Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 378

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Chapter 378: Second branch separation

“What's wrong?” Bai Erzhu asked.

Mrs. Zhang sighed and raised the copper coins in her hand and said, “It's only a few pieces of money, even if we don't spend much money for foods, how are we going to survive this winter?”

Bai Erzhu sat down beside Mrs. Zhang and released a long sighed: “I thought niang will give us at least 1 or 2 silver coins, so that we can buy rice noodles until next spring, but who would have thought—-”

Bai Erzhu lowered his head and stayed like that for a long time, but then suddenly, he raised his head and anxiously said: “I think I better join the army. At least we can save one person's rations and get 10 silver coins. You, Zhenzhu and Fugui will not starve to death. We can also save some money for Fugui's marriage.”

Mrs. Zhang quickly shook her head: “No, no, it's terrible on the battlefield. I'm not like your aging mother. What if you die, I don't want to be a widow. I'll just go to my brother's house and borrow some food. Let's talk about other things when winter comes.”

Bai Erzhu felt warmth in his heart. He pulled Mrs. Zhang's hand and hugged her in his arms: “Nevertheless, only you love me dearly.” Remembering how indifferent the old lady while telling him and Fugui to join the arm yesterday, his heart felt cold, but now it finally gets warm again.

Mrs. Zhang was startled by Bai Erzhu's sudden hug, and so she quickly pushed him away: “What are you doing? What if Fugui comes in and see.” Even though she said that her usual cold face finally showed a shy smile.

“Awu, this sword is for you.” Hu Feng took one of the long swords that Awu brought back from the blacksmith shop in the town.

The two swords were: one long and light, one long and heavy.

He had observed Awu. According to Awu's habits, he should be used to a heavy sword, so he deliberately let the blacksmith make two different kinds of long swords.

Awu was so happy that he immediately pulled out the sword to try it. Although it was not as good as the sword he used in the camp, it was better than any ordinary sword in the market.

“Your highness is considerate. I am used to a heavy sword. This sword is just right.”

Hu Feng slightly smiled: “Just use it for now. If I get an opportunity in the future, I will find a much better one for you.”

“Thank Your Highness!” Awu saluted with a closed fist in the chest. Since he knew he was Prince Jin, he could no longer treat him as Hu Feng.

Hu Feng looked around him, when he saw no one is around, he said: “Don't call me your highness. Just call me Hu Feng like before. My ident.i.ty shouldn't be exposed right now.”

Awu nodded quickly, “Yes, Your Highness!”

Hu Feng felt lazy to correct Awu again. When he turned his head, he saw Bai Zhi and Zhao Lan pus.h.i.+ng the cart. He quickly threw the sword in his hand to Awu and rushed forward to help.

Zhao Lan refused to give the cart to him: “Oh, you don't need to help. This is just a simple job, we can do it ourselves. You just rest, you'll go to the army camp tomorrow.”

Hu Feng still grabbed the cart and pushed it to the yard: “It's all right.”

After putting the cart in place, he helped Bai Zhi to bring the empty wooden barrels and bowls to the backyard.

Bai Zhi sat in front of a large tub to wash the dishes, while Hu Feng stood by and watched. No one opened their mouth to speak.

Who knows how long it took before Bai Zhi finally put down the bowl in her hands and then raised her head to look at Hu Feng: “'Can you stop looking at me?”

Hu Feng grinned and said: “Your finally willing to talk to me?”

Bai Zhi's eyes rolled, she turned away her gaze and continued was.h.i.+ng the dishes: “When did I refuse to talk to you? You speak like I am angry with you.”

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