from getting hurt from the explosion .

Even though they had already swum a fair distance, one of the exploding debris still hit Mu Sihan's across the shoulder .

He immediately felt an intense, fiery pain .

Pursing his lips tightly, he remained completely silent, giving no indication he had been hurt at all .

Nan Zhi's ears were ringing so much from the explosion that she almost went deaf . It was only after a period of time that she got back her senses . Turning her head, she looked at the man behind her, using the hazy light from the explosion . Just as she was about to speak, she heard him growl, “What are you looking at me for? Keep swimming forward . ”

When he saw that she was able to swim, he felt a relief flood through him, thanking the heavens for this ounce of luck . It was just enough .

Nan Zhi felt surreal over the multiple life and death situations she had found herself in tonight . She did not dare to say anything else as she merely obeyed Mu Sihan and continued swimming forward .

Like that, an hour pa.s.sed .

Nan Zhi felt her energy decreasingly rapidly as she swam in a dogged fas.h.i.+on into the black void of nothingness . Her entire body felt like it was injected with lead . Every stroke and desperate kick towards the sh.o.r.e only worked to deplete her declining energy . She was exhausted, so exhausted she wanted to pa.s.s out . Only the thought of going back for her Xiaojie allowed her to grit her teeth and continue .

The temperature of the night 's seawater was lower than she expected . Her limbs were numb from the prolonged exposure to the icy waters for far too long .

The man behind her kept telling her where to swim towards to .  How could he even tell? She didn't know . All she knew was she had to keep going but she didn't have the energy to even think . With straight brows furrowed at the sight of Nan Zhi's decreasing pace, he said finally, “You're out of energy?”

Nan Zhi stared at the seemingly endless sea under the starry night . She clenched her jaw tightly . “I'm still fine . ”

Her face was completely pale . Her lips trembled uncontrollably when she spoke .

It was indeed not easy for a woman to swim so long in the heartless sea .

“Hug onto me . ” he ordered in a soft growl .

Nan Zhi's wet eyelashes trembled as she stared at him in disbelief . “How can I?”

Even if his stamina was very good, his energy would be depleted even faster if he was pulled down and burdened by her weight .

Mu Sihan stared at the starry night above them . The waves were only becoming stronger as a large stormy cloud pa.s.sed over their heads .

“Hug onto me . We'll reach a small island in half an hour . If we don't get onsh.o.r.e quickly, we'll become shark bait . ”

Nan Zhi's heart shook a little as she stared at the man's domineering and cold face .

To think he was actually willing to let her become his burden in a situation like this, he could lose his life because of her! There was no time to argue . Swimming over to him, she hooked her arms tentatively around his torso and let him guide her forward .

Holding onto him, she felt his energy deplete quickly after his body moved forward with her in tow . She did not want to become his burden and she clenched on her jaw tightly as she swam forward in tandem with a renewed desperation .

The two of them finally reached to a deserted island before the storm hit .

They were completely exhausted, especially Nan Zhi . Her legs were leaden and so incredibly sore that she had lost all feeling, falling back down the moment she stood up .

Heavy pants wracked her body as she collapsed on the beach, too tired to move .

The man regained his senses before her . He walked in front of her and stretched out a hand to her . “Are you alright?”

Nan Zhi closed her eyes heavily . “I feel like I'm about to die . ” Opening her eyes again, she turned her head to look at the man . “Are you okay?”

Mu Sihan's handsome face, which was hidden under the night sky, seemed a little pale . However, he did not let himself show any tiredness as his voice remained arrogant and brusque . “Do you want to see if I'm okay?”

The sky was dark and Nan Zhi could not see his face clearly . Judging from his steady voice, she a.s.sumed he was fine, so she let out a breath in relief .

Suddenly, she perked up again as she seemed to have thought of something . “Would the antidote have dissolved from being submerged in the water for so long?”

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