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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:25:49 PM Chapter 200

On the speedboat .

Mu Sihan glanced at the silent Nan Zhi as he steered the speedboat back towards the glittering lights of the sh.o.r.eline .

Since they had started the journey back, she had not looked at him at all, not even once .

“Were you scared?” His voice was low and came from the deepest part of his throat, it was both magnetic and charming . “Did you think I'd really let something happen to you, after I'd finally gotten you to kiss me everyday?”

Nan Zhi stared at the calm sea under the starry night . She pursed her lips tightly, not wanting to speak to him .

Even though she did not get into any real danger, her legs were still weak right now from what happened .

Mu Sihan stopped the speedboat and stood in front of Nan Zhi . He was about to pull her into his arms, when his sharp ears suddenly focused an unusual sound .

Tick, tick, tick…


It was a very strange sound .

Out in the middle of nowhere, they were surrounded by only the sounds of the wind and the waves of the sea . Nan Zhi could not hear it, but Mu Sihan felt a sense of danger .

“Someone's put a bomb on the speedboat . ”

Nan Zhi threw an inconceivable gaze at Mu Sihan once he finished his words .

In his expression was an unprecedented seriousness and coldness she had never seen before . Nan Zhi could feel that he was not lying to her this time .

The two of time split up and started to search the speedboat .

After a short time, Mu Sihan found a bomb tied to a corner of the speedboat with a metal chain . The count-down had already begun .

Two minutes .

Mu Sihan furrowed his straight eyebrows tightly . He could not separate the bomb tied under the metal chains from the speedboat within such a short time .

Nan Zhi found a walkie-talkie and brought it over to Mu Sihan .

Ye Qianqian's voice chirped from the walkie-talkie within a few seconds . “Did you find the bomb? Sihan, I will tell you the pa.s.sword to stop the bomb, but only if you agree to marry me . You'll also have to cut off all contact with Nan Zhi . ”

Mu Sihan glanced at Nan Zhi . “Do you want me to marry her?”

Nan Zhi furrowed her slender eyebrows . “It's not like I can interfere with your decision . ” She would never have thought that Ye Qianqian would do something so crazy for love . Was it worth it to commit such a big crime for a man?

Mu Sihan's black eyes darkened at Nan Zhi's dismissive answer .

Even at such a point in time, she was still not willing to say anything against her heart . It seemed like she really did not have any feelings for him…

A bone-chilling coldness ignited in Mu Sihan's eyes and his voice was dangerous when he replied . “Ye Qianqian, do you know what I hate the most? It's when pathetic people threaten me . Which is why you'd better pray that I die from your bomb . If not, you will be dying a terrible death!”

Mu Sihan switched off the walkie-talkie and threw it aside .

There was only 60 seconds left on the screen as it began its last count-down .

The gooseb.u.mps on Nan Zhi's arms crawled up her body as she heard the ticking sound .

Tonight was really more than terrifying . To think it was her second life-threatening experience and it had only been a few hours .

Mu Sihan stared at Nan Zhi and stated coldly, “Jump down with me if you don't want to die . ”

Ye Qianqian had taken away the life jackets on the speedboat . Nan Zhi stared blankly at the endless sea of darkness ahead . It was not that she wasn't afraid, it was the only choice she had . If she wanted to live to see her darling Xiaojie again, her only option was to jump with Mu Sihan into the foreboding sea .

Sucking in a final breath, Nan Zhi jumped down from the boat, almost immediately after Mu Sihan .

She felt like she was pulled into an endless abyss of nothing when the sea water surrounded her as her body tore into the water .

Even though she had prepared herself mentally, she still lost the ability to react for a few second from the moment the water covered her head and surrounded her entire being . There was no escape as her body sunk into the darkness .

The freezing cold water flooded through every entry point possible, entering Nan Zhi's mouth and nose . She couldn't see, she couldn't breath!

She felt like she was suffocating and she never felt so close to death .

Just as she thought she would die and submerge into the depths of this watery h.e.l.l, a dark silhouette moved towards her . Her soft body was held tightly by a pair of strong arms . From his chilled lips, he pa.s.sed a breath of life-saving air into her desperate lungs .

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