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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:28:01 PM Chapter 144

Lin Wanyue kept trying to find topics to chat about with Mu Sihan . However, the latter seemed to be in a bad mood as he merely hummed coldly in response to everything that Lin Wanyue said .

Xia Xi leaned into Nan Zhi's ear and said softly, “Lin Wanyue is usually pompous and arrogant in the broadcasting company and ignores everyone . I didn't think that she would be so soft-spoken and subservient in front of her financier . ”

Nan Zhi glanced upwards instinctively and looked behind her through the reflection of the elevator wall . She wanted to glance at Lin Wanyue originally . However, she was caught off guard when her gaze met with a pair of deep black eyes .

Her heart pounded in her chest . She did not think that Mu Sihan would be looking at her as well .

His pitch-black eyes seemed endless and his gaze on her seemed to pull her towards the depths of her heart . She forced the nervous fl.u.s.ter away and looked away calmly, her dense and long eyelashes fluttering closed .

It was fortunate that they were only going to the third floor . The elevator finally arrived at its destination and Nan Zhi immediately pulled Xia Xi away the moment the elevator door opened .


Once they reached the hall for the sponsors' meeting, Nan Zhi took out her phone and sent a quick message .

Had Yan Hua arrived yet?

“Sister Zhi, can the two of us still do it if my uncle cannot get here in time? Will we be able to get a sponsor? Oh my, I'm so nervous!” Xia Xi rubbed her arms and s.h.i.+vered . The meeting hadn't even started, yet she was starting to feel the nerves. .h.i.t her .

Compared to Xia Xi's fl.u.s.tered and anxious countenance, Nan Zhi appeared to be a lot calmer . Naturally, she did not come to the war unprepared to fight, given she had dared to bet with Nan Yao .

Her ident.i.ty as a food blogger was not for nothing . Even though she had never shown her face, she had met a lot of fans and online friends that had similar ideals and beliefs as her in the past two years .

One of them was the young lady of the capital's wealthiest family . She had easily agreed to come today after knowing that Nan Zhi needed a sponsor .

Not to mention, Bai Weiwei has her financier to sponsor them! As long as they had a sponsor, together with the top cla.s.s guest she already contacted…

Nan Zhi smiled . She believed that a show made with hard work and genuine effort could never be that bad .

“Sister Zhi, there's another mysterious person! He's actually wearing a mask, but he's still very handsome even with the mask! Sh*t, did I come to get sponsors or to fawn over guys today?”

Nan Zhi heard Xia Xi's distress and looked up at the direction where the VIPs' private boxes were . All she saw was that the head of the broadcasting company had received another sponsor .

And the silhouette of that sponsor…

Nan Zhi froze .

Although many years had pa.s.sed, it just took Nan Zhi one glance to recognize that it was him, even though he had grown taller .

Brother Gu Sheng .

He's back .

Nan Zhi's mind was a complete blank as she stared at the masked man's view from behind .

“Sister Zhi, what's wrong with you? Why are your eyes red?”

Nan Zhi recollected the time when Brother Gu Sheng had suddenly appeared and saved her when she had almost died under the hands of the kidnapper back then .

If it was not for Brother Gu Sheng, she probably would not be able to live until now .

Nan Zhi bit her slightly trembling lips as she shook her head . “… I'm fine . ”

“Sister Zhi, I remember now . Isn't he that new singing king, Yannis, who is famous all over the world? I heard that Yannis is very mysterious . He has a unique and beautiful voice that is hard to find . The most important thing is that he has never revealed his face in front of his audience and the media . I heard that the media has never caught him without his mask . He's an enigma . ”


Nan Zhi had also heard about this name recently . However, she never linked Yannis and Brother Gu Sheng together .

Was he the one who had given her the pink diamond ring on the night of her birthday?

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