Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Entrusting

“Well, you don't have to blame yourself. It's not your fault. I will make them pay for this account.” Hu Feng said with a deep voice. His calm eyes give off a thrilling sensation to the soul.

Awu wiped away the tears on his face and fell to her knees again in front of Hu Feng: “Your Highness, I, Zhou Awu swear to follow His Highness, I will unsheathe my sword and walk on the sea of fire if it is your will!”

Hu Feng lifted Awu: “It's not necessary to unsheathe your sword and walk in the sea of fire. I really have something to ask of you now.”

Awu busily said: “Your highness, please say.”

Hu Feng turned around and looked out of the half-open window. The green leaves on the pear tree outside the window had begun to turn yellow. After a while, these leaves will start to fall.

He promised to do something to the little girl, but he's afraid that he couldn't do it.

“Awu, after I left, you protect my father, Zhi'er and Aunt Lan. Last time she was beaten with a board, don't ever let that happen again.”

Awu's face drastically changed: “Your Highness, do you really want to join the army? Why?” He couldn't understand it, now that his memory has been restored, he knows that he was Prince Jin. The emperor never announces his death, which proved that the emperor has been waiting for him to come back.

Why should he choose such a dangerous path when he could just return to the capital?

“I want to take back what I lost, and I am going to make those people who harm me pay their account.” Hu Feng turned around and faced Awu again: “If I return to the capital just like this, how am I going to deal with those enemies with big armies? Before facing them, I must have enough power to protect myself or restrain them. Otherwise, the thing 3 years ago will only repeat itself. ”

Awu was shocked and had some realization. If he returned to the capital now, without power and influence, how will he deal with those enemies who wanted him to die? Those people covered the sky three years ago, so what more now?

“But Your Highness, if you join the army alone, how can this subordinate of yours feel at ease? Let this subordinate go with you. Although I don't have much ability, if I am with you, I can take care of some of them.”

Hu Feng shook his head: “My biggest concern now is here. If you help take care of them, that would be the biggest help. Awu, please.”

Awu burst into tears. What else could he do aside from nodding?

Bai Zhi retracted her hand that was about to knock on the door, as warm tears slid down from her cheeks and fell to her palm and burn her heart.

The Bai family finally separated. The five acres of paddy fields were also separated. Each brother will receive two acres, the remaining one will be on the old lady. And because she wanted to follow Bai Dazhu, it means his family will receive three acres.

With their 6 drylands, the first branch will receive 4, while the second branch will receive 2.

They were all still living in the main house. They still shared the kitchen, but the use of rice, oil or salt was separate.

Old Lady Bai still has some money left on her box, but she only gave Bai Erzhu a string of copper coins which equivalent to about 30 copper coins.

The wheat they harvested hasn't been sold yet, but with the current situation, no one can tell the price.

Bai Erzhu was so angry, but in order for them to separate, he was willing to endure this harsh condition. Fortunately, Village Chief Li helped them with the division of fields. At least, he received 2 acres of paddy fields and 2 drylands. Their family can eat and save a bit of money. Saving a bit of money is better than paying for Bai Xiofeng's studies.

Mrs. Zhang, who was holding the 30 copper coins counted the money again and again. The more she counts, the more her eyebrows frown.

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