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Hearing Elder Jhor's explanation, everyone's eyes in the room lit up.

Among the mines, there were always bigger and smaller veins, and the 9-Grade mines within the Republic compared to other 9-Grade mines were very small since they could only produce 10 million a month. There were mines that could produce even 100 million in a single month and now their mine could produce those 100 million monthly and 1,200 million in a year.

For your clan's finances, it would be a big boost!

They could import more resources from abroad and even provide common disciples with the same treatment as before only central disciples have! Not to mention that now these disciples could have access to better resources, The alchemists will have access to more raw materials. and the family's top managers would be even richer than they are today.

The Elders could already imagine that a couple of years the integral strength of their Clan increases by leaps and bounds.

Gabriel in his ecstasy asked Jhor: "How many 8-Grade and 7-Grade stones could appear now?"

This question also caught the eye since for them, Half Spirit Experts, the 9-Grade stones were not so important.

In the world, 9-Grade stones were the tonic of the Qi Gathering experts.

For the Elementary experts, those stones would lose some of their effects, but if one wanted to have a quiet cultivation session, they would have to have thousands of them.

Only 8-Grade would be able to keep up with their cultivation since it not only contained a hundred times more than 9-Grade but was 100 times purer!

Previously the Clan between headquarters and branches had more than one million members, of those a couple of tens of thousands were Elementary Experts and the rest due to their limited talent or lack of resources were Body refining or IQ Gathering Realm experts.

It wasn't that the Clan didn't want them not to be stronger but they were too many members and their resources were limited. The few resources they have a focus on talented people or people with powerful parents.

His small mine could not reach for all the members of the Clan and not to mention the taxes of the republic paid in gold, A sect although it had internal families could afford to expel people who do not meet certain requirements In addition to them for The regular only recruit young people over 16 years, A Clan was different than a sect, shared a surname and blood, if they threw their members in the trash could gradually generate a distance and internal breakdown of the Clan, so many clans send untalented people to open branches in remote cities or towns or desolate lands to avoid wasting resources on their descendants, these families did not have much to do with the headquarters and even if they exterminated them the family would only make noise and kill some few scapegoats to keep face.

The only way to return to the main family was for the families of the branch to give birth to geniuses capable of s.h.i.+ning in the main Clan. Each branch had 5 slots every year to send their best youth to train under the resources of the Main Clan. However, if they did not fulfill certain requirements such as Advancing a certain Realm at a certain age, they would be returned to their branch but at least they would be able to become powerful Elders of their branch.

Every year thousands of young people returned to their branches while thousands more reached the main Clan, but only a few remained. Just as some other members born in the main Clan stayed, they left to form their own Clan Branch. Since even in the main branch people with little talent were born and in the Uri Republic, there were hundreds of thousands of small towns and cities to install a branch, if the descendant was encouraged it could even be founded in a medium or large city.

Because of this, the burden of resources in the Clans was much higher than in the Sects. And not to mention the tens of thousands of Elementary Experts, more than 50% of them were only in 1-Level, all due to three reasons.

The lack of Elementary Pills and the lack of Adequate Spiritual Stones and a Lousy Cultivation Environment.

The first thing is that if the Clan will buy more than 40,000 Elementary Pills Middle Grade abroad every month, it would have to disburse, it would have to disburse more than 48 thousand 8-Grade Spirit Stones and perhaps not even be able to meet the internal demand of the Clan. Given that the monthly income of the Clan was about 8000 8-Grade Spirit Stones, in other words, it would be impossible for the Clan to keep all its members, it could only focus on its elite.

Right now they had spent almost 100,000 8-Grade Spirit Stones of their treasure to hire the services of several Array Masters from a foreign power in order to set up a Gathering Qi Array to be able to increase the Density of Qi in Cordner City. This could cause the density in the City to increase several folds and even its medicinal garden will improve.

In Cordner City, most of the family's Elementary Elementary experts were installed, only a few were abroad or large branches after the main branch. The location of this City was thought strategically because here the density of Qi is five times higher than in other places of the republic. Comparable to the other sites where the other governing powers are installed.

Since for power its geography and environment were extremely important to become strong and prosper. Before the change in the environment due to the Big number of Elementary Experts in the City if everyone started to cultivate the density of qi in the city at the same time, it would be severely affected by affecting the Elders Half-Step Spirit Peak who tried to attack the Spirit Realm that they were in their seclusions in the center of the City inside the underground cultivation chambers.

All of them were over five hundred years old and almost reached the end of their useful life if they managed to reach Spirit Realm they could get 200 more years of useful life. Currently, the Clan had 8 Elders Peak, but they hadn't shown up in more than three decades and many doubted if they were alive.

Due to the change in the environment, the spiritual Qi of the Atmosphere became purer and denser which made it much more suitable for Elementary experts and even without elementary pills they were advancing at a decent pace without talking about the Qi Gathering or Body Refining, all were advanced by leaps and bounds.

Because of all these problems, the importance of the 8-Grade Spirit Stones was essential.

The more stones of that Grade the mine can generate, the better the Arrays, Pills and could even nurture many more talents of Alchemists or Arrays Masters within the Clan. and less dependence on taxes on citizens of the Republic will have.

Seeing everyone's gaze in the room, Jhor showed a complex expression and said, "I honestly don't know."

Gabriel showed interest and said, "What happened?", while the other Elders fell silent to hear the explanation. from Jhor.

Jhor just sighed and said: "According to the geologist, the mine extends for tens of thousands of miles and has the potential to generate 100 million 9-Grade Spirit Stones, but he also said that the Qi of the spiritual Vein became much purer. and slowly it is expanding towards the veins of spiritual stones, "After that Jhor paused and saw everyone in the room.

