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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:25:44 PM Chapter 202

The man's handsome and pale face immediately darkened after hearing her words .

His deep black eyes glared at the woman with a sharp coldness . Retracting his hand that was reaching for her, it turned into a fist instead . “Nan Zhi, what did you tell me back in the study room? You said that it wasn't only love that could exist between a male and female . You said that you only felt grat.i.tude and appreciation for your Brother Gu Sheng . However, your behavior on the cruise s.h.i.+p did not seem like you simply treated him as your life savior . Why is that?”

Nan Zhi always had a bad feeling whenever she heard Mu Sihan call her by her full name . The gooseb.u.mps on her arm stood up as she felt a sudden chill .

Although she could not see him clearly in the darkness, she could tell he was not happy, from the oppressive feeling of his pair of dark eyes staring coldly at her .

Thinking back on what happened on the cruise s.h.i.+p, she remembered the words that she uttered in despair and nervousness when he pointed the gun at her .

'Young Master Mu, please let Xiaojie be taken cared for by Brother Gu Sheng if you kill me . '


If she had really died by his bullet during that life and death situation, should she have asked him to take care of Xiaojie instead?

“Do you love that Brother Gu Sheng of yours that much?” The man's voice was tinged with danger and came from the depths of his throat .

If it was not love, why would she let that man foster the brat in a life and death situation?

He could understand that she did not like him, that she thought he would kill her and that she would not entrust the brat to him, even on her last breath .

But why, out of all the people in the world, was it that man?

Did she not have other relatives or friends?

Nan Zhi did not think that Mu Sihan would pursue her previous words all of a sudden . Why now, of all times? Yes, she had been angry at Mu Sihan for giving her to Xiao Yi . She was even angrier at his careless words when he pointed the gun at her . Those words she said had not even filtered through her brain…

She did not think of the reasons behind it, whether it was because of love .

“You don't dare to reply? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I'll leave you to die on this deserted island?”

Seeming to think of something else, he snorted in contempt .

“It looks like your precious Brother Gu Sheng can only die since the antidote has dissolved into nothing . There is no way I will allow the two of you be together if you're both alive . Why not be a ghost couple instead?”

Nan Zhi felt especially sad and wronged by Mu Sihan's strange tone . What was wrong with him? Straightening her neck, she ignored the cold aura exuding from him and retorted angrily, “What about you then? Why didn't you tell me beforehand that it was just a show? Have you ever thought about my feelings when you made Mi Nuo dress me up the way Xiao Yi likes and gave me to him the moment we got on the cruise s.h.i.+p?”

Nan Zhi paused as she got up from the sand with difficulty . Water beads from her wet hair fell on her face and mixed with the cold liquid falling from her eyes . It dripped into her mouth and it tasted bitter and salty . “We haven't even known each for that long . I don't know anything all about your shooting skills . How much can you care about me if you can use my life in a bet so easily? Yes, you did win in the end . However, do you think that just because you won, that the words you said, and the actions you did aren't hurtful?”

The storm came as expected .

Nan Zhi wiped the drops of rain on her face that were mixed with her tears . She did not know why she felt so bitter and depressed .

She was tired . After her outburst, she was suddenly drained and no longer wanted to argue with Mu Sihan . Glancing at the turbulent waters, she could tell there was no way they would be able to return within the next few hours .

Blinking away the rain drops, she dragged her heavy legs towards inland without even glancing at Mu Sihan .

Mu Sihan could not hide the anger coursing through him as he watched Nan Zhi leave . “Where do you think you're going?”

There was no response .

This d.a.m.n woman . She was the one who had made him unhappy . Why was he the one who seemed unreasonable now?!

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