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Audrey wanted Anna to see reason and not to send that message to the public, but Alexander stopped her, her strength was already superior to that of the six sects, in that case, why did they have to fear them?

They were hara.s.sing them because they were weak, Besides that the royal family (Snow) and the Webber Family had abandoned them, maybe it was not time to give them back a little of everything they did to their mother!

At this point, Audrey could defeat all the supreme Elders even if they acted together. So his mother was free to do as she pleased. Even if he wanted to threaten a saint, Alexander would not object. Much less some rubbish in the Body refining and Gathering qi.

So the news spread, Within a few days everyone knew what Anna had said and they were shocked.

They threatened to gouge out the Queen's eyes and Burn the princess's face!

She also said trash to the second prince, That insult not only to the prince but to the Supreme Elder of the Sea Palace, since that was his disciple!

In a few prayers he offended four powers, Now many wondered how those powers would respond to Anna's words. And as the ex-ninth concubine would come out of them, many did not give Anna a good chance and thought she would die.

The first to speak was of the Webber family, Anna was expelled from her family and erased from her family tree, In short, they eliminated her existence and her relations.h.i.+p with them.

Before even the other three powers responded, In a snowy peak was an old woman drinking tea calmly, meanwhile, a young man arrived, bowed slightly, with his fists and said: "Old lady I heard you wanted to see me".

When she saw the young man, the old woman sighed and said, "Joseph, you must know what happened to your sister, right?"

When asked, Joseph just nodded.

So the old woman continued: "I'm thinking of sending some Elders to Arrest your sister, Your sister didn't see our face, What do you think?

The old woman thought Joseph would be angry but remained composite and indifferent, and said, "Oh."

The Elderly woman began to look at Joseph curiously, first thinking that he would get angry at him for doing something like wanting to Arrest to one of his relatives, but in reality, he remained indifferent, as if he didn't care.

The old woman raised her eyebrow and said, "Don't you care about your sister?"

Joseph smiled weakly and said, "Of course I care, but I'm not worried about being hurt."

"What do you mean?"

"Old lady wants to hear a story?"

The old woman just stood there looking at the young man and after a few moments nodded.

Thus Joseph began to relate: "In my family my sister Anna in her childhood once had an argument with a cousin, and the latter had one of his servants beat my sister's servant, but do you know what my sister did when she found out about this?"

The old woman paid attention to the story, but changed when a cold smile crossed the young man's face and said: "My sister was so angry that she found the servant, tortured him for three days and broke his spine leaving him paralyzed and you know what happened to my cousin? let's just say that one day he met with an unfortunate accident and ended up traumatized forever."

At that moment the Elder was impressed, she was a child capable of doing that?, and asked the young man: "and your sister was punished for that?"

Joseph shook his head: "It never was, everyone knew it was her but there was never enough evidence to punish her".

Only then was the old woman more impressed, but I hear Joseph say: "My sister is a complicated person who even Helewise fears when she gets angry, When my sister is in a good mood she is an angel but when she gets angry she is cold and ruthless, she could even incite a ma.s.sacre to calm her anger, Besides...".

"Besides, what?", The Elder didn't know why but she felt pressure in her heart and didn't want Joseph to finish the prayer, but she forced herself to invite him.

"She's also brilliant, She knows when to be silent and suffer in silence and when to be arrogant and arrogant, remembers my cousin, She waited a full year and always showed him a sweet smile every day, It was as if she did not keep any anger, but in the end took revenge, If she made a statement so offensive only means one thing, she has the strength to say those words."

"hahaha" At this moment Joseph began to laugh and said: "At this moment Helewise must be more frightened than ever, I would not be surprised if the royal family put a price on Anna's head to calm her, I only have doubts about how my little sister would respond".

While the young man was calm laughing the Elder was meditating if what Joseph said was true he had to treat Anna's strength as equal and not underestimate it. Right now this was just a family dispute, but if I sent out Clan Elders then this already involves the clan. At this point, she could break the engagement and have her disciple apologize to her aunt. The only thing is that she knew what her friend was like and knew that She would no doubt send Elders from the Sea Palace in their anger, but they would not go to Arrest her but to kill her.

The Elder could only sigh and said to Joseph, "Anything else I need to know?"

Joseph thought for a moment and didn't think it was a bad thing to say: "Three years ago I got a letter from my sister (Anna), I already knew that you and the Sea Palace intended to marry the Second Prince and the Princess".

"What? three years ago?" This surprised the Elderly, I hadn't thought Anna was so clever to see only slight traces and give a clear idea, and she couldn't help but mention: "So why didn't you do anything to stop him?"

Joseph shook his head and said: "In the last few years, Helewise short communication with her because of her husband's plans and the Webber family abandoned Anna so as not to upset the royal family, Even if she tried to do something she would only be ignored, The announcement she made took everyone by surprise, they thought she would only suffer it in silence but instead made a threat to make her sister blind and deaf, At this moment even my parents must be nervous", When she finished speaking she saw an Elder immersed in her thoughts, So she only bowed slightly and left in silence. So she only bowed slightly and left in silence.

The Elder didn't get angry about that, she just kept thinking, in the end, she could only sigh and say: "I'll let the Sea Palace test its strength, ah, Old friend I hope you don't blame me, After all, it was because of your foolishness that all this started."

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