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While Alexander was finis.h.i.+ng the herb paperwork he had just ordered, Alexander gave his mother's card and paid 40,000 coins in one installment while the other 43,000 would be paid within thirty days.

This was a very common deal with the guilds, The alchemist would give a 50% advance while the guild mobilized its resources to get the herbs requested by the alchemists. Having a special clause.

**All pills produced within this agreement will be sold to the Guild.

This small City had in stock only sets for Spirit pills and Elemental Opening Pills but if one wanted sets for Spirit Revival Pills it would have to apply to a higher branch like a medium city or big city, which would take time to process.

After all in all the Uri Republic, there was no alchemist capable of refining such a pill. Many guilds only have these herbs acc.u.mulating dust due to the closed market.

So it would take two weeks to process everything for Alexander in exchange for a thousand coins.

Even so, Alexander was happy for his last agreement and quickly went to his Alchemy room seeing the glittering this pilot whale could not prevent his eyes from lighting up as with this cauldron it would be very easy to refine the pills.

After this, he spent more than two hours refining a set of Spirit Qi pills of transcendent grade.

Looking at the pills Alexander could not help but sigh: "I finally have a few decent resources".

a comparison of the pure Qi junk pill this medium grade Qi spirit pill had a hundred times more Qi inside than the pure Supreme Grade Qi pill. Not to mention the degree of purity of the Qi. They were like heaven and earth.

This supreme grade pill could have about Five Hundred times as much inside as the best pills that Alexander had taken refuge in these years but also the difficulty was higher.

Only the alchemists of a high-rank star could refine this pill. Because of this although this branch of the guild had sets they could only acc.u.mulate dust until the branch of the capital requested them.

Seeing the ten pills in her hands she decided to try them and put a pill in her mouth.

He immediately felt a large amount of Qi flooding his body, turning his 25th point into spiritual Qi.

These were undoubtedly the best pills to turn the worldly Qi into spiritual Qi!

The only bad thing is that with her current ability she could not afford to take pills every day.

In alchemy, certain levels could be skipped if one had enough skill and slowed down the refinement process.

For example, Alexander took two hours to refine these pills while if his cultivation base were sufficient to refine these pills it would only take him thirty minutes and would be much less stressful for the body.

So with Alexander's ability, he could only refine one set of Spirit Qi pills per day. The rest of the time would be spent refining Elemental Opening Pills to make money.

In another two hours, I refine 40 high-grade Elemental Opening pills having a net profit of 180 000 gold coins.

The Alchemists if that was a profitable profession, Now because of the amount asked the staff to come to your room where they took their pills to prevent people from finding out that there were more than 50 pills of the same kind on the market. This would make the value of the pills go down so they had to wait and sell one or two pills every certain time intervals or sell them in other cities.

But all these problems of selling pills were the business of the Guild and not Alexander. As far as Alexander knew they hired a lot of sales experts so he didn't have to worry about it.

He also advised that for the next twenty days he would need ten sets of Opening Elemental pills.

This surprised the managers while they thought it was over 2000 pills!

These pills would give birth to two thousand Elementary experts! this number of experts even if they were only level one experts would still be a force to be reckoned with, it must be said that in a small town like Pale City the number of Elementary experts does not exceed one hundred.

But now this kid said he could refine a hundred of these pills a day!

They didn't believe it until Alexander paid for 190 sets in advance with the money that the guild had just transferred to him.

But when they thought about it. The guild transferred 180 thousand a few moments ago but Alexander made a transfer of 19 thousand to the guild.

Soon all of the guilds mobilized to reach their stores and see if they had the number of sets otherwise they would have to place an application in the guild of Adventurers or ask other nearby branches.

Alexander without caring about all these matters left the guild and when he left it he felt some shadows following it and thought: "It seems that the guild values me, hahaha".

Meanwhile somewhere else in the cosmos.


A young girl looking like a teenager looked furious and couldn't help slamming her door when she returned from her family reunion.

Followed by her a middle-aged man with a woman followed her with dark expressions on her face.

That young woman could not help but shout out loud: "d.a.m.n first branch, we are always repressed, even my great-grandfather and ancestor could not do anything".

The middle-aged man could only sigh and say, "That's normal after all the ancestor of the first branch is stronger than our ancestor."

(Note: I don't mean cultivation)

But the teenager still said, "But it's still unfair, that s.p.a.ce device was mine but I had to give it to that first branch tras.h.!.+"

Just thinking about it, the young woman could not avoid showing an expression of anger as if she wanted to eat alive the old man who told her that she had to deliver her s.p.a.ce artifact.

To which the middle-aged man could only reply: "Don't worry, the ancestor told me that he will buy you another one as soon as possible. Now you can only worry about the Clan tests in 30 years, all the main and secondary families of the starfield will partic.i.p.ate".

The young woman barely calmed down with the promise of her ancestor and said curiously, "How can all Starfield members partic.i.p.ate?"

The middle-aged man said: "The Clan will activate the Mystic profound Grand Array is an Array that can encompa.s.s entire Starfields, as long as it has a soul registered at birth of our Clan and has a bone age less than thirty thousand years its soul will automatically connect to the Array to partic.i.p.ate in the test of the Clan".

Hearing this, the beautiful face of the young woman showed an O, so she knew her Clan was only a secondary branch of a bigger Clan if you added the members of all the branches and main family the members of the entire clan were innumerable. So much so that it was said that the Main family had its own complete world as its base.

While branches like hers lived in great world artifacts that imitated the worlds in the form of large palaces floating in the void of s.p.a.ce. Just thinking about this he couldn't help but sigh but soon he thought about something and said: "That doesn't mean that my little uncle might show up for that evaluation!"

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