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Melodious laughter reverberated through the room, Alexander was staring at the girl who let out that laughter, it wasn't because he was moved rather he was solemn.

Alexander showed a serious expression and ignored the laughter and said "Stop laughing, you still haven't told me why you descended to lower realm. For someone who was born cradle with gold. Besides, there are many things you can get from the higher realm conversely not in a lower realm. So explain to me why you are here?"

Helena wiped her gleeful tear and said: "The end of an era"

"The end of an era?"

Helena began to explain: "Before I was sent here my father mention the end of the Desolate Era is near!"

"Normally the period of an era is eons away, how can you be so sure that an era going to end in such precision and besides what does this have to do with your descent? "

"My father and the other oracles in the three great worlds prophesied the same thing, there can be no mistake. They also prophesied that the changes will take place in the lower realm! But I wasn't told of the details."

"Wait… wait… if the beings of the three great worlds prophesied that, doesn't that mean not only the divine beasts but also the G.o.ds and Demons have descended into the lower realms?"

"Right, all the powerhouses that could send someone did it, it doesn't matter if they were G.o.ds, Divine beasts or Demons."

Hearing this, it was like thunder struck on Alexander, he couldn't believe it. For beings of the lower realms, the G.o.ds or Demons were just a fairy-tail from myth. Some people have doubted the existence of the higher realm as eons had pa.s.sed. And it's been eons since the last "ascended" but now these beings were coming to the lower realm.

What was going to happen to the higher beings without power backing?

He looks at Helena straight into her eyes and asked, "What's going to happen?"

Hearing his question, Helena just shook her head and replied: "I don't know, my father didn't give me details, I just know that countless youth from my clan descended to the lower realm".

"Only the youth? What about the elders of your clan?"

Helena sighed and said: "The elders of my clan are too powerful, Even my father couldn't descend, so all the high ranks of my clan came together to create a small door for the lower Realm".

Alexander placed his hand on his chin and thought of what he heard, but soon shook his head and said, "Things can't be that simple."

"What do you mean?"

"Eons ago, the three great worlds damaged the universe itself, this had damaged its laws and vitality, in simple terms, it was as if they cut off an arm to the universe. Helena if someone cut off your arm, how would you react?"

"I would get angry!"

"So, why would the universe react differently?"

Hearing that, she recalled last time she met the ancestors of her clan, they all looked badly wounded, pale and weak. When she asked her father, he only told her that they suffered a setback in their cultivation.

But if you thought, these elders were old enough to partic.i.p.ate in the creation of the micro-universe, it was their great-great-grandfather's generation!

Looking at Helena who was in deep thoughts, Alexander expressed his theory: "There are two possibilities, the lower realm couldn't support beings of that level or else level the micro-universe could end their lives".

Knowing that Helena's eyes were wide open in shock, she had never thought about the possibilities because her father only mentions that they couldn't come down because the clan couldn't afford the risk.

"But then, couldn't they just reunite the micro-universe with the whole universe? Wouldn't that solves the problem?"

"It's not that easy, your micro-universe is no longer belongs to the rest of the universe, if you forcefully rea.s.semble it, it could cause destruction, just think of breaking rock into half is much simpler than joining two pieces of rock to create a big rock!"

Helena let out a sigh, feeling desolated she thought what Alexander said was true breaking something through using force was easier than forcefully joining something together, it was near impossible.

Alexander chooses to change the subject and asked: "Why are you alone and where are the rest of your clan?"

Helena just said: "I don't know, my father sent me here, he said to learn and follow the person who could break his illusion, he told me that this was the safest way for me. As for the rest of my clan, every period of time a small group of people descends, my father said they did not want to attract the attention of the highest powers of the lower Realm, So my clan descends in small groups and they were given the order to hide and train until the time came when the older generation descends".

Hearing that, the first thing that came out of his mind was chaos. If the G.o.ds, Demons and Divine beasts descended into the lower realms the rivalry will become more menacing, than ever.

As for issues regarding teaching Helena, he had no problem. He didn't want someone useless beside him. And besides, he didn't dare to mistreat her as she might complain to his mother. He didn't want to think about it.

Alexander turned solemn and said: "if you want to learn I can teach you, but under the condition that what I teach you are forbidden to share with your clan and no bragging"

Suddenly Alexander emits his bloodl.u.s.t and said: "If you betray me, I don't care if your father is a supreme divine beast. I will chase you to the ends of the universe and kill you. Now you still don't know me but very soon you will know that f.u.c.king schemes don't work with me.

Sensing Alexander bloodl.u.s.t, Helena couldn't help but alarmed and nodded hastily. If it was another inferior being she would scoff it off and mocked him for his arrogance, but her father's words echoed in her mind. "The person who you will meet are not simple."

Helena knew very well how wise her father is, her mother had once told her that there was a time an elder of the clan tried to usurp him and drawn schemes against him but her father just let him be. Her mother didn't know the details but the elder and his families were all exterminated. From that moment no one dared to covet the patriarch position.

Someone as wise as her father ever wrong to judge a person?

Many times she had been told to never judge a book by its cover, and never disregard the advice of elders.

In the end, she chose to trust her father's judgment.

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