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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:27:58 PM Chapter 145

In a luxurious private balcony .

The premium suite arranged for their VIPs had access to the most advanced technology and effects, highest standards in service and also had the best view of the main hall .

Mu Sihan took off his coat and sat on the leather sofa with a lazy grace only fit for a king . A cigar was propped between his slender fingers and he narrowed his deep black eyes as he stared at a beautiful silhouette through the rising smoke .

That d.a.m.ned woman, what was she looking towards the suite for? Was she looking for him?

Did she want him to be her show's sponsor?

She wanted him to be her sponsor just by giving him a piece of candy? She could keep her wishful thinking! He wouldn't give her the satisfaction .


“Fourth Brother, I didn't think that you would personally come to the broadcasting company's sponsors' investment meeting . Could it because of Miss Nan?” Lan Yanzhi asked cheekily .

Mu Sihan stared at Lan Yanzhi coldly . “Who told you that I came for her? She's merely a servant of mine . Is she worth putting any effort into?”

Lan Yanzhi raised his eyebrows and gave his Fourth Brother a wicked smile . He did not expose a certain someone, whose gaze continued to land on Miss Nan from the moment they entered the private balcony . “Yes, of course, of course . You came for Lin Wanyue . ”

Mu Sihan did not say anything but his expression was dark .

“However, this Lin Wanyue is rather greedy . What a devious woman . Giving you an item that Sister Xue'er used in the broadcasting company, then pus.h.i.+ng her luck by asking you to sponsor her show . ”

However, one was willing to hit and the other was willing to be hit . Who asked for Sister Xue'er to be so important in Fourth Brother's heart?

“Actually, Fourth Brother, are you interested in Miss Nan because you think that she's a little similar to Sister Xue'er and you're treating her as a subst.i.tute…”

Mu Sihan interrupted Lan Yanzhi's unfinished words scathingly . “Which eye of yours is even functional? In what way are they similar? If I want to find a subst.i.tute, isn't it better to find someone who is at least 70 percent alike?”

Mu Sihan glanced up again, his jawline smooth and handsome . Exhaling a mouthful of smoke, he narrowed his eyes ruefully . “I promised father to take good care of Xue'er, but I lost her . I didn't keep my promise . ”

Mu Sihan tapped his cigar on the edge of the ash tray and changed the topic . “Why isn't Bo Yan here yet?”

“Oh yes, isn't Bo San 1 accompanying his girlfriend to attend the sponsors' meeting?” Lan Yanzhi seemed to have found a new topic . He continued with an evil smirk, “To be honest, it's not like Bo San isn't capable . He can extinguish the Yan family with his own capabilities, yet he actually agreed to be Yan Hua's boyfriend . ”

At the mention of Yan Hua, a carefully schooled expression appeared on Lan Yanzhi's face .

Her name was certainly attractive, appearance as fine as any jade, beauty both refined and elegant . But the truth was that she was fat and ugly . However, she was born into the right family . The Yan family was now the Capital's wealthiest family . Other young ladies from aristocratic families were all pretty and slim with a decent face, while the Yan family's heiress was…

Lan Yanzhi could not understand how Bo San could even bear to kiss her! Just the thought of it…

“Call Bo Yan . ”

Lan Yanzhi hung up a minute later and shrugged . “The ugly girl's period came early and her stomach cramp was too serious so Bo San didn't let her come after they got off the plane . He brought her to the hospital straightaway . Tsk tsk, did Bo San develop real feelings for her?”

Mu Sihan kicked at Lan Yanzhi . “That's enough . Stop calling her ugly girl . ”

“Tsk, when did you learn to treat girls nicely, Fourth Brother?” Lan Yanzhi leaned against the sofa . “I will definitely give Bo San some face in front of Yan Hua, but privately, Yan Hua is just a fat and ugly girl!”

Lan Yanzhi had seen many girls of all types . However, it had been a long time since he had not met the type that Yan Hua was . He could not understand how that type of woman still existed in this day and age!

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