Hearing that, the Elders and Gabriel took a breath of cold Air, After a few seconds, Gabriel said doubtfully: "saying, what do I think you are saying?"

Jhor showed a doubtful expression and said: "I don't know, I only know that after the Change in the environment the miners instead of finding two or three 8-Grade stones per day found 5 every day, then 7, After 10, The number increases on average every three or five days, Currently until today the mine generates twenty 8-Grade Spirit Stones and 600 monthly but that could change tomorrow to 630 or 660 or it can stagnate, It is not yet known but according to what has been studied this is far from stabilizing "

Gabriel to listen that, he could not help showing his disbelief, It was already surprising that the veins of the mine would expand and now Elder Jhor is saying that the quality of the stones produced is continuously increasing. Only that thought made me think I was living a dream.

If you were asked if you wanted a 9-Grade or 8th-Grade mine, you would choose the 8-Grade mine even if you could only produce about ten thousand stones a month and the other 1,000 million monthly.

Now their old mines that had been exploited for thousands of years were changing. If this continued and they could have 100 8-Grade stones per day, it would be 36 thousand annually equivalent to 360 million 9-Grade Stones plus the original 1,200 million.

This is equivalent to 1,560 million in annual Clan revenue only for the mine. This was a world of difference to its previous 120 million. The revenue from the mine will far exceed the tax revenue!

Gabriel leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Currently, the majority of income came from the taxes of the Republic. However, Gold was not very useful for cultivators and less for a Clan with as many members as the Cordner Clan. The gold was going as fast as it came, many members even had their own businesses or private ways to win Spirit Stones, however, because there were only 8 mines in the entire Uri Republic, everyone had to go to other more powerful countries and with Easy access to Spirit Stones.

So hearing this, it was very good. at least at the internal level, it should be able to meet the basic needs. An idea shone in his mind but he quickly shook his head. If this was happening with his mine, it is very likely that this will happen with the other mines in the territory of the republic, not only that, but that changes may occur if they are occurring in the neighboring countries and their powers become even richer.

In the end, he could only sigh: "In the end, we will always be poor"

The Elders in the Salon were exalted by the declaration of their Patriarch but then they understood what he meant. and they also sighed, they were not the only ones who were receiving that momentum in their mines and even the superpowers would become much more tyrannical, They all had small 7-Grade Mines if those significant changes happened to them in their small mine, they could only Swallow to imagine the changes.

In the end, Gabriel felt a bittersweet taste, He felt as if someone would increase his salary and instead of paying him in Silver coins they pay him in Gold but at the time of going out he learned that now everyone in the city wins in Gold, They were richer but also the costs increased in the same way.

Even if the strength of its Clan increased, the general strength of the other powers will also increase and its Clan would remain an Uncla.s.sified Power like countless others throughout the county.

Gabriel was of little encouragement to continue with the meeting, and the rest of the issues were of little importance. and I ask: "Anything else?"

Upon hearing, the Patriarch's question an Elder said: "Patriarch, In the capital recently the Crown Prince of the Clan Greck and an 11-year-old boy had a fight, Patriarch Doty does not know what to do, The Crown Prince came to the branch from the capital to ask for Doty's granddaughter's hand and she's staying in the Clan's residence… "

Before the Elder finished, Gabriel raised his hand and said," We don't need to do anything, I'm already aware of the situation if that child did not go to demand the head of the branch of the capital means that he does not want to put in an awkward situation "

This made the Elder frown and said:" But if we do nothing, we are not offending the Clan Greck? "

To that another Elder showed a mocking expression and said:" Didn't you find out that someone is spending a fortune for every head of the high command of the Clan, This Clan on the black market is easily worth about 200 million 7-Grade spirit Stones, right now They must be thinking of hiding, even if they sent someone for that prince, they wouldn't have the time to do something against the family "

200 million 7-Grade Spirit Stones! Hearing that the hearts took a leap, that was equal to Two trillion 8-Grade Spirit Stones!

How many years would I have to save to achieve that sum? with their expenses, it takes tens of thousands of years. That amount of Spirit Stones may neither have the first-order power in your treasure after thousands of years of savings. The idea of ​​killing the crown prince pa.s.sed through the mind of more than one Elder but quickly vanished. They knew that the Greck family had more than one expert in the late stage of the newly promoted Spirit Realm, even if they were very old and did not have latent potential, they were still very strong and could easily annihilate their Clan.

Thus the theme of the Greck Clan just when the patriarch wanted to Finish the meeting, an Elder entered the room and all eyes met on him. Hoping he had to say that Elder, if the reason he entered was not valid enough, he would undoubtedly be punished.

The Elder without expecting anything said: "Patriarch the Eight Elders of the Seclusion Core, Apparently the 8 managed to enter the Spirit Realm, Starting today our Clan Cordner has 8 Spirit Experts! "

Upon hearing that, Everyone showed disbelief and ecstasy, n.o.body thought that those old men with half of their legs in death had the opportunity to enter the Spirit Realm, They were all geniuses hundreds of years ago that they went to gain experience abroad but they all saw each other in an immovable bottleneck in the Spirit Realm Half-pa.s.s Peak so they returned to the Clan but still could not advance through what they entered into seclusion and will only leave if the Clan was about to be exterminated or as Spirit Experts.

One must understand that entering a new Realm was extremely difficult, much more than entering the middle step. Entering the half step did not always mean that you could take the last step.
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Thus the Patriarch rose in ecstasy and said to the Elder: "Lead the Way" and in his heart, he whispered: "Grandfather, I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to talk to you again"

A few decades ago he said goodbye to an old man with apparently weak white hair walking to the cultivation chamber for his death imprisonment, at that moment he thought that the next time he would see his grandfather it would be like a corpse.

Now the heavens brought him a beautiful surprise. He had to see it with his own eyes.

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