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Two weeks later, Alexander was walking the streets with Anna as he held her hand.

Alexander was red as a beet, while he was mumbling angrily: "Why I have to go and buy stupid clothes..." While Helena laughed discreetly at Alexander's misfortunes, and Audrey followed Anna with Helena in her arms. After all she looked like a four year old while her real age was 400. Next to Audrey were Karen and her mother.

Arwen by his side was immersed in technology and human food that was left resting in the hotel.

Today was his last day in the Republic, Alexander had already fulfilled his commitments and had refined all the orders for pills provided by Ashley's father.

In total he refined over 9,000 Elementary Pills High Grade and 900 Spirit Revival Pills High Grade. While maintaining 1,000 Elementary Pills and 100 Spirit Revival.

Ashley's father thought he had a 90% success rate, enough to make him afraid and more paranoid that Alexander was the young master of a power he could not offend. After all, to nurture such a genius in Alchemy, his background couldn't be easy. Not even the most outstanding Alchemists can have a 90% success rate in the 2-Rank Pills!

When he received the 900 Spirit Revival Pills he was in shock, he received three times more than he expected to receive.

In addition to this he added to Alexander's wealth over 1.35 billion Gold coins, 3.7 billion Gold coins and 12.5 million Spirit Stones 9-Grade. along with 200 Spirit Stones 8-Grade. A year and a half ago his fortune was around 20 million Gold but now he has multiplied his fortune 185 times!

In his homeland, Walter had spent decades acc.u.mulating wealth for just a few million gold, but now Alexander managed to make thousands in just a few months! The wealth of the Uri Republic was too much compared to the Alba Kingdom and the countries in the Desolate Land. Not to mention that the Uri Republic was a small country in the county.

These pills could create 400-500 Spirit Realm Experts!

That strength would be comparable to a quasi-first order power, just below the eight sects, Ten Clans, Three Countries, Four Chambers of Commerce and Ten financial groups!

Well that's a.s.suming the Cordner family was 400 Peak Spirit Half Step Experts, which they didn't have but over the years they could acc.u.mulate Spirit Experts as long as one member reached the Peak Half Step Spirit .

So since it was her last day, Anna went out with her son to go shopping for gifts for her ex-in-laws and that a.s.shole's other wives. Besides clothes for her son and Helena after all in the days when Alexander was busy refining the pills she and Audrey had made mischief with their money and bought a mountain of clothes for them.

Having an alchemist's son was good, Anna even envied a little the woman who would be her son's wife.

But she still didn't care, she was his mother, she must have easy access to her son's wallet!

She had to take precedence over her daughter-in-law after all. Audrey, hearing Miss Anna's way of thinking, could only feel sorry for Alexander's future wife.

It is true that Miss Anna earns money on her own but if we compare it with the amount earned by Alexander, Alexander could easily earn in one day what Anna earned in half a year.

All day long, Alexander was in a bad mood as he visited shop after shop, while Helena was like a little princess trying on clothes after clothes without getting tired at all. While Anna bought her everything that fit.

At midday, Alexander was more stressed out than when he was fighting three days and three nights in a death match. Luckily they had chosen to rest in a first-cla.s.s restaurant.

At this point he would rather go and kill demonic beasts all the way to Alba Kingdom than enter another shop. In his heart he could only scream: "d.a.m.n MORTAL CONSUMER WORLD", Hara.s.sment not only a few changes of clothes were necessary for life? Today he had bought over 50 and Helena had bought over two thousand items, including dresses, shoes and accessories!

Why women like to have so many clothes was a mystery to Alexander!

In the restaurant, while he was eating, Alexander listened to the group inside the dining room. This was an elite restaurant so there would be good rumors about elites.

Of course there were Arrays for privacy but those Arrays were effective with Alexander?

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So he started listening to conversations in the dining room and in the private rooms. Inside a room on the third floor was a group of middle-aged men who looked like senior executives from local companies and banks holding a meeting. Then one of them said: "You have heard the latest news, It is said that the Big Three Countries are losing population by leaps and bounds, even their big internal powers are migrating to the new lands".

Another man sighed and said, "It's not just the Big Three countries but the whole region is losing experts, it's said that Spirit Experts are now becoming scarce."

