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Seeing Helena's confirmation, Alexander nodded and explain: "If you're going to be my a.s.sistant, you have to know the most important thing about the lower realms, before that how old are you? Your behavior doesn't act like your age! A four years old girl!"

"Hahaha" Helena giggle in amus.e.m.e.nt and look at Alexander and said, "You don't look like a five years old child either, well according to my family records human have short-lifespan."

Alexander squinted his eyes and said, "That doesn't matter to you, but you should know that I'm five years old unlike you!"

Helena just smiled and said: "I am 400 years old but it would be equivalent to human four years old".

"So the legends are true," Alexander said with an amazing voice.

According to the legend, the divine beast can live up to ten thousand years even if they had no cultivation. Besides that, elevating their cultivation was as natural as breathing. So even if they slept for a few hundred years they will unconsciously advance their cultivation

It was stated that a divine beast can reach the saint realm as natural as breathing. Alexander never saw a divine beast in his previous life because none had remained after the end of the Ancient Era.

Alexander took a deep breath and asked Helena to sit on the bed with him and said: "Helena, there is something you should know if you plan to live in the lower realm."

Hearing that, Helena expression turned solemn and her beautiful eye lay on Alexander, she didn't want to miss a word he was going to say.

Alexander began to explain: "The lower realms have changed since the three great worlds were separated from the rest, before this the cultivators of the lower realms dreamt to reach the Divine Realm, but this disappeared."

"When this happened, the longing of the cultivators to reach the divine realm diminished gradually. Furthermore, the resources of their natal worlds couldn't sustain their rate of cultivation, so these cultivators decided to leave their worlds and fly into the stars."

"That's how all being of the universe realized how big the universe is, the first cultivators were the pioneers, little by little more and more cultivator flew towards the stars until it becomes something common>"

"According to records, cultivator then realized of how small their home worlds were. As for the details I don't know, but soon there were extreme changes, and the people didn't need the three great worlds to advance in cultivation," Alexander said in longing voice, as in his previous life he had always wanted to fly to the stars and enter a new world.

Listening to Alexander's story, Helena's lovely jaw wide opened, this story was very shocking, the lower realms found a new way!

Alexander saw her expression and said: "Helena don't underestimate the lower beings, perhaps in the ancient era their races were very superior but compare to that time I don't know what are the highest power achieved in this lower realms".

"Also, divine beast should be afraid of special beings."

Helena frowned and asked: "Who?"

"It was said these beings ancestors found remnants of the ancient wars and refined their blood, in which they obtained hereditary bloodlines. I don't know much about it but you should know they can feel other beings with the same bloodlines. I don't know which race you are but if someone with the bloodline of your races feels you, you will be in trouble".


"Because they'll want to refine your blood for their offspring."

"The divine beasts are far superior in strength than the beings of the lower realm, I don't believe they would dare to do that."

Alexander said indifferently: "You still don't understand the value of your blood, the divine beasts just by being born have a foot in the Saint Realm, Something that is inaccessible to countless people, Maybe in your homeland it may be common for them to make their way to that realm but here the difficulty is tremendous, but the problem is that unless the two people have that same bloodline, little by little that bloodline will become thinner, but everything would change if they had a living divine beast, now you understand?".

Hearing that, Helena's expression turned gloomy. She concluded that if the bloodline clans wanted their blood, they would capture them and they would be treated as blood bank until their death.

This can't be covered by the one that already has bloodline but the clans that didn't have one can catch them and get their blood for bloodline!

Alexander shook his head: "I don't want it, rather I don't need it. That's not the only way to get a bloodline. Additionally having a bloodline are not always good, as they sometimes limit their potential. I have heard rumors that if your bloodline is not pure your achievements are also limited, unfortunately, I don't know the details very well".

Helena saw the look of Alexander's eyes didn't contain any malice. She let out a sigh of relief. Her father was not mistaken and in this lower realm, she found someone she could trust.

After digesting all the information an idea came up, she looked at Alexander and asked: "Are the bloodlines clan also a.s.sociate with the G.o.ds and demons blood? "

"Yes they are, but I don't know the specific clan that has them. All the clans with bloodlines are powerful powerhouses. It's impossible for them to be in a small place like this. So, for now, you don't have to worry about them. But if you have any means to contact someone of you clans you should, as this could save them."

"Helena remembers that everything has changed, this is no longer a land where the G.o.ds rule us and demons intimidate us or we wors.h.i.+p the Divine Beasts".

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