Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 381

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Awu didn’t move his body a single a bit, he remained indifferent as he looked Bai Dazhu with contempt. Such a reckless man was not worthy to be put in his eyes.

Bai Zhi who was behind Awu took a step forward and said to Bai Dazhu: “We are in a bad mood today, so you better control your temper, as to not cause unnecessary events. Not to mention, if you want to harm yourself, don’t drag other people to your suffering.” Then, she took a glimpse at Bai Dabao. Bai Dabao was not as bold as his father. When he saw the fierce Awu, he was so scared that he hide immediately.

Bai Dazhu sneered: “Stop talking nonsense, do you think you have the right to speak? I’m settling the bill with Hu Changlin right now. But don’t worry, it will be your turn next. You better go home now and prepare the silvers. If I am satisfied with the amount, I may spare you. Otherwise—”

Before Bai Dazhu could finish his words, Zhou Awu pushed him in the chest. He was pushed back a few dozen of the steps and almost fall to the ground.

“Otherwise what? You talk so big have for a simpleton. I am wondering what ability do you have, to talk so rude to Hu Bo and Zhi’er.”

Bai Dazhu didn’t expect Zhou Awu will make a sudden move and he was pushed back so far. He thought it was only because he was caught off guard. In his opinion, Zhou Awu and he were alike, they were both mountaineers. But at most, he had more strength, so it will be very impossible for him to be as strong as Hu Feng.

What’s more, here was Huangtuo Village. Bai Dazhu was a native of Huangtuo Village. What about Zhou Awu? A helper? A tourist? A refugee? Who is he to stay in this village?

Bai Dazhu clicked his tongue and rushed forward. He stretched out his arms and pushed Awu’s chest.

Awu didn’t hide, he just sticks out his chest and let him push him. His body stayed motionless and stood still. Bai Dazhu put a lot of effort but still failed to push Awu for a long while.

“Have you had enough? It’s my turn now.”

Awu suddenly shrank back his chest and abdomen and then released another invincible force, which made Bai Dazhu flew away. Bai Dazhu heavily fell on the ground. His hands became soft, he cannot move them.

In the distance, the crowd who were watching couldn’t help but laugh.

“Is Bai Dazhu’s brain got muddled with water? Who doesn’t know Awu is not someone easy to provoke? Who would think someone that can kill a tiger an ordinary person?”

“Right, and look at the scar on Awu’s face, as well as the scars on his body. Is that a scar an ordinary man can have? Is Bai Dazhu that stupid?”

“I don’t think he is stupid. He just relied on the facts that he is from this village, Hu Feng left, and Awu is a foreigner. He thought Awu wouldn’t dare to do anything to him, but the result was miserable!”

“I think he deserves it. Hu Feng hasn’t gone far yet, he can’t bear to bully people. If Awu is not here, I’m sure Changlin and Zhao Lan will be bullied by him all the time.”

Bai Dabao was also dumbfounded. That Zhou Awu didn’t do anything, so why did his father fly away? However, he didn’t dare to ask Awu about it, he hurriedly helped Bai Dazhu: “Father, are you alright? Are you hurt?”

Bai Dazhu’s face turned pale, his whole body was covered with cold sweat. He said with a trembling voice: “My hands, I can’t move them.”

Bai Dabao looked at his father’s two arms. Goodness gracious, he broke his arms again just like the last time he fought with Hu Feng.

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