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Soon two weeks pa.s.sed and meanwhile in the Kingdom of Alba.

Today the Alba family closed a business for more than 20 million Gold annually for the next 30 years with the Brook family and their a.s.sociates. Having a total of 600 million Gold!

This was equal to more than 4 thousand years of regular family income!

Adam finally understood why Alexander told him that his family was really poor and could not help but agree that he could not help but take pride in his grandson at the idea of using the Brook family's trading connections. This made it much easier to have distribution channels for his products.

In business, sometimes the connections were more important than the initial capital, since even if you have a good product if you don't have someone to sell it to, what good is it?

When Adam was offered this business at first it was a big shock because for him even 100 gold coins is a big amount of money but it seemed that for the chambers of commerce in the northern states it was only a small sum.

Alexander once said: "The greater your strength, the greater your wealth".

When Adam thought of this he was scared because apparently the Brook family and the other families in their alliance had only twenty-five half-step experts making them consider themselves only a small family in the northern states.

Their turnover was more than 2 billion Gold coins each quarter, making it more than 8 billion in a Year!

When Adam saw his income of 150,000 coins a year he was proud but now in front of those giants he didn't have the face to brag.

Before he was not ashamed to have less income than his neighbors after all his reign nor did he have a century of existence while his neighbors had a deep base of a thousand years.

In fact as far as he knew his neighbors had an annual income of over 400,000 gold coins, almost three times his.

At first he had not understood why until Alexander told him that his beloved Kingdom produces only low-value agricultural goods while other countries have a better environment so he gave birth to better natural treasures and experts.

For example in the sail empire there was an ent.i.ty called pill palace which was the largest alchemy ent.i.ty in the region. Having a large number of alchemists in the region and being driven by the imperial family, many people from other countries make great journeys to buy pills and potions, having a large profit margin.

Well that was until today that the Alba family would launch the "Alba commerce".

These would be a series of stores of great variety goods distributed by all the Cities, Towns and Villages of the Kingdom.

Adam was currently building the headquarters in the Royal City of the Kingdom which would take some time, so he decided to use the time by hiring people with an idea: "Improve the roads of the Kingdom".

Roads were the veins that lead to the heart (The Royal City) so Adam wanted them to be the best possible roads for trade and job creation.

Right now the road network was very deteriorated, as this was the work of the former governor of the Sail empire who only prioritized the primary roads to the cities for the mobilization of the army and its provisions making the secondary roads to villages and the tertiary roads to Villages non-existent.

This made many towns and villages were very secluded from the Kingdom, if not because they are self-sustainable in their food would have died. In fact there were several ghost towns in the Kingdom that the inhabitants abandoned for various geographical complications so Adam decided to invest his new fortune in a first Network on the roads of the Kingdom.

Adam had an idea. The roads between cities had to have Four lanes of Ida and Four of coming, while the secondary must have three and the tertiary two lanes.

When Adam presented this idea to the Minister of Infrastructure he could only win a big cry: "THESE LOCO, That type of project is too expensive, The Minister of Finance will certainly oppose this. Just think of the amount of labor required, Creation of bridges, tunnels, Purchase of land, Flattening of land. Not to mention that this project would take a few decades!"

Adam was not offended at all as he knew that the former kingdom Alba could not be allowed but now it was feasible because of what he said: "Quiet old Hai, I am only thinking about the future, I want you to make a plan to create roads to be realized in the next decade, First you have to concentrate on improving the main roads and then we will build the other roads but I want a plan that goes through all the Cities, Towns and Villages of the Kingdom without excluding any!

When Old Hai heard that he could only touch his temples and see Adam saying: "You know how much it can cost what you ask me? This can cost more than 15 million Gold, If it was cheap we would have done it already instead of keeping the roads in a decent state".

When I finished listening to old Hai Adam he started thinking and said, "Then everything would cost like thirty million, wouldn't it?"

Upon hearing this, Old Hai could only see Adam with penetrating eyes but in the end he froze and nodded. Since normally in this type of works there were always delays and other problems so it would not be uncommon for the final price to double or triple.

That's how public works were.

Adam nodded and said: "Quiet, I can a.s.sure you that the Minister of Finance will give you the corresponding money, So prepare the acquisition of raw materials and prepare the hiring of people, I want this project to be completed in ten years" Adam stood in front of Old Hai with an expression of confidence and said: "In ten years I want the Kingdom of Alba to have the best roads in the Region".

To which old Hai could only repopulate, He knew the old finance minister very well and knew that he was a cheapskate who tightened the belt of the Kingdom very hard. Before he had even rejected several of the King's proposals just because they were too expensive for the Kingdom.

So he did not have much hope that the old man would authorize this project because even if the cost was divided into ten years the cost would still be double the tax revenue.

Adam smiled weakly and left the infrastructure minister's office to walk a few aisles. He saw that no one was present and made a heavy chest appear on his hands and opened the door of an office saying: "Reiji! how are you old friend?

On the other side was a bearded old man looking at doc.u.ments on his desk who looked up and said, "Adam, what do you want?"

Adam placed the chest on the floor and said, "Reiji, don't be so hard on a friend! I remember when we were in war you always called me "Big Brother Alba". What happened to that young man?"

Reiji only saw Adam and said: "What's the use of talking about the past, Now I have to work for your brat and wipe his a.s.s".

Adam began to laugh, All the current ministers were his old friends who helped him to ascend to the throne in chaotic times so none of them showed him the respect of a king and called him by his name but so he felt more comfortable so he did not criticize him.

Adam saw Reiji and said: "Old friend I brought you a good gift! "

Reiji only raised his eyebrows and Adam waited no longer to open the chest showing a messy pile of 10,000 white gold coins!

This caused Reiji to show an expression of astonishment and he saw the chest with disbelief. In his life he had never seen so many white gold coins together!

Even being the finance minister he had only seen a few hundred at most in his life but now he was seeing tens of thousands!

Without hesitation Reiji saw Adam and said: "Who did you kill?"

This made Adam's face shrink involuntarily, Hey brother I'm a good guy, How can you think I can only get that money in a dirty way!

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