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As Alexander knew, in ancient times Cultivators used so-called communication talismans made by the Masters Talisman.

Talisman masters could be considered a branch of the Array Masters, since they used the so-called runes which were the most primitive level of the Arrays, but not because of that they were easier to understand, they were like another Dao or different path to follow that could compete with the Array masters and Dial masters!

The Talisman masters as their name suggests manufactured talismans and jades to sell, just as an alchemist sold his pills.

There were several types of talismans, Attack, Defense, Field, Healing... but the most important one was the Talisman of communication!

In ancient times for great distances you could only use communication talismans!

What was the problem?

One word: Latency!

There were talismans that ensured its proper functioning as long as two talismans are not separated by more than 100,000 miles, however if the two talismans were separated by more than that distance, the message would take longer depending on the distance, it could be minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries or even never the message would arrive.

Of course there were talismans of greater distance but the more distance they were the more expensive, so much so that only a few could buy them and even the Alchemists who were known for their wealth would have trouble with their pocketbook to buy them.

Because of this, when the communicators arrived from the magic engineers the communication talismans were practically thrown away. The communicators were ridiculously much cheaper, had no distance limits for communication and could a.n.a.lyze the Cultivator's body!

This made most of Talisman masters very affected, from one day to the next 80% of their sales disappeared and their wealth was seriously hurt, this made people think twice before becoming a Talisman Master, making the Talisman masters more and more rare over the years. They were not extinct but if compared to the numbers of the Alchemists or Array Masters they seemed to be extinct.
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After all, people wanted to be alchemists because it brought great benefits, it was a sure path to wealth.

But the Talisman masters lost their star product, making even a Beast Tamer richer than a Talisman master today. They weren't poor but their profession was much less profitable.

The only thing the Talisman Masters did was to develop new and better Talismans, this made the profession recover a little bit but they never went back to what they were before, maybe now they would have a second golden era for the profession.

Besides the fact that the transports with quantum engines suffered big speed drops, it can only mean that there were big changes in the quantum realm. Alexander could only sigh.

It seems that going home will be a bit difficult and you have to go back to the beginning with these changes.

Anna, when she saw her son not touching the food, said: "Is something wrong?"

Alexander could only respond with a smile: "Nothing" and began to eat.

After eating Helena and the other women ran back to the hotel, Helena couldn't wait to tell Arwen about her day and try on clothes she had bought for Anna and the others.

Arwen was prejudiced against humans, but because of Helena, she was trying to give the women's group a chance. Meanwhile Alexander sat quietly and pulled out a map of the nearby countries, to choose the next starting point where to move.

The countries neighboring the Uri Republic were the same as the Uri Republic so it was not worth moving through them, so it was better to stay in the Republic.

At first Alexander wanted to go to one of the three Great Countries, Cropening Empire, however after seeing the distance that was between the republic and the empire, he discarded it, he spent too much money.

He did some research on the area and had to choose the neighboring country of the Greck Empire, The Gahyll Empire, ruled by the Gahyll Clan. It was a middle country that had numerous 9-Grade Spirit Stones, The Uri Republic was in the sphere of influence of the Greck Empire along with two dozen other similar countries, so the country where many of the disciples of the eight ruling powers was the Greck Empire, The Uri Republic was already a hundred times larger than Alba Kingdom but if you compare the republic with the other countries in the area was a small country, While a country like the Greck Empire can be considered a middle country along with many other countries. In the end they also lowered their heads against the High Countries. Since these countries were all in the Alliance of a Thousand High Countries.

This was the greatest opposition to the conquest by the three Great Countries and the main reason why there are no large-scale wars in the region. The Big Countries already occupied ⅓ of the lands themselves and if they launched another expansionist wave it would not be uncommon for them to launch themselves to conquer half or more of the lands in the county.

The reason was simple, The Big Countries said: "Either you join the alliance and sign a non-aggression pact or I will annex you as one more duchy", which made countless medium and small countries sign a treaty and agreed to finance certain areas of the alliance. Every year came to the headquarters of the alliance mountains of spiritual stones and gold to train troops in case of an invasion, not to mention that there are countless fortresses as rivers on the borders, ie the three Great Countries have much of the territory, so much that selvedge more than a thousand leaders to join to avoid being conquered, If they were conquered, they with their families would be slaughtered mercilessly.

Perhaps the other countries have the remaining ⅔ of the county lands but they were the poorest lands while the three Great Countries had the richest, because of this one could say that they were equal in resources and labor.

As to why choose the Gahyll Empire, their ruling family was a Blacksmith Clan so blacksmithing and craftsmans.h.i.+p was predominant in that empire, it should be easier to buy Spirit Cloud aircraft, plus with the decreasing speed of the aircraft, they must have lowered their prices, Right?

Thinking of this, he sighed and let the women have their fun, saying, "I'll go in to Cultivate," running to his room.

Anna, seeing her son being so diligent with his cultivation, couldn't help but be emotional and say, "You can tell he's my son."

But soon she heard a sarcastic voice.

"Yeah, you didn't take naps morning, noon and night at your age,"

"She also didn't skip her and go out to play in the family's backyard."

"I forgot to say when she acted for a month that she had lost her memory because she didn't want to learn etiquette."

Hearing that, Helena, Arwen and the other women were silent but Anna felt those words pierce her pride one by one and could not help but turn red from the things she had done as a child and say, "Audrey, don't spread the shame of others! "But Audrey just said, 'Yes, yes."

Which made the women's group laugh and Helena asked with light in her eyes, "Miss Audrey has other stories to tell?"

Audrey just smiled slyly and Anna showed an ugly expression, The ghosts of her past are still haunting her!

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