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Alexander at this moment was sad, If to advance in the cultivation was difficult and expensive, for him in this life it would be much more difficult than for an average person, and the resources that he would need would be tens or hundreds of times that of an ordinary person and therefore the money would go like water.

He could not help but curse the beast that gave him this bloodline, but when I asked Helena about it she replied: "In my world, the more resources you need to advance to the next level means that your lineage is purer and more powerful".

This left Alexander stunned and asked what he thought of his bloodline: "I don't know, not even in my homeland have I seen or heard of anyone absorbing so much qi just to advance to level 1 Gathering qi"

That enthusiastic response to Alexander but also depressed him, it took six months to fill a wretched acupuncture point, If I continued at this rate it would take decades to fill all acupuncture points, by then I would be an old man.

For now, there were only two solutions, One was to get spiritual stones, Absorbing a spiritual stone was equal to two months of absorbing qi from the atmosphere, Accelerating cultivation by leaps and bounds.

Also in the desolate lands there were no veins of spiritual stones, only being able to get them in mortal countries and that was too far away, I couldn't ask Audrey to go to mortal countries, as she was the most powerful and fastest of them, but still with her speed it would take her years back and years back. Something that was not practical.

Forcing to take the second solution, Refine Training Pills, the pills that are used in the Realm Gathering qi, are called Pure Qi Pills, Each pill equals one month of regular cultivation by absorbing qi from the atmosphere, But that's in its Middle quality, In High quality, its effects are 10 times better and so on with all qualities.

But Alexander had two problems with that, Right now he had the raw materials for those pills but at the rate that he produces and consumes those raw materials would run out, his growth could not keep up with his pace, sooner or later they will run out.

And the second problem is that all pills have to be supreme grade! A pill has impurities and if you take too much of those pills you can end up poisoned or crippled, to avoid that, most people wait a few days before taking the next pill and at that time they detoxify, Alexander didn't want to waste time detoxifying. and the only way to ensure that is with supreme grade pills.

It was because of this scourge that pure Qi middle-grade pills were less popular than spiritual stones, When it was a high-grade pill, the pure Qi pill could ensure 5 months of regular cultivation, while the stone followed in two months, the higher grade 10 months and the supreme grade 20 months! but the high-grade pills forwards were very rare. As for the transcendent quality forwards, Alexander did not know of their effects. There were no such quality records in the books he has read.

If Alexander took six months to fill a point, for the next point it could take double and for the one that follows it will also be double, that is to say, 36 months to open 2 more points, and in his life, he would never leave the Gathering qi.

So he had to make important decisions, the first thing he did was to go to Frey's mansion where the medicinal garden was, and improve them by adding a couple of spheres and flags of Arrays, with this the spiritual liquid would be twice as effective, and collect the necessary herbs for the pure Qi pill. As for Frey, Thanks to Alexander's guide he was at the peak of body refining, and his wrinkled face became smoother as he became middle-aged.

Looking more energetic and happy than ever, Alexander gave him the way into the Gathering qi, After all, Frey was trustworthy, he had earned it.

After that, he went to his villa and in a distant area made two other medicinal gardens which will only focus on the herbs needed for the pure Qi pill.

Before he could not make this pill and now with its strength, it was hardly possible to make it,

So that afternoon he made the first batch of pure Qi pills of supreme grade, for someone with Alexander's ability the supreme grade was relatively simple, only the transcendent grade would be a challenge, in each batch there would be 10 pills, if he reserved one for his mother, Audrey, Frey and his grandparents he would have 5 left for him, enough to advance 100 usual months, That's how a new routine for Alexander began and his cultivation began to advance at a rapid rate.

So 4 months pa.s.sed, Alexander was 9 years old but that was not the important thing, but the news that shocked the region, The princess of the Kingdom Snow would marry the second prince of the Kingdom Alba!

Many were confused with the news because they knew that the third prince (Alba) and the princess (Snow) were cousins, it would have more logic to marry each other, Thus would help the Third prince to ascend to the throne, but marrying his brother was only equivalent to treason, as this makes it easier for the second prince to reach the throne. They will surely break their family ties.

Many people had different reactions among them, all the n.o.bles including the Webber family congratulated the King for getting such an exceptional son-in-law. For his part, the King (Snow) was smiling from ear to ear, accepting compliments and in the spotlight made another announcement: The Queen is pregnant!

This caused all the n.o.bles to congratulate him again and they waited for him to be a man to inherit the kingdom.

As for the Alba kingdom, Even if the king was angry for not asking his opinion about marriage, he was still happy, His son now had a good wife and could surely inherit the throne, After all, it was no secret that his favorite son since the first prince left was his younger brother.

But something strange happened, no n.o.bleman congratulated him or made an announcement about the marriage they just remained silent, Seeing this Alexander could not help but smile, Only the high command of the kingdom knew he was an alchemist, Besides a talented one, Each month he provided more than 10000 high-grade potions to the army, How can you compare him to his brother? for n.o.bles an alchemist of his caliber was juicier than an ordinary genius.

As for his grandparents, he already cared about the things of that grandson of his, in these years every time he arrived at the palace, he would only visit his parents and maternal Grandfather, while the rest he ignored and even reprimanded. He was different from his brothers and sisters, so they were not fond of him. They didn't say anything about their marriage.

The one who did get angry was Anna, Alexander, Frey, Helena, and Audrey who already knew that something like this was going to happen sooner or later, but Anna did not.

That day if it wasn't for all the reinforcement Arrays that Alexander placed in his villa, with Anna's strength he would break his whole house. At the end to calm Anna's anger, some walls and furniture were broken, he even wanted to kill some servants but was stopped by Audrey.

It was as if she was another person, full of instinct to kill, Alexander and Helena could only take a breath of air and promise in their heart never to upset that woman.

In the end, Anna calmed down after a few hours fighting with Audrey and returned in her senses, Although still angry she was already conscious.

She also sent a message to her sister and said: "f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.h, I hope you get another sister's life because if you dare to call me that again I'll take your eyes out and cut out your tongue, As for your little b.i.t.c.h daughter better not show up in front of me in the future that I'll burn her beautiful face to see if second trash prince still likes her deformed face".

Everyone including Alexander, Helena, Frey, and Audrey froze to death upon hearing the message.

These words not only offend one person but also offend the Snow Royal Family, Alba Royal Family, James Clan, and Sea Palace.

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