One man frowned and said, "But there were no rumors that among the major powers of the region they had broken their bottleneck and entered the Profund Half-Step."

Hearing that, many sighed inwardly, many of these men represented transnational groups and conglomerates of Martial families, they were miserable dogs of the mortal world who devoted themselves to generating wealth for those families, but they knew a few things about the Cultivators' World, y They knew that there were rumors in the region that the old ancestors of the Great Powers were half step Profund, but they did not know if they were alive or dead as they did not show themselves unless it was necessary, many said that they were in a state of hibernation to avoid burning their little remaining vitality.

The only powers capable of deploying the Half-Step Profund experts for an attack would be the four Great Chambers of Commerce however they were based in city states in the border area so it could be said that the martial peak of the region was the 9-Level Spirit Realm.

However in recent months that changed, it was said that several renowned experts from the previous generation who had been for several decades in the 9-Level Spirit, all these had been geniuses of their generation who after reaching the peak of the younger generation of that time tried to make a name for themselves in the violent border area with its countless powers and city states, However, many did not make it and others ended up dead. Here they could be geniuses but in the border area their strength was average among their generation.

So these young men came back stronger than before and became Elders of their powers until they were slowly forgotten or just remembered as the geniuses they were in their youth, however all that changed a short time ago, all these names were being reborn and returning to their former glory, the reason was simple after breaking the Half Step Profund their cultivation did not stop advancing by leaps and bounds.

It was as if their old glory days were returning. Many said that thanks to their decades of acc.u.mulation they could easily reach the Peak Half-Step Profund, but there were doubts that they would reach the Profund Realm.

In more than ten thousand years no genius from the region has ever reached that Realm, many geniuses went to bigger Heavens to achieve it but none had returned. Many said that they did not want to return to these arid lands others said that they had died half way.

Hearing that one man said: "All those who recently broke away are leaving, it is said that the area around the spiritual qi is much denser and purer than in the Big Three countries but most importantly that land has no owner!"

With the words of Man, many sighed, others shook their heads, a land without an owner!

If a small and weak Clan were to find an opportunity or a source of wealth, it would not be disconcerting if in a couple of decades it were to develop into a large local clan and even a regional power.

These unowned lands were places that anyone could take for themselves without worrying about offending anyone! And they could develop explosively, it was not uncommon for powers of all sizes to seek out a corner of the new land.

Everyone knew that this reached the point where alliances were formed to try to monopolize the new lands by the top clan and sect powers. The Big Three countries mobilized much of their army for the new lands, while the powers stationed in the border area, Many were branches of power in the old 4-Grade zone, these were left in disorder trying to communicate with their headquarters to take the next step, meanwhile they sent small groups of exploration , while the other independent powers mobilized with all their forces to claim a piece of land.

If the Sects or Clans did not fear some powers in the border area that would take too much profit, they would not form an Alliance.

Alexander, because of his past experience, knew what the border areas looked like and understood what was going on, The Continent had existed for at least fifty thousand years and all the mountains or qi-rich places were occupied by countless powers, it was too rare a land without an owner, If someone wanted to found a power or a clan they would have very limited options, not to mention that their growth will be limited, as resources will be monopolized by local tyrants and they will not allow new players to share a piece of cake, as their slice will become smaller and smaller. Hopefully they will only get the resources that the tyrants are not interested in.

With the new lands, however, there were endless opportunities!

It was a chance for small powers to migrate to a place with abundant untapped resources to use at will, Alexander was sure that there must be countless natural treasures and spiritual veins in those lands. That could also translate into excellent environments for cultivation, countless pills and spiritual stones.

So men and women began to talk about the latest events pa.s.sionately, Until a man with white hair came, this made everyone shut up, This was the man who invited them to meet, the man by his side said: "Gentlemen, we have problems, the communication network is failing more and more "

This a.s.sertion caused many to show incredulous expressions, and one woman said in confusion: "Sir, that's impossible, don't communicators work no matter how far away they are, it's impossible that..."

The man expected that and said: "The magic engineers say that the quantum laws have suffered changes that they cannot explain, so quantum technology is suffering serious problems, not only communications, but transport and aircraft with quantum engines became ten times slower, everything is slowly falling apart...", the man kept talking but Alexander did not pay attention to him anymore, if what that man said was true...

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