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Seeing Helena's face, Alexander began to explain vaguely: "It's simple, The spheres spin at such a high speed that it manages to separate the impurities from the qi at a molecular level. Since the qi itself can be compared with the air, they can follow the same principles".

The impurities of qi were due to many things including the air, In the worlds where there were only mortals there were many pollutants that made the air and soil lose their spirituality and become contaminated this damage over time damages the base of the world and that is the qi, Many people thought they could do what they wanted with their world and would not have consequences, but if there were.

In the places with a lower density of qi was not always like that but due to the constant pollution and mistreatment to the earth, the density and purity was decreasing until it reached the current levels. Many people thanks to the excesses of their ancestors could never become strong.

The only thing Alexander did was to separate the impurities from the qi, it is the same as pa.s.sing it through a filter because the air is polluted only more complicated.

Listening to the explanation Helena half understood what Alexander the qi means is born of Heaven and earth if one of the two is polluted the purity of the resulting qi will be much lower. So she saw how fine blue sand was falling into the barrel next to her and said, "What is this?"

"It's the generated residue of purity, I call it "Beast Crystal" "

That's how he focused his eyes on the Crystal and his eyes shone: "Beast Crystal, why is it called that?"

Alexander shrugged his shoulders and said: "Because the energy it contains is just as berserk as the nuclei of demonic Beasts".

Hearing that Helena's expression change: "If that's true, can low-level beasts increase their strength by eating it!"

Alexander Nodded: "Right, not only that can turn common animals into wild beasts or even demonic beasts."

Then Helena's eyes lit up and they said, "That's why you ordered the normal horses and eagles, you want to level them!"

She imagined that Alexander must have a way of controlling the soul, for people like Alexander to mark the soul of a common Animal was simple, and Always that will mark the nucleus even if those animals became more potent than Alexander could not escape the mark of the Soul!

"Right, plus with this environment, Audrey will be able to advance ten times faster to the Elemental Realm."

More than two years ago Audrey made her way from level 12 of the Gathering qi to the half step of the Elemental Realm, but making all the mundane qi in spiritual qi was dozens of times more difficult. Also, the amount of qi needed was tremendous for someone in desolate lands, but because there would be people trapped in this Realm until death?

Due to two factors, One of the low density and purity of qi existing in a desolate land, and two the lack of good cultivation manuals.

Currently, Audrey had already purified 30 of 108 acupuncture points in 2 years, a speed that would make the supreme Elders of the six sects spit blood, In this region Audrey was invincible.

For even if the Elders have all the points purified, their techniques would at best let them open 18 points!

However both Alexander and Helena knew that there were places where pa.s.sing those levels was as easy as drinking water. So there was nothing to be proud of.

(Now I can get into the Realm Gathering qi!)

In these years, Alexander achieved the body refining peak but realized that his body requirements were too high, no matter how many gatherings qi in his body could not penetrate and his qi disappeared into his body without leaving a trace as if something were stealing it. His body was like a bottomless pit that could swallow all the qi in the atmosphere.

Alexander did not care much since in the previous life he had heard of geniuses who could swallow the whole qi in 100 miles in a breath so he attributed it to his innate talent. Since after Helena did not want to tell him how many Seals she has in her body, Alexander had 9 and a half, while Audrey and her mother had 6 seals after the bone marrow cleaning.

While Alexander was immersed in his thoughts, Helena gave Alexander: "Young master what are you doing?"

Alexander woke up and gave Helena like a stupid: "I'm thinking, You should do it is good for your health".

Helena got angry and pointed with a little finger: "I don't mean that, look at your body."

Alexander still confused looked down and could not help but see with surprise, there were threads of qi entering his body as if it was being cultivated automatically, not even he felt he was absorbing qi, It was as if body treated him as Air something essential to living.

After his surprise, Alexander closed his eyes and began to examine where the absorbing qi was going and the answer left him stunned. The qi entered his bloodstream and pa.s.sed through his body nouris.h.i.+ng itself and ending up in his bone marrow, but what he did not realize was that his tenth seal shook slightly as if it was going to open completely.

Alexander couldn't help but exclaim, "What the f.u.c.k is wrong with me?"

After some thought, he couldn't help but think, "Don't tell me it's the bloodline I got from the potion!"

Alexander at this point wanted to curse, the chances of getting such a problematic bloodline were almost nil but it happened to him, because not only did he get a regular bloodline like his mother or Audrey.

He examined his body and everything seemed normal except that his body automatically absorbed qi without control, and Alexander was powerless about it, but what he realized was that when he left his villa and was exposed to qi from the outside world his body despised him and refused to ingest him, This left Alexander with complicated emotions, on the one hand he was relieved that his body did not absorb the qi in front of everyone, but he also felt frustrated by this fussy body, he did not know because he felt that his body will make it much more difficult for him to cultivate than for others.

So the days pa.s.sed and Alexander absorbed like crazy qi every day, until 6 months finally managed to enter the Realm Gathering qi, but every day he felt more discomfort about his bloodline. The amount of qi to advance was too high!

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