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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:28:03 PM Chapter 143

Nan Zhi raised her eyebrows slightly .

Lin Wanyue's backstage supporter was Mu Sihan?

That was not entirely impossible .

Lin Wanyue knew Mu Sihan's private phone number after all . She had even called him in the middle of the night to ask him to be her show's exclusive sponsor .

“I didn't think Lin Wanyue would be so capable to ensnare such a handsome and young financier . F**k, and his figure . His waist strength must be very strong in bed!”

Nan Zhi burst out laughing . “Xiao Xi, your imagination is too wild . ”

“Didn't you notice that that person's hands and legs are long too? I heard that a man's fingers reflect the length of their lower body . That young Master Mu must be European-sized!”


A rather unhealthy image appeared in Nan Zhi's head unconsciously . Although she had not seen it directly, he was definitely not small based on the sizeable feeling when she had accidentally touched him, and the size of his underwear…

Oh my G.o.d, what nonsense am I even thinking about?

“Sister Zhi, why is your face so red? Wow, are you imagining that Young Master Mu's…” Nan Zhi hurriedly cupped Xia Xi's mouth when she saw from the corner of her eye that the group of people were already behind them . She signalled to Xia Xi with her eyes and hissed quietly, “Stop talking about it . ”

Xia Xi nodded her head, though she could not help but add when Nan Zhi released her mouth, “Sister Zhi, let's look for European-size too . ”

Nan Zhi was speechless . It may have been her hallucinating, but she swore the temperature of the air around them seemed to drop a few degrees .

“Young Master Mu, this way please . ” Lin Wanyue said loudly in warning when she noticed Mu Sihan's dark black eyes fixated on Nan Zhi, who was in front of them .

Lan Yanzhi saw Nan Zhi as well . From what he knew, his fourth brother had forced her to become his personal servant at home and the two seemed to be in a cold war recently .

Seeing the two of them act like they were strangers and the defeated look on his fourth brother's face, Lan Yanzhi wanted to laugh . Who were they kidding?

With a 'ding' from the elevator, the doors opened and the head of the broadcasting company stepped out to greet them . The expression on his face was cordial as he warmly welcomed Mu Sihan and his company .

The company had prepared private rooms for the sponsors with higher statuses . The service they received was of a significantly higher level .

Following their greetings, the head of the broadcasting company invited Mu Sihan and his company into the elevator . Nan Zhi was planning to take the next elevator together with Xia Xi when she saw that there were quite a lot of people in the elevator .

Mu Sihan was standing at the front . He had a hand in his pocket as his cold black eyes stared at Nan Zhi, who did not enter the elevator . His expression was especially cold and there seemed to be a berth around him that kept everyone away .

How would Nan Zhi dare to enter the elevator? She pulled at Xia Xi's wrist and inched a little to the side, gesturing to tell the people in the elevator to head up first .

However, the elevator door didn't close .

Lan Yanzhi was pressing the 'open' b.u.t.ton as he smiled wickedly . “Are you two pretty ladies coming in? The elevator is very big and the elevator definitely would not be over-weighed since the two of you are as light as swallows . Hurry and come in . ”

Nan Zhi was speechless .

Xia Xi was speechless as well .

Xia Xi was the first to react . She felt very fortunate to be able to take the same elevator as the two very handsome men . However, Lin Wanyue's gaze was sharp and unhappy .

Xia Xi was naturally optimistic as she pulled Nan Zhi into the elevator together with a smile . When the elevator door closed, she did not forget to turn her head back at Lan Yanzhi and thanked him . “Thank you, handsome . ”

Lan Yanzhi's lips twitched .

Nan Zhi smiled as she nodded at Lan Yanzhi . Lan Yanzhi returned Nan Zhi a handsome lift of his perfect eyebrows .

The pair's genial interaction was taken in by a certain man and his handsome face darkened immediately . He sent a glare at Lan Yanzhi and the latter shrugged his shoulders as he touched his nose with an innocent expression .

Nan Zhi and Xia Xi stood at the most in front of the elevator as they tried to reduce their presence as much as possible . However, Nan Zhi did not know if she was mistaken, but she felt a burning gaze focused on her from behind . It made her feel slightly uncomfortable and restless, she couldn't wait to get out .

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