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Alexander knew that he had to explain these events, although his knowledge was limited on these matters. He still knew more than the natives of Three Great Worlds, after all, they were never interested in the Lower Realm after their separation.

Today Alexander knew nothing of Helena, but he imagined that she must have more than one closed one descending or already here in the Lower Realm. If he or she were to die for not knowing this, and Helena found out that Alexander knew it from the beginning, this would create cracks in their relations.h.i.+p, so to show sincerity he gave her a clear warning: "The present natives of the lower Realm are not as weak as before".

Now whether she has a method of communicating the issue to her clan, it was her problem. Alexander has already done enough as he already explains them in detail. Now he has more important things to worry than that.

On Helena's side, she was shocked as she couldn't believe that the lower Realm advanced so far since Alexander told her that the highest powers of this Realm were very powerful. Although she did not know if they can be compared to the powers of her homeland, she still decisively will report this matter to her father. So, for a few more hours she asked Alexander questions and Alexander patiently answered everything.

After the conversation, Helena had a better understanding of the Lower Realm, though she did not know everything she understood as much as Alexander explanation.

In her homeland, she was not the weakest but due to the prerequisite to make her clan expense less cost to descend, many of the descendants voluntarily abandoned their cultivation and only the guardians of the group kept their cultivation.

Remember, they are a divine beast until they reach a certain stage, their cultivation will be as easy as breathing. The only thing they need was time until they get their cultivation back. Because of that Helena was frantic with worry if any of her clan members met the bloodline cultivator and enslaved them, it would be a hard blow to her clan!

So Helena rushed toward her room and took a device out of nowhere, Helena had spatial storage!

This was a divine artifact that her father gave her to communicate with her in case of emergency or to let her know when her father arrived. Helena went to the nearest desk and began to write down everything she had acquired from Alexander in the letter.

This communication device has several methods and can even projection of the receiver, unfortunately, it consumed too much energy. Helena can't afford to waste any energy.

After half an hour, she finished writing on several letters explaining the situation in the lower realm, hoping it will be able to help her parents.

She placed the letter in the artifact and took out a stone. The energy stone appeared in her delicate hand and insert it in the artifact. This all happens within a second but the leakage of the energy before it was consumed by the artifact had caused the Qi in the atmosphere of the Kingdom improved several folds!

Although everything had happened within a second it was enough to make people realized the impact in the atmosphere. As for Alexander, he blamed her for this cause. He knew the girl was from a prominent background and it was normal for her to have things that ordinary people that can only be dreamt of. But Alexander wasn't interested in it much less stealing it from the girl. Her things are hers if he wanted anything he will get it himself.

Alexander observes the qi in the atmosphere and lets out a sigh. This effect will take several months to reverse it. Under this dense qi condition, many martial artists will advance and become a false cultivator. So Alexander decided it was time to move to the next phase of his plan and called Audrey.

Meanwhile, Helena was staring at the divine artifact who were emitting light and the letters slowly disappeared. After that Helena let out a sigh of relief and leave the rest to her parents. She didn't know how to communicate with those who already descended. So she just went back to Alexander's room.

Shortly after that, in the World of Ten Thousand Races, Prik Mountain Range.

A middle-aged blond man was reading some letters, their letters came directly to him, and when he saw they were from his daughter. He a.s.sumed that she was going to tell him about her master was like, but he was wrong.

Reading the letters, he learned the whole situation of the lower realms but in summary, it was "They are not weak", the Three Great Worlds didn't know anything about the lower realm since eons so they a.s.sumed the lower realm was the same as then, from what he fathom in the letter. The natives no longer needed to ascend to the divine realms, but they traveled through the stars. As for the details it wasn't stated in the letters, but he knew for one thing.

There are powers that could stand toe to toe with the powers of the Three Great Worlds!

The middle-aged man couldn't prevent the emotion flooding from his heart. All this time he thought that the Three Great Worlds abandoned the rest of the universe but now it seems like they restricted they own growth if what the letter says was true.

It meant that the "lower realm" there are powers that could break through the barrier that separates them, but they didn't do it. They could force their way in if they wanted to. But they didn't it could only mean one thing, for them it wasn't worth coming here.

Here there were countless experts, countless beings ascended from the lower realm every day, but they isolated themselves and the universe forgot them. They continued their lives without them, just as they did without the lower beings. They didn't even know if they could call them that now.

Now living in these worlds was peaceful, there was almost never any war or anything like that, for many it would be a paradise.

But there were those bloodline cultivators, according to what the letter said. In the lower Realms, there were methods to refine the blood of divine beasts, G.o.ds or Demons.

Each of these cultivators has an innate talent far superior to the ordinary cultivation. What made many coveted the bloodline, many said that just by tasting some of the blood of a divine beast, the innate talent would rise drastically.

According to the letter, these beings highly valued the purity of the blood and its bloodline. So much so that they only married within the clan, otherwise their bloodline will become thinner and thinner until it ceases to exist. So if they found a G.o.d, Divine Beast or Demon.

They will most likely use it as a blood bank to increase the purity of their members. Something extremely outrageous.

Today all beings from the lower realm, treated the Three Great world as mythologies, and even think that they are extinct. But only the powerhouses know the truth. And that there must be powerhouses that were not dependent on the Bloodline prevented the clans from invading the three great worlds.

After all, if that happens, the strength of the bloodline clan will rise exponentially. And they could even destroy and control the powers that were formerly their rivals or enemies.

At this moment the man was frantic, his world had become something coveted by many. The only thing he could do was to reveal this information to the rest of the three great worlds and talk to the elders of his clan. There can be no mistake in this if he failed there could be only one end it was the extinction of his race.

He still couldn't believe that the lower realm natives were so strong. This will affect their plans, furthermore, the creation of the fourth great world is getting closer and closer!

At this moment he just wanted to curse his ancestors for making that decision!

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